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  1. Never heard of that one but WOW, it looks impressive. 😁
  2. …..thats odd, I would call it thievery and nothing to be proud of. (wow) Carry on with Audio…😁
  3. PatP

    Peter Pan vs. Jif

    Thats it!……the Natural stuff. maybe I need to give it a try.
  4. That IS a rich woodgrain. ……..nice job!
  5. PatP

    Peter Pan vs. Jif

    Whats with that other brand of peanut butter that has to be mixed before use? The oils separates. Jif smooth as crunchy hurts my stomach. Peanuts must not like me. 🙃
  6. Just spent two years servicing WM buildings. Never again. 😎
  7. If a small addition (summer kitchen) could be screened in that makes perfect sense. A cooktop or an oven creates a huge amount of heat in the summer.
  8. PatP


    Nobody bought this yet? Wow, that surprises me.
  9. ….and one of the most beautiful wood grained speakers !
  10. Google is your friend is what I used to tell everyone. Goodluck!
  11. You guys should make some extra amps and sell them on the forum. 🙂 Not knowing anything about that electronics trade they “look” really nice to me.
  12. Hello Rohit, Im reading your post with much interest. Possibly one day Cornwalls will appear in my home. Thanks! Pat
  13. 1962…..Now thats just too cool. 🙃
  14. Ha, I thought something was not quite right. NICE.
  15. PatP

    What I Got Today!

    Let me try again….Jubilees! Ive never seen or heard a pair. They do look impressive.
  16. PatP

    What I Got Today!

    Whaaattt!! new Klipschorns?😁
  17. PatP

    What I Got Today!

    those Egos are nice. My mower is self propelled for 3/4 acre but its so lightweight I only use that feature turning on hills or if Im tired. Can stop and start with the push of a button anytime. ……..so Quiet
  18. PatP

    Food Porn

    oh no….it took me a minute to figure it out! ha…
  19. maybe sound better with age?….or way overthinking this. 🙃
  20. Im fond of the smooth simple NAD style. Any retro wood cabinets look pretty good too.
  21. PatP


    I miss wearing watches sometimes. Being a working stiff my cell is always in my pocket.
  22. PatP


    Beautiful grain…
  23. After listening to my NAD M2 with RF7’s I can vouch for NAD. Im not really sure what technology it is but it may be similar to Class D. Ive read lots of good things about NAD company going back many years. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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