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French review of the Klipschorn


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I have one page of a several page review of the Klipschorns, in  French.

I don't speak French, or read it, but I'm very curious.  I can pick out a few  words; it does refer to the Khorns as "the new version," but I don't think it is the AK6.  My best guess is the AK4  or AK5.  I would put it through translation software, but I have only one page of several (with no magazine name or date).

  1. Does anyone have that review, or a candidate for it?
  2. It would be terrific if someone had it in English!  But if in French, I can try a  computer translation.
  3. It is potentially informative, because between 100 and 200Hz their graph shows a 5 dB peak-trough [i.e., ~~+/- 2.5 dB].  That is one of the best results I've seen for that octave on a Khorn.  If it is legit, they must have found just the right place to put it -- in a room, I assume.  That is the same octave where Stereophile, on the AK6, found a 12.5 dB peak-trough, albeit raised up on a furniture dolly in a driveway, presumably with no boundary gain and no room gain.   [IMO, they should have skipped measurements unless they could put a Khorn in a real room, very near a corner, but toed-in if desired.]
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Here is a test bench of Klipschorn published in the Nouvelle Revue du Son in 1982, with beautiful measurement curves. But these are photos of the article, so I don't know if a software can translate this text into English?


I don't think this is the article @garyrc is talking about, because it doesn't say: the Khorns as "the new version,"














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1 hour ago, mustang_flht said:


I will do a search to see if I find this article.


@garyrc @billybob  you don't have a photo or magazine name of this article page on KHorn review







Oh!  Here it is in an old post by  WMcD!!   1987, 5 years later therefore "new."  The curves in the 1982 article you found look worthwhile to absorb. so I will.  Thanks!

See post ahead for complete article.



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14 hours ago, pallpoul said:

While I speak and write French fluently, I will find it time much consuming to read the all article. if u want me to translate a small part of it, cut that part and send it to me via message and will translate.


Thanks so much!  See your messages.

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Let me make a suggestion that may help...in my book research I encountered a lot of scanned old newspapers in French. Some of these were so poor in image quality that copy-pasting them into Google Translate just didn't work.

So I created a table of commonly encountered French words, like "Avec"  and "Avis" with their English equivalents. Not the same as translating, but it enabled me to get the gist of what was being said. I'm attaching it as a starting point for you. Of course, you will need add technical terms that I did not encounter in reading 19th century articles.  

French to English.xls

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