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76’ La Scala’s SOLD


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I bought these to listen to while refreshing a pair of La Scala splits. These are the screw top version, which means the tops are removable to access the tweeter, squawker and crossover. They have a new DaveA Mahl lens with the B&C DE-120 tweeter. The mid driver is the K-55v push pin. I am guessing the woofer is a K-33. I didn’t want to open them up to check. The crossovers were rebuilt by DaveA using genuine Klipsch JEM capacitors. I repainted them with Exohyde professional paint. They turned out really nice. These La Scala’s are in excellent condition sonically and very good condition physically. I would really like to keep these, but my splits will be in my primary listening area and these will just sit and gather dust. PM me if your interested. I can take plenty more photos, but would rather send via text or email. Local pickup in southern Indiana. $2,300


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3 hours ago, Dr Morbius said:

Hi, I’d like to see a few more pictures, twin6steve@aol.com is my email and I’m in Indiana also,  which helps with no shipping costs. And also are the tweeters B&C DE-20 ? Just wondered since I saw DE-120 instead of DE-20.



DE-120. Sorry I mistyped. 

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  • nickyboy6100 changed the title to 76’ La Scala’s $2,400
  • nickyboy6100 changed the title to 76’ La Scala’s $2,300
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3 hours ago, MookieStl said:

Surprised those are still around. I have have a pair almost identical and they are simply wonderful.

The right person will find them and wonder why they waited so long.

Road trips are fun but used to be cheaper.

Good luck.

I’m surprised also. I’m really not in a hurry to sell them. I just don’t listen to them since my splits are finished. If someone comes to look at them, I’m sure they will take them home. 

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We sent our photos of our trade, sellers are happy with it , and now we've sent our questions about the one for sale...I keep telling my DH that he needs to remember that we will be picking up these, (if not already sold) so he needs to leave enough room for them in the covered truck bed. 36" x 24" x 24"?

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  • nickyboy6100 changed the title to 76’ La Scala’s SOLD

I just wanted to comment on the speaker transaction last night. The forum member and her husband basically drove 2 days straight by the time they made it to my place to pick up the speakers. She told me they were picking up a vehicle and stopping to get the speakers on the way back home. For some reason, in my head, I was thinking a used pickup or nice sedan. They arrived at my place around midnight pulling a trailer with a Ford GT-40 strapped to it. I got to see a really cool car and had a fantastic evening with them. The husband got the car and the wife got the speakers. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal!

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