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Blu-Ray Recommendations Today...Lower Price Point


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any recommendations for a Blu-Ray player that is at the lower price point but still quality???...I'd like it to have connections so I can play the newest DTS and Dolby formats...


I haven't bought a Blu-Ray player since I purchased my Oppo BDP-83 and Friday I ham handed the front drawer...I plan to find some repair place to fix what I did to the front drawer (nothing plastic broken but I forced the drawer open over the plastic gears and can't seem to get it back to normal with my skill set ;) ...


thanks for any input you care to share...



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well I sent an email (on a Sunday) to the service email address listed for Oppo...I fully expected to get a non deliverable or similar response since I thought Oppo was out of the USA entirely (at least for DVD/Blu-Ray)...to my surprise I received a response and information to send my Oppo back for service...I'll have to pay the flat rate repair service ($99) but they should be able to get my BDP-83 up and running again...


I appreciate the responses here too as I am sure I'll be wanting something newer soon enough but the repair will buy me some time yet...



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