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Klipsch Horn Lamp 2


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1 hour ago, billybob said:

It Is asked every day here, lol.

Saw a shooting star last night.

Nice to see you again.

That's what I get for not reading and just checking for post needing to be approved. 


It's kind of a habit, reading and posting or not reading, I need to read more often. After being here a month short of 20 years I kind of got burned out. Not being interested in any additional speakers or equipment it was just about the people here and a lot less about audio.

But I DO listen everyday, that has not changed, music is addictive. 

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On 1/22/2023 at 1:25 PM, MMurg said:

After admiring all the lamps in this thread, it occurred to me that after my single Belle project (can't discuss it here) that I have a single K-500 horn that's now begging to be turned into a lamp.  🙂  For those of us that don't have a friend who can turn an adapter for the horn throat, any suggestions on what a relatively unskilled person like myself can do to adapt the horn throat?  Thanks.



Unless you really live in the sticks, any machine shop can do it for little cash.  Take the horn and/or a driver to match the thread. 

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