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<GONE> Pick Up only. Washington DC. H/K 930, Scott 222C <GONE>


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I had the house to myself xmas to new years and it gave an opportunity for an extended listen to items I keep on the shelf and don’t use much during the year. I have been waffling on passing these along the past couple of years but never brought myself to do it. I hope I can force someone to take these off my hands and remove my indecision.


The H/K is is great shape. Cosmetics are great and sound if wonderful. I had never heard one so bought this just over a year ago and now see the allure. Firm bass and great separation. Was curious about the providence and was able to determine it is this one:



I did not receive the paperwork mentioned in that post from the forum individual I purchased it form as it was not mentioned.


The Scott I purchased ten years ago from another forum individual not long after he had a full workup done by Craig Ostby. I have the work receipt, biasing instructions and the like. I use it a couple weeks a year, but not enough to warrant keeping it around. Tubes are nothing special but are pretty low hours. Have a couple of extras but no full complement.


I really enjoy these but with new neighbors now on both sides I am unable to use the volume I used to with more neighborly neighbors. I also just have too much stuff.


The fine print. You will need to stop by and see and listen to them in person. I want you to know what you are getting and have no buyers remorse. I would like to filter out drive by members by asking for 50 post or 6 months of membership. If interested drop a PM and we can exchange phone numbers and take it from there. Am a few blocks east of the capitol building at C and 11th NE.


$250 per piece, firm.


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26 minutes ago, The Dude said:

Looks like there could be a slight ding or discoloration on the top left corner.



Yep, that looks like the unit that I bought in about 2007 or so.  222C.


It had been gone through by Craig and when I bought it and was at his shop.  I paid the seller and it shipped from Craig and Fed Ex or UPS dented it.  I could be wrong but it sure looks like my old unit.  Great sounding unit and price.  I would jump on this one.  I sold it for a lot more than the asking price.




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18 hours ago, flatgrass said:

Dude --


Not helping.  No ding on that corner. 

Faceplate is actually in pretty remarkable shape for its age.  Bought if from a member located in Syracuse, NY. (2011 I believe) to satisfy all the curiosity. 

Oh man, I am so sorry!!!  The pic looks like a ding. 


I thought that this was my old unit.  In any event, if I were local I would have been there in a minute with five crisp $100 bills and saying thank you for both of these.  I can't believe that someone has not jumped on this.


To anyone near the seller, get over there and buy these!  Fantastic deal. 

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43 minutes ago, oidua said:

I am new but I would like to buy your amps. I cannot send PM, if I try the site tells me that I can send 0 messages :(

Maybe you can send me a way to give you my phone number.

I could come tomorrow to buy them.

Many thanks




I think it’s 5 posts/replies before PM/DM works. You’re almost there. 

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Thank you, I did not see how many post, records, credits, etc I need to communicate.

I have a pair of vintage Klipsch speakers and a friend told me I need a better amp for them, for the justice.

Well, I thought it will be more difficult to convince my wife that I want to buy it...well it looks like it is more difficult to buy it now.

I have no one to post, just to have five post:(

A pleasant evening to all


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  • flatgrass changed the title to <GONE> Pick Up only. Washington DC. H/K 930, Scott 222C <GONE>

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