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(SOLD OUT) Dope From Hope Book (SOLD OUT)


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On 3/19/2023 at 12:23 PM, Bill W. said:

It would be great if the Klipsch Museum of Audio History could make this publication available for purchase to visitors of the museum and as an online purchase. It would support the museum’s education mission and provide an additional source of revenue to support its outreach efforts.


I believe Travis has answered to this also, just noting that we worked with the museum on the project, and that includes a donation to them as well! :)

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2 hours ago, Stephen Buck said:

Are the books sold out or just the fundraiser?

They are sold out, the Kickstarter platform was the exclusive way to order this initial premium edition of the book. There may be some extra copies available through the Museum Boom store and we will update on that.


There may be other editions and formats available down the road after this projects is completed.



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Greetings y'all! Another campaign update has landed. 




We are nearly finished with the essays, which have grown to four total!  An additional two from our original outline.

We are also simultaneously working on layout and would comfortably say we’re about 50% done. The bulk of our design ideation has to do with organizing information, particularly any duplicate editions and corrections, so they can be easily understood.


Timing-wise, we are targeting shipping to print in early May, which will shift our projected ship date but nonetheless will come this summer. Once we ship the file print, we'll provide a more exact date for when the books will be on their way to you.


To those who need to change your shipping address, you can still do so via the survey on your Kickstarter profile. 


We’ll be back with more updates in the next 2 weeks! Thank you for your support.


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