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(SOLD OUT) Dope From Hope Book (SOLD OUT)


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Got mine and got halfway through. First class printing job as well as the packaging.


Great kleenex worthy story by the Chief.


PWK treated my wife and I like long lost grandkids when we spent a day with him the year before the Chief got aboard the Klipsch Train (referring to PWK's love of Locomotives).


Confused a little by all the white space around the "mini Dopes" that are illegible. IDK why they exist. Oh well............someone will explain.


Still a great history lesson even though I have 2 different sets of the Klipsch Papers (one set with PWK autographes in 3 places) that contain DFH's I read before in over-Xeroxed PDFs.


I do appreciate the authenticity of the color reproductions of the original paper stocks on pure white.


This book is precious and first class. Congrats to the team on the excellent collaboration.


Mr. K called me "one of his Victims" when I met him. It's still true today.

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On 11/29/2023 at 9:51 PM, Chief bonehead said:

I told to them cancel your order coyote-o……

Seems you got finessed.  I know how you roll.  You only got my decoy order....  the 2nd book arrived just 20 minutes ago.


Though I was expecting it to be signed by every employee in the company both past and present, I'll forgive that transgression.


I did read a very nicely expressed and thought out intro in the front of the book.  You must have also taken writing classes in addition to your Chief Bonehead classes!  That is the most I've ever heard you have to say at one time AND didn't leave too many of your thoughts hanging in rhetorical wonderment.....  except for the tissues......where are the tissues??!!


Nicely done.



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Mine arrived in Oregon two days ago, on Saturday. As others have said, it is beautifully composed, printed, and packaged! Copious thanks to the Barbie and Paul team for making this happen through clear vision, lots of hard work, and consistent communications! I've never participated in a Kickstarter project before--what a great experience!

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