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Heresy I placement for wider soundstage?

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I have a pair of 1976 with alnico drivers.  My listening room size is 10 ft x 10 ft.  Here are the approximate placement measurements:


From side wall: 6"

From back wall: 1"

Between speakers: 96" (equipment rack in middle)

Stand height: 17"

Mild toe-in 


I'm getting a "triangular" shaped soundstage, i.e. good center depth and layering but the image gets noticeably shallower behind the speakers on both sides.  Also, I'm not getting much width beyond the sidewalls.  So overall the presentation is cramped, e.g. drum set sits right next to the piano in a small jazz ensemble.  How can I get more width out of my setup or is it a matter of listening room real estate?



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Try the corers at 10ft

up on the end tables or stands so the mid horn is at ear level sitting

1-2ft off the walls

and cross them 3ft behind your head if you are centered.

Rug on the floor always cures a lot of issues.

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something to try


get two of the largest towels you have, hang them over your rack  or maybe tape to back wall.


Listen to some music that has good center channel and see if it is better. If it sounds better then you have a direction to go, if not it did not cost anything to try and find out


Good Luck & Enjoy the Music

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Small rooms are a challenge. 


Jmeader is on to something, room treatments will yield best return.


Speaker placement is crucial and free, but takes a lot of time to zero in on your preferred spot.


Um, My take on placement is contrary to all above:  As far from all walls as reasonably possible, toed in 35 to 45 degrees.


Heresy suffers from compact low profile, the angled risers try to address this.

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I just bought a new Mingus LP which is excellent for sound stage placement. Every element has its own place. You could test your setup with this album. MY h1s ar not in corners, and the soundstage is much wider than where the speakers are... 

Read about why this record is so special here:



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Agree with "001" on raising your speakers,


Why easy to do, cheap,  as any cheap storage box will do for testing, and it it does nothing then take them off the boxes  no harm no foul.


I raised my La Scala's by 12 inches as a test in my room. In my case there was a minor difference and that difference was positive so I am keeping it that way.


If someone's recommendations sounds odd to you because it is not considered the " norm" well maybe that persons room is not normal and that is why it worked for them. Remember your room has an impact of up to 50% of what you hear. Would I spend a ton of money to try someone's else's ideas, probably not,  $15-25  I might give it a go


Enjoy the journey, be flexible and in all cases Enjoy the Music

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