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(Sold) Altec 846b Valencia - For Sale (DFW)


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Hello All,


I am listing my Altec 846b Valencia's.  They are original.  The previous owner build the risers they sit on.  He also build new foam surrounds for it.  

They are find condition for their age.  Their are some scratches and signs of age but I think they look very good vs many of the others i've seen over the years.  

Sale is local but if buyer wants to arrange UShip or Pony Express (I am ignorant to these processes) I am open to that idea.  


I have plenty of photos that I can share.  


Here is a link to the craigslist ad in DFW with photos galore.





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You must have added pics from an iphone since they have the HEIC extension.   So for everyone on a Windows machine wanting to see what these look like, here is a quick site where you can drag and drop to convert them to jpeg.




If you have lots of pics, why not post them to a site and link them here.  That would save some steps for anyone interested.  Or, maybe reduce their size on your phone and maybe convert them before attaching.  I don't know...I don't use ios stuff.

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Hello Hot Glass,

Within your Craigslist ad, you said;

"I'm in the middle of selling off my gear to start over". Do you happen to have any vintage Marantz receivers?

Thanks, Tony

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Hot Glass,


Those are very nice Altecs, and at that price they "should" sell pretty fast.

My best buddy has Model 19s, and his 19's are originally what got me into horn speakers.


I cannot help but ask what species of wood are your hardwood floors?

Equally as attractive as your speakers!!!







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