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Need help identifying speakers


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I just picked up an old Kenwood stereo and a set of really heavy cabinet speakers locally. He seems look like end tables and are missing the doors that covered the speaker grills. I opened up the back of one of them and… Wow!!!!


I am a long time Klipsch enthusiast, and I am beside myself. What are they?






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it 's  a Karlson cabinet  based on the hand writing ,the  cab  is built with  klipsch  parts ,  K-77  tweeter , K-55V  midrange on  K-600 horn - K-33  woofer and a Klipsch  Network  , Layout is similar to an early Cornwall vertical  

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Good call on the drivers there 001.  I took some close-ups of the drivers. This is an odd speaking configuration. They are huge for this cabinet with the 15 inch woofer and all.

They seem to be pretty rare, as I can’t find another pair anywhere out there. Do you reckon that this is the same Karlson that designed that odd shape speaker cabinet? 

I would also like to know what you guys think these things are worth?







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They’re only “rare” because someone took Klipsch components and put them in a non-Klipsch cabinet so that’s why you haven’t found any like them.  🙂


The value would be in the parts as a combined total.  I’d figure 100-150 for the tweeters, 150-200 for the midranges, 200-300 for the woofers and 100-150 for the networks.


So, somewhere in the neighborhood of 550-800.

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I would ask... HOW DO THEY SOUND?.


The cabinet work is really nice. Those are older drivers, which a lot of folks would like. If you could measure the response with something like REW, you may just decide to keep them the way they are.

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18 hours ago, Dayne said:

Good call on the drivers there 001. I would also like to know what  these things are worth?


The  cabinet  was made by Karlson a   cabinet maker ,  the cab/grilles are in great shape  ,  in the 50-60's  PWK  offered  cooperating speaker  manufacturers   klipsch drivers at favorable conditions,  the  design , measurements  of the custom enclosure  was  approved by PWK , he  would assign  an optimal  set of  drivers and crossovers from klipsch Parts bins , the klipsch logos with serial nos acted  for warranty  purposes .


  these  3 drivers  are  1960's with  Alnico V  magnets  known for their superior sound quality  , the  drivers can restore  back to klipsch  specs  a           klipsch 60  khorn -Cornwall  , the  Jensen  woofers sound natural , open   , the drivers/crossovers value can vary from 1000$-1500$ -


what we have here is klipsch  60's history , although the cabinet was made by Karlson  



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