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Where are the "new" Jubilees?


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1 hour ago, MMurg said:


They are definitely needed for using different amps for HF and LF as many power amps do not have gain controls.  All the power amps I own, including the ones I'm using with the Jubilee, do not have any gain control.  I personally don't need them because I'm using identical amps for HF and LF, but not everyone will.  Unfortunately, the Jubilee manual does not mention this either.


Is it correct that you need two amp to run these speakers? 

There is no way to run it with just one amp? 

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47 minutes ago, Flevoman said:


Is it correct that you need two amp to run these speakers? 

There is no way to run it with just one amp? 

Yes, the Jubilee requires biamping since the crossover is active (a DSP) and operates at line level before amplification.  So, each speaker requires two channels of amplification.  Since I'm using identical amps, I am vertically biamping, i.e., one stereo amplifier per speaker.  If you wanted to use a different type of amp for the HF (say a tube amp) and the LF (say a solid state amp), then you would horizontally biamp.

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On 10/30/2023 at 3:56 PM, MMurg said:


After looking at the Jubilee setup in the picture and your comments about them fiddling with the DSP bass/treble gain controls, I'm fairly confident in saying that you probably did not hear Jubilee as they should sound.  Unfortunately, I think some of the blame rests with Klipsch for not providing adequate detailed guidance for properly setting the Jubilee up.  The manual is definitely inadequate for the task.  After having them in my relatively small living room for a year and a half now, I have some of my own "lessons learned" that I'm hoping will make it into a future version of the manual or at least a Klipsch blog post linked to the product page.


The first is to have speakers positioned such that main listening position is as close to on-axis of the K-402 horn as is practical, both horizontally (i.e., via proper toe in) and vertically (i.e., tilt the horn down as necessary).  The manual gets the toe in part mostly correct but does not mention anything about possibly tilting the horn down when needed.


Next is getting the in-room bass response correct.  This is where Klipsch really needs to provide guidance as what I'm about to say I only know because of my own experience or from information that came directly from @Chief bonehead.  Unlike the Klipschorn or the Underground Jubilee, the new Jubilee does not need to be near a corner for full bass response.  Roy has said on this forum that the Heritage Jubilee is designed to curve flat in half-space (on the floor away from the room walls).  This is not mentioned in the manual.  So, once the new Jubilee are placed near walls or corners (as they will likely be in most normal-sized rooms), there will be room gain that will cause a departure from flat response.  They can start to sound boomy.  In my room most of this gain was in the very low end (20 - 30 Hz range), so it wasn't apparent when listening to a lot of pop/rock material.  However, once I put on material that had significant content in that range (e.g., certain orchestral music), things became unlistenable.  This cannot be corrected with the gain knobs on the DSP as that's not what they are for.  Some other form of bass room correction is needed to fix this.  Unfortunately, the Jubilee DSP cannot be used for this as the end user cannot modify the settings.  I feel that this is a mistake on Klipsch's part.  They should open up the DSP for those who know what they are doing.  This forces the user to use an additional level of processing for bass correction, either automatic room correction systems like Audyssey, Dirac, etc. or manually with another DSP or parametric EQ.  Luckily, my processor has a multichannel parametric EQ built-in that is compatible with REW.  So, at least I didn't need any other external gear to do this correction manually in my room.


I have a feeling that the people running the demo at that show weren't aware of any of this.  Therefore, they were constantly fiddling with the bass in the hope of getting it right and failing.



Any chance you can have rough draft of your suggest manual language/primer on setup by early next week?


Shoot me an email or PM please, thanks.



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