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KPT-535-4-T Pair For Sale / $6000.00

Tony T

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An interesting story goes with these speakers as they came out of the Anaheim Disneyland Movie Theater. Years ago there was a theater remodel and I happened to be at the right place at the right time. In truth, a friend of mine was the leading contractor for the project and let me know of the possibility of acquiring them. So, that's what I did. I jumped in my truck and within 48 hours, I had em!


In complete honesty, they're WAY TOO BIG for any residential situation unless you have one helluva LARGE house!


They're in remarkable shape for their age. No gouges or scratched Duratex. 


I set them up once outside and literally "pissed on the neighbors". I live in the country and we neighbors are far apart. No resemblance to standard neighborhood living. After about an hour of Ozzy (and other key artists) my phone and driveway became rather ... busy? I only regret not giving the valley neighbors a heads up before the test trial. I only used my Marantz 2270 to test them out and they did very well. Needless to say, they're capable of many, many more watts. They are in fact, auditorium speakers.


Comes with brand new OEM Klipsch crossovers.


Tried uploading pics but ran into problems within the process. I will gladly send actual pictures to individuals via email upon request.


If someone from within the forum doesn't claim them, I will resort to Las Vegas casinos (only one hour away from my So. Utah home) as a promising alternative. These certainly have the potential of becoming great band speakers. In truth, I'd rather someone from the community take them over.


Thanks for reading.

Klipsch KPT-535-4-T  Pic.webp

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Sorry for the absence as my disabled son was in a car accident. All is calm now.


I am currently in my So. Utah home, not far from Vegas.


To be honest, I haven't taken the time to learn what the new cost of these speakers are to determine a fair used price. I will make calls today to learn. I have no idea what a fair used price would be. This is why I left it up to members to bid fairly.


Yes Marvel, I realize people will consider using the speakers within their homes but, they're simply not breathing properly. Please don't get me wrong, if someone wants to purchase and use them in their home, no problem on this end! I'm only pointing out the sound stage coming from these speakers cannot come ALIVE unless they're in a big space. Using them indoors in place of my Khorns didn't impress me as much as using them outdoors cranked up LOUD. I had a lot of fun that day! I was quite amazed at the reproduction coming from a mere 70 watt Marantz.


As mentioned, I will look into costs today and report back.

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  • Tony T changed the title to KPT-535-4-T Pair For Sale / $6000.00

K-402's have the KT-1133 drivers

K-510 have the K-69-A drivers

Current 510 horn lens' are not with mumps although, I have a pair (w/mumps) that I can swap out.

8 hours ago, jjptkd said:


 Which drivers are on the two horns? Does the "tweeter" 510 horn have mumps? 


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On 9/16/2023 at 6:16 PM, OO1 said:

 how many pesos  ?

Pesos? Hmm, interesting. Most people within the Klipsch deal in USD/dollar amount. But I aim to please and especially for you, the total in PESOS = 103,193 pesos AND 40 centavos! Which converts to $6000.00 United States Dollars  (USD)

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1 hour ago, Tony T said:

Email sent

As previously mentioned, like many before me there are restrictions when attempting to upload pictures within the Klipsch site. I am more than happy  to send "actual pictures" of the speakers to an email address. Simply message me with your address to receive.

Thank you for your interest!

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