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Do I need to replace my diaphragms in all my horns for my 1980 LaScala's?


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I second what Bubo wrote and what I think you've "cleaned" up*. I had wonderful experience exchanging correspondence with PWK back in the 70s and love my Khorns. A while a go I asked for some advice e on hooking up a center speaker with my amp that on has only a left and right output and was disappointed that no official advice came from Klipsch through this forum. PWK himself published a workaround to my question years ago, but now I guess it's no longer in official interest to help legacy owners. I was seriously interested in the forthcoming subs, but now I think I'll pass. Quite disappointed in the attitude.

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Klipsch Support doesn’t monitor the forum, and even if they did, there is no guarantee they would know.

Roy only checks in once or twice a day and it is highly unlikely he reads every post. 

There are less and less of us around that even know what you’re asking about. 

In what section did you post your question?

Is this it?


If not, there are many other audio forums. 




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4 hours ago, Travis In Austin said:

They don’t sound like Klipsch speakers anymore is the top reason I have seen from those who switched one out and did an A/B.

I understand the appeal of mods and tinkering. It is hit or miss though. A mod loved by some is disappointing to others. What I don’t understand is how someone can completely change the sound of the loudspeaker and insist “it’s still Klipsch”. 

Not promoting modifications on the company message board is a small ask by Roy and Klipsch. 

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23 hours ago, bsacco1 said:

Unfortunately, I bought what I thought were upgraded x-vers called the Super AA crossover from Al KapPenPainInTheAssBerger.


What a joke.


Al K. is a joke.


Don't waste your time, effort or intellectual curiosity on Al. He is a village idiot.



I'd have to disagree with you there. I have a set of extreme slope x-overs I bought from ALK and I am completely impressed. Prior to the extreme slopes I had a pair of Crites x-overs. They sounded ok but I was looking for better sound in the mid range, which required the extreme slopes and a few other components to be installed. I've spent many hours in front of these speakers and am still impressed.

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On 11/1/2023 at 7:00 PM, Peter P. said:

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


If you weren't experiencing a problem; if you didn't test the capacitors with an ESR meter or test for an out of range capacitance value

I see no reason to replace them.


I'm with Bacek on this.

Caps in the crossovers have a finite lifespan. From what I've read 10-15 years.

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Read where? That would only apply to electrolytics exposed to high voltages and/or heat. They can last a surprisingly long time in a loudspeaker network. Film types can last 50 years or more, which is how old the cans are. They may not be as good as new, but nothing to panic over unless they are leaking or you notice a problem - usually low tweeter output. Still, I encourage people to replace them instead of waiting for them to leak or fail. 

20 years for film capacitor death is bs.

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On 11/1/2023 at 10:39 AM, bsacco1 said:

I recently acquired some vintage 1980 LaScala's. I immediately called Klipsch to order a pair of fresh K33 woofers. 


The crossovers were tired and I think leaking so I upgraded the x-overs. 


After listening to the speakers they seemed too bright and a bit shrill with a tab bit of distortion.


Is the answer as simple as Do I replacing my diaphragms in all my horns or is it a problem with the x-over?


Please advise.


Were your woofers damaged?  Did they rub or distort?  If not, you wasted money. 


What made you think the crossovers were "tired"?  That a really unusual description that conveys little data.  Did the speakers sound distant, dull, forward?  The capacitors may have degraded after 40 years, and maybe not.  I had a '67 H700 that didn't need new caps and a '68 that did.  Since you did not state what you "upgraded", we can't begin to offer a guess.  I sincerely doubt your diaphragms need replacement.  My 1980 La Scalas have their original diaphragms (and woofers).  If they are deficient, I can't detect it.  In fact, the old, square magnet woofers are said to be a better match to the bass horn than the newer round magnet K-33s. 


Now, there are improvements you might make to a La Scala that are too expensive or of too little benefit for the factory to implement but that is for another time. 

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