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Heresy vs Forte demo


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21 minutes ago, Idontknow said:


I don't either. That's why you're supposed to wear earbuds or headsets. 


Even better is a pair of high-performance over-ear headphones powered by an AudioQuest DragonFly.  Why?  Because the DragonFly (available in Black, Red, or Cobalt, listed by increasing price) is an affordable combo DAC and headphone amp.  It plugs into the source's USB port, bypassing the source unit's usually low-end to midrange DAC in favour of the DragonFly's higher-end Sabre ESS DAC.  The headphones plug into that.  The little dragonfly on the unit's body lights up in various colours to let you know what type of signal it's receiving.  The much better DAC gives you clarity, and the amplifier gives your 'phones more authority.


That's not to say that's the only way to get good sound when listening to an iPad or the like, but it's one effective and satisfying way.  Schiit gear seems to fit in there, too.

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A few years ago I spent an afternoon recording a song playing back through my LS. I used different microphones and setups (stereo pair, ORTF, etc.) through an interface into a PC. I used some EV omnis, cardioids, and AKG condenser cardioids. I finally had a recording that matched pretty well with the original playback in my living room. It was a nice exercise.


I wouldn't trust anything recording straight into the phone with the built in microphone, no matter what phone brand was used.

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