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Help needed with mij CW4 grille


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45 minutes ago, Marvel said:

You may have better water where you are in Germany.

Not in Cologne, but good enough😀 May be one can use water from a Scottish see or river where the whiskey is distilled but not distilled water. Its good enough for batteries but not to drink.


The impressive thing is that the Romans built an aqueduct more than 2000 years ago to bring fresh spring water from the Eifel to Cologne. That was a huge effort over more than 80 kilometres, always downhill to Cologne. An remarkable feat of engineering. The Romans did not want to drink the water of our river Rhine because the towns upstream discharged their waste water untreated into the Rhine. All achievements that were forgotten in the Middle Ages.

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9 hours ago, Flevoman said:

I think this will be it. 

Nothing to lose so I am gonna give it a try. 

Fingers crossed 🙄


I suggest you try whatever type of cleaning method/product on some out of sight area of the grill cloth to test for any bad interaction with the grill cloth before trying it on more visual areas of the grill.



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