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Need some help guys :)


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Hello... yes, this is my first post. Hopefully you guys can help me out. Im upgrading my current home system as its just not "cutting?" it anymore. Im upgrading my sub, fronts, receiver and center. I have the older Klipsch KG5? bookshelf rears, I think I'll hang on to those... Im using some older sony fronts and an older Klipsch Sub with the 8" front and 10" rear passive speaker. "sorry, cant remember the model names :P" Im also using a Denon AVR-1500 receiver... but I think I want to take advantage of the new DTS and 5.1 surround on the new receivers.

Im thinking about the Yamaha HTR-5460, Its fairly affordable and seems to have some nice features. Any thoughts on another receiver would be appreciated.

This is where you guys really come in handy Smile.gif Im curious as to which Klipsch fronts you guys would recommend... and before you tell me to "go listen to them at HIFI buys" Im not... My living room isnt sound proofed, and I dont have the same room configurations as they do... So I want "real world" experience. I like the look and specs of the reference series RF-3 speakers. Yet I also like the Synergy SF-2 speaker as well. Please give me some feedback and suggestions on those 2 speakers if you can.

The Sub, I love bass... I play just as much music as I do movies, and I have to have bass. What are your thoughts on the KSW-12.A 440watt powered sub seems like it could handle the job, but there again... I havnt heard it. I would keep the sub I have now, and possibly have 2 subs. Any thoughts on this?

Center channel is no biggie... I just need to decide which fronts to get, then I will match the center with that.

I will thank you guys in advance for any help you can offer me... Its a big decision for me... so please set me straight :P

Thanks Again


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Love my reference sys. ksw12 & ksw15,. I have a sony da30 es receiver. Sony makes nice receivers too! I'm glad I spent the extra to get a little more. Best tweek I did is to add a 400 watt amp to my rf-3's. Like having two subs, the 15" is definently louder than the 12, but both are good. There's a lot of different people here running a lot of different systems and I'm sure they all sound good, as long as ya drop some chaching your gonna like it. Legends would be good, HMMM come to think of it, lascalas and klipschorns or the new reference line. Shooot, I need a second job.....

Seriously though I bought the ref. line without ever hearing them or ever seeing them for that matter, and never even considered room acoustics, and they sound great,ther's alot of people here running rf-3's, but I secretly envy those with the legends.....p.s. get the biggest sub ya can get your hands on if you can afford it definently wait for the new klipsch subs!!! If I had to do it all over again I definently would get the ksw15 and skipped the 12 alltogether. And even now I wish I had a vel hgs, sunfire or svs. As for receivers, I'll pass on advice cause I'm partial to sony I have 0 complaints and nothing but recommendations, but there's also alot of people running yammi's on here wich may or may not be better. All in taste if you ask me. Have fun and let us hear what you decide on.

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Out of the two sets of mains you asked about, the RF3's would probably suit you best. You definitely could keep that lil' sub and use it for center channel or rear channel duty for a try. Depending on how big your room is, the 12 and 15 are pretty much the same. The 15 goes louder, but not necessarily lower. Get it if your room is big. Make sure to get a matching center channel, like the RC-3.


See you are in Dakota territory. I am from Mandan, myself. The today show sure blasted your state yesterday. What's all this crap about changing the name to "Dakota"? Like that would ever happen...



KG 5.5 (mains)

KG 2.2v (center)

KG 1 (rears)

KSW-12 (sub)

Denon AVR 681/1601

Toshiba SD-3109 DVD

Kenwood LVD700 LD

Sony CD changer

Sony 27" Trinitron

Sony PLX I

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Even we here in ND don't know what this is all about, guess some people are REALLLY bored here when all you have to do is think about changing names. I'm gonna vote for this * -and we'll call it the state formerly known as northdakota. What is this crap all about? Anyway proud of the state even if theychange the name. I personally think they should call it cold as hell and if you can't take it stay out state. That would suit me just fine! Our state bird could be a frozen penguin corpse. and that same bird could be on our state flag being sodomized by old man winter, that should send a messagecwm4.gif Any way logic rf-3's and a ksw15, blow the lid off! (could still use more and biggersubs).

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We could design the ultimate system for you, but my guess is you have some budget in mind. Let us know just how much you want to spend on a receiver and how much on the speakers. When you say your going to hang on to the KG5 bookshelfs, do you intend to use them in your system as the rear surrounds? Give a few more details and we can give you options that meet your needs.



Bill Dillon

Mains: LaScalas

Center: KLF C7

Front Effects: None Yet

Rears: Chorus IIs

Rear Center: None Yet

Sub: Velodyne CT150

Receiver: Yamaha RX-V3000

DVD: Sony 560D

TV: Toshiba 61" 61H70

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Hey... thanks for responding.

My rooms around 16x30... but my rears arent all the way in the back. I kinda have it split in half, using my couch.

Budget isnt "too" much of a concern as far as speakers... I would say around $2,000 wholesale cash to spend. I dont buy retail... too expensive. Anyhow, as far as budget for a receiver... I'd like to spend no more than $800.00.

The KG5's I will keep and use for now, So i can put more money towards my sub, fronts and center.

Grayson is about 25 minutes east of Atlanta... in Gwinnett county.

I deffinately think I've made up my mind on the RF-3's and matching center... just not sure what I should do about the sub... I want something that can get low... yet still have a good mid and very powerful. Like I've said before, I listen to music more than I watch movies I'd say, so... need something to crank TooL with Smile.gif

Thanks for the help so far... appreciated.

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Logik: The most important speaker in a HT system is the center channel. In home theater you will listen to that speaker more than any other speaker. Save yourself time on upgrading in the future and get the best one. My advise on the model would be the KLF C-7.

remember that 75% of a movie will come from the center channel...don't cut yourself short


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Hey... Thanks for the help so far guys. I would like another Denon receiver, but not sure if I really "want" another. Maybe someone can clear it up... but to me it didnt seem like my denon had much "bass" output. I usually have to turn the bass close to all the way up to get the response I want. I dont keep my sub turned up all the way tho. I dunno, maybe I just expect too much from my unit. I've heard from a lot of friends with home theatres that Yamaha Receivers have a good bass channel and a lot of power. I guess its all a matter of prefrence.

Anyhow... Thanks again for the advice guys, I appreciate it.

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Yamaha certainly make perfectly reasonable receivers in terms of their price:performance. The only problem is that they tend to be a little bright. When you couple this with a klipsch horn loaded speaker the result can be harsh.

A lot will depend on your tastes. I certainly found my original combo (Yamaha 595a acting as a pre-amp for a Rotel 1080 power amp driving Heresy 2 speakers) was harsh in the extreme and made some pieces of music unlistenable to.

Having said that I am a fan of the softer/warmer sound and now listen primarily to my tubes monoblocks reserving an SS amp for rock, dance and so on ( where the sharper, colder sound works better IMHO).

Generally it seems that for surround sound amps the Denon is a more popular pick for Klipsch owners.

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Yeah, RF3s would definately be my choice- personal favorite. Not really sure what to tell you about centers and recievers cause I'm still a newbie, but I highly recommend Velodyne subs, if you don't have much of a budget. Tool would sound really awesome with one of the HGS series.

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