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Top 10 Best Comedies you have seen


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hmmm...what good is a forum if you can't submit opinionated viewpoints?....therefore, the five greatest comedies ever made, in order, are:

1) Blazing Saddles

2) Monty Python and the Holy Grail

3) Young Frankenstein

4) Airplane

5) Dr. Strangelove

Honorable mentions: Slapshot, Return of the Pink Panther, Robocop (very dark humor) Naked Gun, Mad Mad....World, Shrek 1 or 2, Midnight Run, Raising Arizona, Animal House, Fletch

Although Slapshot, Animal House, and Naked Gun are a bit sophomoric, they don't have the uneasy flow like a Caddyshack

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On 1/31/2005 12:19:31 AM Woodog wrote:

Harold and Maude - can't believe no one mentioned this yet.

Young Frankenstein - I was in a very bad automobile accident in June of 1975 and had to have my spleen removed. The day I got out of the hospital (was there for two weeks) my mother took me to see this movie. Fresh stitches and searing pain with each laugh, and still I couldn't stop. I'm surprised I didn't die that day.

Animal House

Scary Movie I


Can't believe I forgot about "Young Frankenstein". Hilarious! 1.gif

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I can't believe I forgot about Bad Santa. That movie is definitely not for everyone. I was crying at various points, I just could not believe it, it is Billy Bob Thorntons best film. Of course while I was crying my wife giggled some times but cried too but for a different reason. (She felt bad for the pudgy kid). The outtakes with John Ritter are worth it alone.

Galaxy Quest (for Sci Fi folks)

Being There (Peter Seller fans)

Death to Smoochie (for the Caption Kangaroo Fans)

The Big Lebowski (for Karl Hungus fans) if you like Fargo, see this.

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Hi Tom

Smokey and The Bandit?... uhh. Don't get me wrong I liked it when it first came out, not sure what year but I was young and I thought the Transam was cool. My Mom liked the Rockford files and I liked that one too. Not sure its the 10 best, but AMC was showing like every Saturday for a few months, thinks it must be better with out Gleason being dubbed over. The movie is a little better than 'Every Which Way But Loose'. At least no one has mentioned Cannon Ball Run.2.gif

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The Jerk ( Steve Martin)

Three Weddings and a Funeral

There's Something About Mary



Raising Arizona

What About Bob?

When Harry Met Sally

Secretary w/Maggie Gylenhaal (S&M black comedy)

It Happened One Night



Ferris Bueller

A Fish Called Wanda

The Longest Yard

Most Marx Brothers movies

Most Stooges movies

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Some of this is the product of the times.

Young Frankenstein. You had to grow up with 30's monster movies on TV every Saturday afternoon.

The Russians are Coming. You had to grow up in the times of near nuclear war and MAD.

Some of the Pink Panther. Sellers was a genius.

I have come to fix the fern. The fren? Yes, the phen. Watch how the young woman is breaking up and it did not get edited out.

The Thin Man in 1932 or so. The setting was before my time but full of straighfaced wisecracks.

Caddy Shack was good. However I worked as a lifeguard at a simlar club. All was all true. One Sunday afternoon we found a candy bar in the pool. It was not a candy bar.



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#1 for me is Young Frankenstien

Animal House

Blues Brothers

Caddy Shack


Holy Grail

Joe Dirt


Friday / Next Friday

And finally, and y'all may call me sick, but I have to throw in Sling Blade....Billy Bob and Dwight Yoakam(spelling?) cracked me up...mmm, lets go get us some o them french fried taters,mmm, or some bisquits & mustard, mmm, I could eat either one, I reckun, mmm.LOL

I like uh way u tawk, mmmm.5.gif

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These have been mentioned, but here are some of my all time favs in no particular order:

Meet the Parents

Me, Myself and Irene

Caddy Shack


My Cousin Vinnie

Ferris Beullers Day Off

Plains Trains and Automobiles

American Pie

Fletch (most old Chevy Chase flicks)

most Pink Panthers

Good Morning Vietnam

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