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Am I the only one that does goofy stuff like this?


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Ever since I was a kid if I got a new piece of stereo equipment or anything that was capable of playing music I had to think of just the right song or album to be the first piece of music played on my new equipment.

At 13 or so I tormented myself trying to decide between sympathy for the devil or gimmie shelter: Which should have the honor of first song on my new stereo in *MY* bedroom? No more listening to that console looking piece of furniture my parents had discarded to the basement!

At 17 the first song played on the tape deck of my fist car just HAD to be something by the Sex Pistols.

Around 21 I got my first CD player and it was back to the Stones and my roots to kick off this New Era of music. A nice mix of old music with new technology.

My first pair of Klipsch speakers were KG4s. I had been shopping at a used record store in Ann Arbor Michigan and picked up a few discs. I stopped into The Stereo Shop and the sales man threw one of my newly acquired CDs in. Echo and the Bunnymens Lips Like Sugar poured out of them like sonic gold. I bought the KG4s that day. My wife and I comment on that one day every single time we hear any Echo song - it is as if it happened yesterday. The KG4 were sold to finance a pair of Forte IIsI still have the CD used price tag on it and all.

I think this has continued with every car, portable CD player, MP3 Player, set of speakersyou get the idea. There just has to be the right song to launch the new toy

Just last week as I was hooking up my new Pre/Pro in my newly finished home theater my head is spinning trying to decide what should be the first movie out of the DVD player and the first tune out of the Audiotron now that I had 300+ of my CDs on one hard drive for easy access. I asked my wife what she thought and she looked at me like I was crazy. Just throw anything in and see if it works she said. No way, it HAS to be just the right one. I started to think about how I have always done this and even marveled that I could remember the songs/groups that were the right tune for the right gadget. With less then 9 months before I will be 40 I guess the kid in me never quite grows up.

So how about it? Do you guys/gals do this too? If so what are some of the benchmark tunes?

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Thanks for your post. Actually, I wouldn't be too far off from that, though haven't faced that particular challenge. Mostly my dilemma is what will be the last tune played for the day. Sometimes have been up 4 days and nights straight because I couldn't decide.

One of my favorites for this: "Somebody to Love" from Mother's Finest Live.

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Guest Anonymous

my probelm usually results in when to call it quits, i can listen for hours and not evenn notice the time pass, and i always feel like i need to leave on a high note....

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You're not the only one. I've bought two DVD players and a new TV in the last year and a half or so. The Balin's Tomb scene from LOTR: Fellowship is always the first thing I play . . . well, the second thing, if you count Digital Video Essentials, which I don't. 9.gif

Musicwise, Rush's "Tom Sawyer" is always one of the first things to go in, just because I've heard it on umpteen systems and, while I'm sure I can't say I know how it "should" sound, I can say I know how I LIKE it to sound. I know that once I like the way that song sounds, I'm not too far from liking the way everything else sounds.

Songs from Dave Mathews Band's "Crash," Tool's "Undertow," Blue Man Group's "The Complex," and Frank Zappa's "Apostrophe/Overnite Sensation" are never far behind.

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I have a problem with Living Room or my "Sound Room" to play.

Sound Room for a demo is definitely "The Unusual Classical Synthsizer."

Jackson Browne's "Doctor My Eyes" is a test - can I hear each bass note, each separate drum.

Enjoy Duke Jupiter - Grew up with Don Maracle original lead guitarist. Worked for them, the first Band the Drummer Earl Jetty was in - passed - Agent Orange Toxicity, Bassist passed - Brain Tumour. Replacement Bassist works where I get my hair cut.

But my dumbest part is watching the 2300 hours "Crossing Jordan," then after putting the headphones on and listening until 0300 or 0400.

Whupped puppy times.


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We're definitely with you on this one. I do the same thing, mostly with major pieces like new speakers (especially the VIRGIN ones that you get to personlly unbox, drool)

Usually Zep Physical Graffiti, but I have been known to put the occasional Miles Davis on. THen I'm like another member who shifts music rapid-fire, like your'e trying to listen to every genre of music you have in a 20-minute period. Kind of like when Forum brothers come to visit- YOU WANT TO SHOW OFF EVERYTHING AT ONCE.

It's a madness, don't fight it. But the decision is very personal. Only you can make it for yourself.


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