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Name that Tune - No Cheating Using Computer Word Searches

Jeff Matthews

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Its off Relayer-- the Gates of Delirium?


Along those same lines--just one line:

Me, i'm just a lawnmower - you can tell me by the way i walk.

I know what I like - Genesis

I know what I think is inferior in the art rock genre of the time----Genesis. It always seemed then that the guys who liked Genesis were either bad musicians or not musicians at all--JMO of course.

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In the South--if you want to criticize someone without seeming like a critical person, you say " Bless his/her Heart" after your comment. Examples:

He sure likes the hard stuff--Bless His Heart!

Or She Sure Has Alot of Boyfriends, Bless her Heart!

The damage is done, and the criticizer seems like she really cares--

I don't what caused me to mention that, other than JMO and IMHO sure enables you to say how you really feel!! But I'm getting away from my point--

Genesis were gods-- intricate, literate, melodic, musical and emotional music makers--

If you don't like them, you never listened to them-- I stole Seconds Out from a department store in 78 and it was probably my fave album for years. I only recently went back and bought the other albums and its too bad that original group didn't make more music--its so good and there's not enough of it.

If you're talking about Phil Collins controlled Genesis, then maybe I'll agree with you--but those albums from Nursery Cryme leading up to and including Wind and Wuthering are all classics, IMHO--

For all the Zappa nuts in this thread, Its like saying Frank Zappa could play the guitar, but he just couldn't find a good vocalist, Bless his Heart!

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Point taken. I did listen to Genesis back then , when acquaintances tried to show me that they were gods. Didn't buy it then either, but what can I say I was a real musical snob back then with impossibly high standards, bless my heart. They just never held a candle to ELP or Yes. Obviously I have a problem with saying how I really feel---or so I am told quite often....

Stolen fruit always tastes twice as sweet, so I have heard.

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Oldie.... Seconds Out is my favorite by Genesis, too. I particularly like Firth of Fifth, Supper's Ready, and the Cinema Show/Dance on a Volcano/Los Endos medley. The only drawback of the album is it is live, so there's a fair amount of hiss. But once you start listening to the music, it will draw you in and away from the hiss. I am always amazed at the creativity of these young guys who were probably in their 20's and early 30's - just sitting around and writing music like this.

I know you like Brain Salad Surgery. I would put Seconds Out up there in line with ELP's BSS. After that, I think Lamb Lies Down (Disc 1), competes well with ELP. But beyond that, I think ELP's Tarkus and Trilogy have a leg up on the rest of the old Genesis in terms of consistency. Although the old Genesis had some very good tunes - they were just a little more sporadic than ELP. Seconds Out is a concert, so it is a compilation of their best.

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Thanks for the tip Jeff. I must admit to feeling just caustic enough to stir the pot when I wrote that post. I commend 'buddy for getting the "gates of delirium" in such a timely manner. I also wonder which struck more of a nerve; the genesis part, the bad musician part, or the non-musician part, lol.

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You old pot-stirrer--

That original Genesis is newly discovered for me--so they are like a new band to me. I would say they equal Yes in stature and are better than ELP (I know, them's fightin words) because ELP seemed more pompous--and I love them. Genesis's interconnected melodies using all their instruments conitinues to amaze me--they were an incredible collaboration. Now when I hear Yes, it seems that everyone was following Steve Howe, and Genesis sounds more like a perfect mix of all of them.

ELP dragged alot of their stuff out --I tend to lose interest in some of their stuff. That said, The Endless Enigma-Fugue is probably one of my faves of all time--even my seven year olds love that medley--

And, I'm surprised that no-one trashed Zappa on this thread, even though he's all over it-- I love his guitar, but the songs and voice take ALOT of getting used to--and yes, I have a sense of humor--

Hey JB--why don't you issue a challenge?

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