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It's alright Michael - Colts up 7-0.

This is the "test" game - if they win this one, you gotta like the Colts' chances of getting to the Super Bowl. I like their chances anyway. Come to think of it, Detroit isn't that far from Indy, is it? And given that Ford Field is a dome, it would be almost like a home game.

Indy has been "the team to watch" all year, and they haven't disappointed. If they get home field advantage for the playoffs, it's doubtful that they lose.

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40-21! The colts just schooled the patriots, gotta love that. It was about time. The stats are stunning , Harrison and Wayne 120+ receiving yards each, 3 td combined. over a 100yds rushing for james. Brady himself didn't have a bad game actually, but the Colts were just too good this time around. I guess its safe to say they are definitely the front runner to win the championship by a long way, they still got Steelers in the way ! Phew, I'm hoping the steelers can squeeze a win outta that one. The Pats secondary is definitely hurting.... the big difference between the Colts from the previous seasons losing to the Pats and this season - defense. Week 12 - Colts vs. Steelers! ooooooh yeah

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The Colts are starting to have "that look" - like a team that is ready to go to the Super Bowl.

Looking at the Colts schedule, they have 5 of the remaining 8 games at home. Barring injuries, I can't see this team losing more than two games the rest of the year (@Seattle and @Cincy will be tough games, as will the Monday night game against Pittsburgh in three weeks).

I would have one bit of advice for Colts fans/those living in Indy: Start solidifying those friendships and corporate connections - you are going to need them.....all the better to secure your playoff and Super Bowl tickets.

Oh, and you might want to reserve a "cancellable backup" hotel room in the Detroit area, too for the weekend of Feb 3-6. Most rooms in the city are already booked/sold - but rooms in Flint, Toledo, Lansing, and a few in Ann Arbor remain. Granted, you folks could drive to Detroit on gameday, but there's nothing like a Super Bowl party in the Super Bowl host city....even if it isn't on the beach......

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The colts won't go 16-0 , they've gotta have a bad game... hopefully in week 12 they will [H] It'd be ultra sweet to watch the Steelers slay the Colts. They've gotta go through seahawks and bengals as well, as previously mentioned. I doubt they'll have a perfect season.


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