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Worlds fastest backhoe

Tom Adams

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My wife Laura is the financial controller for JCB (heavy machinery) and I was talking to her over the phone and I hear this gawd-awful noise in the background and ask her,"What in heaven's name is making all that racket?". She says, "Oh - it's the GT." So I ask, "What's a GT?" and she says, "You know, our racing backhoe." Well....long story short, I had no clue that they had this thing, but check it out. It has a blown alcohol hemi motor de-tuned to ONLY make 1800hp. She said that Neal (the driver) holds the world record (didn't say the E.T. but did say 135mph at the traps) in the 1/4 mile for a backhoe. Well no sh*t.....like how many backhoe dragsters are there? Laura also said that Neal does burnouts for customers and when he does it sets off all the car alarms in the parking lot! LMAO....... Oh - and Neal said he can carry the front wheels the entire 1/4 mile and steer it by using the rear brakes!! I'm sorry, but John Force ain't got nuthin' on Neal. ROTFLMAO.


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I think another good idea would be a "demolition derby" or gladiator type contest between pieces of heavy equipment. Could a backhoe rip the treads off a D-9 before the Cat crushed it? Speed and manuverability go to the backhoe but brute force and strong defense go to the D-9. Mining equipment vs logging equipment. How would a crane and wrecking ball do against an big excavator? I'd love that.

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Oh.....and JCB just landed a sizable backhoe contract with the military. But we're not talking about just any backhoe, nosirree bob.....we're talking about a backhoe that can keep up with the armored cav. That's right, a backhoe that can run at least 60mph! The thing looks like some kinda cross between a transformer, a HUMVEE, and a typical backhoe.


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Here's the military version...


and I quote:

"JCB has been awarded a contract, expected to be worth up to $140 million, to supply the U.S. Army with a high-speed backhoe loader for military engineering tasks. The High Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE) vehicle has been designed to meet the requirements specified by U.S. Army TACOM for a backhoe loader capable of speeds up to 57 mph.

The award of the contract by TACOM, the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, follows a three-year program of design, development and testing to produce a military machine to meet stringent performance criteria. Following the approval of production validation test machines during 2006, full production will commence in 2007 at JCB Inc in Savannah, Georgia. Deliveries are scheduled to continue until 2012.

The HMEE combines the capabilities of the world-renowned JCB backhoe loader and the innovative high-speed JCB Fastrac agricultural tractor, which is the only tractor to have full suspension and anti-lock brakes. The objective of the HMEE concept is to have a machine capable of travelling at military convoy speed without the need for transportation by a truck and low-loader trailer. A fully armoured version is under discussion.

The 12-ton HMEE will boast a 5.9-liter diesel engine, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer, lift more than two tons and dig to a depth of almost four meters. It is designed to be air-transportable by Hercules C-130 aircraft.

Helmut Peters, President, JCB Inc North America, said: Our Savannah team designed and developed this vehicle to meet the U.S. Armys critical mission needs and the JCB HMEE is a remarkable machine ready to support the U.S. Army.

The HMEE will revolutionize the capability of military engineers thanks to JCBs breakthrough technology and presents us with huge global opportunities, added Peters."

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