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If anyone has $1.4Mill they're not using, here is a car...

Big Piney

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I am still pondering the fact that it drains its gas tank in 12 minutes at top speed.

Yes, that got my attention, too. I wonder how many gallons make capacity in that vehicle.

Another question, I missed, or is absent in the article... How fast will the car travel at top speed?

The only thing I see is that there is a top speed mode which is only activated for speeds above 235!

Anyway, it would be most interesting to know how far the car would travel during those 12 minutes. I'm sure the distance would be impressive. At 235mph, which is something short of full speed, one would be clicking off the miles at the rate of nearly four per minute.

If that car had wings...

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How does it do in a crash test?

LOL, I don't think they would waste one or more for a crash test...you pays your money and you takes your chances mateys....arrrr.

They crash tested one by required american law.... to be street legal you need to crash it. As with other super cars like the Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari Enzo, Mercedes McLaren SLR, McLaren F1 they crashtest better then any normal car. Carbon fiber, still chasis, etc...... Kinda like Formula 1 and every other race where they have horrific accidents and many survive and are quite fine. BTW it can hit a theoretical 275 mph in computer tests but you need about 30 straight miles to achieve that. and you will run out of gas. At full throttle its not miles per gallon its gallons to the mile. It needs to do that in order to get that, btw most of the gas is unburnt too as the engine just uses the intial explosion but does not have time to wait for a full burn as the engine is already ejecting the gas into the exhaust.

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