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OT: Top 10 Conspiracy theories

Daddy Dee

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Interesting, but any list of conspiracy theories that leaves out the JFK assassination would give one cause to wonder about the validity of the list.

Any other conspiracies that ought to be included.... Flight 800?

middle eastern connection to OKC bombing?

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Any top 10 list of conspiracy theories will only list the ones designed to distract your attention from the real ones.

They are masks upon masks upon masks... 

If you want to know more, read Robert Anton Wilson's books, "Cosmic Trigger", "My Like After Death"  etc.

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No--it was the most under-rated government organization--the  UNITED STATED COAST GUARD. Oil spills, plane crashes [alaska airlines flight  261], and many other tragedies. illegal immigrants being smuggled into the u.s.a., drug busts, stupid boaters putting their lives in harm's way for either pleasure or profit--it wasn't a bad career--proud to have been a part of that organization.--taught me a lot. the coast guard teaches people from day one to be leaders--i now work for one of the richest counties in the country--we had a bomb threat called in one day--people didn't know what to do--couldn't make a decision--it was second nature to me.  after directing someone to make phone calls to key personnel on each floor, we got everyone out rather quickly. i volunteered to go back in the (four story) building with the police, looking for anything suspicious (they were  looking for someone familar with the floorplan). fortunately, it was just a hoax--nobody was hurt. i've been involved with three plane crashes--there is something very eerie when the boat crew is collecting the debris and when they find something that personally identifies one of the victims--suddenly it becomes personal--not just another case. being the smallest of the armed forces, the coast guard is often overlooked. in fact, our motto "semper paratus" which means "always ready" is often quoted as 'simply forgot us.' that's ok--we know what we do. it was shameful when one of our guys won a military triathlon in kona, hawaii and was stripped of the medal because the organizers said that the coast guard was not one of the armed forces. when the folks in washington d.c. set them straight, they gave him the medal; but, made him feel like crap for embarrassing such a time-honored race.

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