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250 WPC tube amp - Manley Neo-Classic 250 Watt Monoblock

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Manley Neo-Classic
250 Watt

  • ALL-TUBE monoblock design:
    uses 10 x

    EL34JJ output tubes

  • Driver Stage:
    High current double

    12BH7EH (x2) Electro-Harmonix Russian

  • Input Tube:
    12AT7EH large plate

    Electro-Harmonix Russian


    RCA and XLR jacks (switchable)

  • MUTE switch:
    on front panel

  • TRIODE / TETRODE switching:

    front panel

  • SOFT-START turn on mode:

    in-rush current by first powering up amplifier to half voltages

  • EVER-WARM mode:
    for standby keeps

    tubes warmed up at half voltages

  • MANLEY Precision Output Transformer:

    designed and wound at Manley Labs

  • Front panel bias measurement and adjust:

    Concealed under the black oval insert

  • Output Tube Standing Current:


  • Set Bias for:
    275mVDC measured

    across each bias tip jack to ground

  • Large filter / reservoir capacitors:
    3800uF x 2

  • Angled rear of chassis:
    provides for easy connections

  • WBT binding posts:
    CE compliant for

    European models

  • Input Sensitivity:
    1V for full


  • Input Sensitivity Triode:
    174mV for

    1 watt into 8 ohms

  • Input Sensitivity Tetrode:

    for 1 watt into 8 ohms

  • Gain Triode:

  • Gain Tetrode:

  • Input Impedance RCA:
    116 Kohm @ 1KHz

  • Input Impedance XLR:
    270 Kohm @ 1KHz; 20Kohms @ 20KHz; 38Kohm @


  • Actual Output Impedance Triode:

    0.538 ohm

  • Actual Output Impedance Tetrode:

    0.465 ohm

  • Optimum Speaker Load:
    5 ohms

  • Damping Factor Triode:

  • Damping Factor Tetrode:

  • S/N Ratio Ref 1W into 8 ohms:
    -80 dB; -90dB A-WGT

  • Dynamic Range:

  • FLAT frequency response:
    10 Hz - 30 KHz continuous

  • Full Power Tetrode:
    250W @ 1.5% THD

    into 5 ohms

  • Full Power Triode:

    @ 1.5% THD into 5 ohms

  • Power Consumption:
    30 Watts in "EVER-WARM"


  • Maximum Power Consumption:
    815 Watts

    at full power

  • Operating Mains Voltage:

    set for 100V, 120V or 220-240VAC operation for original

    destination country's mains voltage.

  • Operating Mains Voltage:

    with power transformer re-wiring and fuse value change.

  • Mains Voltage Frequency:
    50~ 60Hz

  • Mains Fuse 100-120VAC operation:

    MDA 10 Amp SLO-BLO Ceramic Time-Delay fuse

  • Mains Fuse 220-240VAC operation:

    MDA 8 Amp SLO-BLO Ceramic Time-Delay fuse

  • B+ Fuse:
    MDA 1 1/2A SLO-BLO Ceramic

    Time-Delay fuse

  • Badge Illumination:
    Units produced

    before 4/2003 use 8V, 0.3A "Fuse-Lamp"

    1/4" X 1 1/4"

    Serial numbers after N250188 use LED illumination which probably

    won't burn out

  • Power Cord:
    Detachable IEC

    standard. Appropriate power cord supplied for destination country

  • Dimensions:
    W=19" x D=13"

    x H=9"

  • Shipping Weight:
    73 Lbs. each

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They list for 9K a pair new.

Used they are in the 4500 price range per pair.

The deal I had cooking slipped away...basically the person who wants to buy my 2 MC-2102's was selling a pair of these amps off to help pay for them. I did not indicate to him soon enought that I would do a part cash part trade deal and he sold them .

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A pair of those would definitely be welcome on a cold winter day. I would love to hear them hooked up to Klipsch speakers. As an aside, there was a gal closely related (can't remember if it was a daughter) that popped up on the Alfa bulletin board a while back, and people were quick to make the association of the Manley name.

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Eve Anna Manley runs the company. Was married to David Manley, who split and left the company. Her dad owned Ampeg. She's only 39 or so.

They also make on of those amps with 10 KT90s. 250/500 watts. The price goes up though.

We had a forum member on here for a while who had one of thier EL84 amps. Nice.

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Very interesting company. They have a link about resistors. Two types that apparently blow in tube amps if tubes blow. So Manley cooked up a scheme in which they send you snap in resistors. Pretty cool idea. The Neo 250 can use the snap in resistor scheme.

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EveAnna is a real cool chick. I was showing my Stingray at one of my audio meets and she sent a big box of swag to give away. You can see my amp on there website: http://manleylabs.com/containerpages/stingray99.html Its easy to pick out. Not many homes have pink walls.

Wow! Wild-looking amp! Does it sound as interesting as it looks?
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