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OCC Klipsch Chopper Episode Airs Thursday!


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Overall, a very interesting show. They didn't have allot of Drama...

I agree. It would have been nice to see Roy Delgado on there, somehow using the frame as a folded horn, or something.

Also, I was bummed there was no mention of this forum. If I were producing that show, I'd get Mikey hooked on posting here. Then we could see Paul senior busting his chops for screwing off not making the bike. Now that, my friends, would be drama...

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I thought they did a great job in doing our brand justice. I liked how they mentioned"Klipsch" quite a bit, focused on the logos, and really talked up the audio and even mentioned horns. Some of the lines seemed like advertising scripts submitted by us, but I assure you, all of their comments were from them. We weren't offered any control in that regard. It was also cool how they showed copper cones several times, and uber-cool when they fired up the RF-83. I don't think we've received such widespread positive exposure in recent years. Plus I found it humorous seeing people on TV that I know so well.

As for the bike, I like the simple design-- the cleaness of it. But I'm a simple girl. [:)]


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Unfortunately I had an attack of amnesia last night and didn't see it.

From the pics, I think my favorite feature is the PWK monogram logo repeated in the front wheel. That is very cool.

The bike is just beautiful.

One thing, looks like i'm seeing K-77 under the seat. Is that what people are referring to as the speaker box?

Any more pics?

Hope some folks got it recorded.

Congrats to Klipsch. The OCC exposure is very cool.

That pic of Paul Sr. with beefy arm around Sarah Knight seemingly captured a moment. In that pic he looks more teddy bear than grizzly bear.

Amy, is Steven picking out your avatars? There has to be a story behind the rubber duck pic.

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Here's an image I took of the Klipsch OCC on the day it was unveiled at headquarters.

That's our way cool Director of Sales and chopper guru Alvin Klement hanging on!

EXCELLENT picture, Michael!

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i love the color picked on this..I had a vision myself the rim design would look exactly like that..its awesome..The fabrication is great..the only thing that strikes me is its kinda left blank..I thought thered be a horn attatched to the handle bars or tank somewhere...or some logos of the heritage speakers..or something..just looks a little plane...

I still give it an 8 outta 10...if u were to ask me....ITs awesome!!

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Amy, is Steven picking out your avatars? There has to be a story behind the rubber duck pic.

The pic is in honor of the missing Dwight. I'll change it when he resurfaces [;)]

No real story behind the pic. Steven is getting to be a pro in front of the camera, doing goofy poses for me. If I had a personal blog instead of my work one, I would easily be able to post "Daily Photos of Steven" and never run out of good material.

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I snuck my son Roger up to see the bike at Klipsch Headquarters. His first words at 4 years old were, "WHOAHHH COOL DADDY!!!!"

Of course he wanted me to ride it with him on back LOL.... Looking at things through kids eyes is a lot of fun! Having seen it up close I can agree it is just beautiful. Very cool to see the PWK logos (Which they never mentioned?) And seeing Fred and others speak about the bike and OCC at Hard Rock Cafe would of been nice too shaking hands with the OCC guys. The bike itself matched up with that copper paint to the copper cones I assure you is awesome. It looks a lot better in person, and really is a cutting edge kinda promo tool, something fun lifestyle wise, like Klipsch speakers are for many of us.. VERY VERY COOL!

I would love to see a Klipsch follow up to the system when it is all done as well and what they did?

*** BTW*** Where did Klipsch get this Marc Fisher guy???? Why don't we see MORE of him... HE was just amazing!!!!! Seriously...He did a good job, and rolled with the guys at OCC and was great to see someone with that much enthusiasm from Klipsch! I would of loved to have heard what all was sent for The OCC Guys to get creative with in the design, Even the sound of the 83's I am sure was ROCKING!!! from a iPod and Peavey amp! LOL (Nice to know the OCC has it's own band too??? hehehehehee)

As for the show.. No real Drama other than they are bursting at the seams with success, have a new production side to their business and will continue to do custom bikes for show like this one for Klipsch! Paul Jr was missing sick a day or two??? And where was Mickey? Seeing Paul Sr get his hands dirty a good sign as well. Paul Sr. has gotten a lot thinner, so his big chest and big arms just look HUGE! LOL That new GF must be making him happier at home! And watching more what he eats and working out more.

We were fed issues like we need to hire a girl.. you KNOW if they get a competent sharp girl that can do what they want...(Sorry this sounds so bad but it is true..) AND she is sexy OR just different enough say with lots of tatts, and a attitude to throw the OCC Guys off a little, it will REALLY put this show over the top and gain a ever bigger audience too! hahahahaha

So what did we learn?

Besides OCC is growing BIG TIME?

Sr needs Glasses.

Paul Jr taking too much time off..

They need to hire some more people... (production side and TV side..) It was way cool this guy who was a fan got his dream to work as well at the shop? Let's see what happens as this unfolds?

BTW, A lot of the yelling from the guys is more for show... The pilot of the show when they edited it for the TV, Paul Sr was beside himself thinking the audience will think I am a terrible person and I really am not all that bad.. You shoot material over a weeks time, it looks like that is all he does...LOL. But you know that interaction of the Icon father, the renegade second generation son with more smarts..Trying to move it all forward, and a comical son that keeps everything light and working in Mickey, is what makes the show work. Trust me, at the end of the day they are happy and laughing all the way to the bank!!!!

I met them in Las Vegas last Aug 2007 and had em sign a poster. Younger Mickey and I chatted for about 10 min, I told him I thought Scooters he had done on the show were sooo cool. (The boston ride to get seafood was just incredible..) He laughed, and said, "Your my new best friend!!" hahahahahahaha

My favorite show was the one where they got the Opals.. Uber cool!

This is a promo show kind of motorcycle. Not a Jessie James custom (or wild artist type...really built custom bike....) But seriously, it is still very very cool! I will hopefully get it on Tivo in HD later..

Here are the OCC Guys.


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Um...I watch OCC all the time, and love Klipsch, and i thought this episode was horrendous.

I'm sorry Klipsch, but you got served.

Every episode this season has dedicated 2 episodes per bike (they also did double builds), but it seems like they rushed this one right out the door.

They barely went over the bike, the only thing that "really" made it klipsch, was they added the logo and threw in a speaker on it. That's IT.

No mention of the history, no mention of anything else. Just painted it copper (an off looking color copper form the woofers BTW).

I saw there was a PWK on the wheel, but didn't even mention who he was.

The only Klipsch people we saw was the "used car salesman" type guy running around, no visit to Hope, no talking to PR, nothing.

More than half the episode was dedicated to Sr. Eyes, the new shop, and the need to hire someone.

Never explained WHY the horns were so essential and what made them different, just that Klipsch uses them.

And at the unveiling, why were there like 10 other speaker brand names floating around if it was a Klipsch concert party?

They even said they wouldn't test ride the bike, they had 2 days so they rushed through it (mostly because Jr banged out sick).

I think you deserved much better. Something that really screamed Klipsch.

I woulda made the wheels looking like giant copper woofers, and a giant klipsch horn as the headlight, something that really screams klipsch.

Sorry, I was very disappointed.

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Klipsch should have had this unveiled at their main facility incorporating into the event their full line of speakers. This is more television exposure than Klipsch has ever experienced and the program said a lot about Klipsch but showed a miniscule sampling of their products. The bike itself was pretty. The wheels and the color scheme were its best assets. That little speaker was kinda silly. It won't stand up to highway speeds and will tolerate zero foul weather. Maybe I'm just too practical.

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And at the unveiling, why were there like 10 other speaker brand names floating around if it was a Klipsch concert party?

Hmm....I didn't notice that. If the other brand names were Energy, Mirage, and Jamo, that would be because we own them as well. Were there other names besides those? It definitely was the Klipsch concert party at CES.

I'm sorry you were disappointed. I think they did a great job! Maybe you need to see the bike in person to appreciate the details. We will be taking it on promotional tours over the next year or so.

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those other names may have been what I saw. But I still think it should've been unveiled in more of the klipsch setting, surrounded by their speakers.

That "industrial" setting would've suited just fine too :-)

I just felt not enough focus was paid compared to other companies and other bikes and other shows I've seen.

I guess I was just expecting much more as a big fan of the show and the klipsch name.

Take for instance the episode this season with the outdoor store, they went to the store, tested almost all of their products, and went really indepth into the design and integration of it into the bike.

For klipsch, it's like they made a random fender cause it looked cool, and a random gas tank cause it would fit the random backbone they chose.

Nothing was really integrated, except logo names you can paste anywhere.

I just felt it wasn't given justice.

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