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OCC Klipsch Chopper Episode Airs Thursday!


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I just felt not enough focus was paid compared to other companies and other bikes and other shows I've seen.

Well, there you go. I had never seen the show before last night. [:)]

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Schwock5, I am sorry I do disagree with you on one thing.... "The only Klipsch people we saw was the "used car salesman" type."

So a guy with passion and is excited about Klipsch, in your eyes, is a
used car type? I thought Marc was just incredible.. Sorry, I will
just disagree with you here.. Personally... I would LOVE to see more of
Marc as a face of Klipsch myself to be honest! He did a fantastic
job! Bring him to the Pilgrimage please!!!!!


So here is the other side of how I felt too....And I am not trying to go negative here...I love the idea, and result of the bike. We all as fans wanted to cheer this one on.. And have it be a KILLER episode!

BUT, I agree this particular episode was not up to par at all. I also have watched the show pretty much from inception. I know and understand the concept very well.

Other than that... I agree with most of your points schwock5.

FYI, most are two episode shows. BTW, why was it not in High Def here either?

We didn't learn a quick history of Klipsch, (Which they always do a short 20 seconds on) or the reason for the bike? Things like Klipsch is famous for XYZ, so we put this logo here or tried to incorporate this design here or there as well, your right. That is often part of the episode to try and struggle how to make it special? The idea to talk about like the wheels, copper color, with the logo here... or gone as far as to design or paint a gas tank like a horn, horn fenders, horn headlight, something would of been cool. Could Klipsch engineering designed the speaker box as well for drama?? It is what you do? They did mention, Klipsch is famous for efficient horns and the copper color... again maybe were all trying to be too critical here too? The saving moment was the way cool sound of the Klipsch 83's with the commercial amp and iPod, that made up for it! I was waiting for Paul Sr to come in and go turn that stuff off... or say, we loved the 83's so much we hung em from the ceiling so now we have cool music that sounds great to listen to in the shop? Or Klipsch sent us these Hersey's to hang in the shop.. He loved the 83's so much, Paul Sr took them home! Do you see where maybe you (Klipsch) might have missed the boat here? And not one yellow out of place BS button? That should of been the starter switch!!!

As far as the shop.//// Here is where the Jubilees or La Scala industrial would of RULED too. hehehehehehe

It would of been fun to see "Someone in Engineering" burning the midnight oil in Indy or Hope trying to find a way to make it rock n roll? Maybe use the tubes in the bike frame to fold and enhance the bass response? LOL, Something, design wise, I wish you (Engineering in Indy or Hope) could of helped. They go to outside suppliers for parts... this should of been a slam dunk!

I agree, why we needed to see so much on Sr. Eyes, the new shop, and the need to hire someone? Instead of the bike , the build process..and the result was way below normal time wise here. Especially on a one episode show?

It did seemed rushed.. (they said it did not fire up till Las Vegas??) No unveiling off of the truck or plane too? If they came to Indy, I would of loved to see that on here as well? FYI, usually when they are at a corporation, that is part of the fun too letting the guys show the bike to the employees! Like HP for instance... They seemed to imply it was a loud drunken brawl at Hard Rock? (Yes, I watched it 2 times already, that was kinda strange?) Then again, it is hard Rock at CES..and it was a Party.... oh well... Rock n Roll... scream...... Klipsch Rocks!!!.... OK, It fits...

BTW, Nice copper dress shirt on Fred Klipsch too! BTW, get that with a Klipsch logo on it as well! hehehehehehe KlipschGear!

Klipsch speakers are supposed to be rocking "Officially" at most, if not every, Hard Rock. I agree, they should of had a KILLER klipsch speaker wall of sound either in a poster or in person behind the unveiling of the bike... (Think billboard size ) or something?

Were all being Monday AM quarterbacks...Which is easy to do. I love Klipsch, I love the show OCC. Just wish it could of kicked rear ends more.. ya know??

One very good note... I did not remember seeing those annoying BOSE commercials at all throughout the show.. Thank goodness..

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Amy said: As for the bike, I like the simple design-- the cleaness of it. But I'm a simple girl. Smile

i like the simple design also but what i don't like is what they do to all of their bikes, they chop up the rear fender so much its.stupid looking. guess thats why they call it a chopper. would have liked to see the klipsch logo down both sides of the tank.

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1 question. At the start of the show, Marc was explaining to Paul Jr. briefly how the New speakers would be incorporated in the new Building?

Has anyone taken, or can they take some Pictures of the Installation of the Klipsch speakers in That New Building, at OCC? Sounded interesting!


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I for one think it's a cool looking bike but I don't really know bikes. I would've really loved to see some LaScalas or professional gear in there but RF-83 especially if they show a lot of copper cones is AWESOME from a marketing standpoint. Especially if the Klipsch products are clearly visible during future shows.

With the sound being something of an afterthought on the bike and mention of Klipsch having to work it up.... how about a follow up. Now wouldn't it be great to work in even a 5 minute piece where not only does Klipsch pimp the sound of this baby, but introduce their new line of ultra high performance motorcycle speakers (car audio wouldn't be too far behind.

Think about it.... horns can blast through the road noise - the controlled directivity of the horns could put the sound where it can best be heard. Or just a killer system to play when the bike is parked.

If nothing else, the exposure is AWESOME. And even better if Klipsch speakers and logos appear even a little bit in future episodes. The OCC guys happily jammin' why they work.

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PWK pie slice Jubilee logo cast into the wheels.

Now that is cool! Maybe you could sell some of those through the Klipsch store or be OCC's first aftermarket custom wheels they could sell for people to dress up their bikes. I bet they'd look great on Trey's bike!

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Cool. Photos done in the camera the manly way. (insert your best Tim the Toolman Taylor grunting...) Gotta love that - no sissy photos here. Colterphoto1 is the real deal photography wise.... Awesome shot. Maybe could sell these too.... custom bikes with the sound ok Klipsch... Could also do some incredible in helmut sound too? Maybe a use for KlipschCast.

Bet the show sounded pretty cool at Indy's place, MC's place, etc

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Yeah. MC. Something more like that.... could probably at least get the local media to come to headquarters.... not as cool potentially as the original unveiling at the headquarters though.

Time to incorporate some sound into this ... if it's not to late...

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The Back to the Future Delorean had, what?, Altec? horns in the back.

The next Klipsch chopper should have the exhaust feeding a pair of K-402s. Would exhaust plumbing work better if it was based on a BMW R type?

Of the course the exhaust note would be terribly loud. But just maybe the directivity of the K-402s would keep the sound away from the rider. If it is directed to the rear, it could shatter the windshield of any vehicle behind.



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Dude You Rock! How come we don't have you working in marketing with that big lens of yours or are you sooooooo smart they won't let you leave CS?


Shhh. Keep it quite Professor. Maybe Michael is working in marketing and he just doesn't know it.... Aren't a lot of Klipsch employee posts on here really marketing? Think about it my good thumpin friend .. you've been marketing some headphones ... but you're right Michael's images ROCK! Of course maybe he has more fun with the photography if it's more of a hobby.... and I hear he gets a few weekends off nowadays.

Would you want him out of CS? Practically a walkling encyclopedia of knowledge and a top notch photographer on top of that. Not to mention a great guy and I can't really say I know him but I've met him and he's a great guy.

Y'all are in marketing to some extent. The Klipsch employees' passion that comes out here in the forum. I'm no marketing expert, but seems to be great marketing to me.

So stick a pair of your babies in your ear and jam.

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