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OCC Klipsch Chopper Episode Airs Thursday!


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Very cool.


Do you know if the OCC show will mention the coming outfitting of the OCC facility with Klipsch sound? At some point I hope we can get a picture of what those systems will be like. 100 speakers in different setups throughout the 97,000 sq ft. facility. That's alot.

Jubs would go nicely in the shop, I'd think.

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Overall, a very interesting show. They didn't have allot of Drama, and the show seems to have taken on a new twist- Because OC has gotten so big they almost seem like an emerging Corporate company getting ready to restructure and grow.............PS is mellowing in his old age.

Very nice looking Chopper.

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I thought it was a so-so episode. The bike was ok. I wish they would have done more fabrication to the bike. It seems the only thing they really did was incorporate the speaker box. They said they would probably have to have Klipsch do the wiring for it. I am aware there are only so many things they could do being that Klipsch is a speaker company, but I thought it was just kind of plain. I thought the coolest part of the bike were the rims with the PWK logo's. In my opinion, it was not one of their better builds.

I was glad to see when they pulled out the RF83, and started jamming with it it and the smiles on their faces. At least it pulled my attention away from the lonely Synergy box just sitting out of place in the background.

I agree with Bill, on his above statement about OCC becoming more Corporate. I have noticed it since this season started.

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