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RF 5 Owners Unite


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I cruise around here on the forums day and night and seldom come across stuff about RF 5s, they seem to not just be over shadowed by their bigger brother RF 7 but completely blacked out almost. I wanted to start a thread that would potentialy be a little more specific to users with RF 5s as I believe they are quite close in sound quality than the RF 7s and in no way do I believe the RF 7s are worth 3x what RF 5s are now. Anyways back to it......

If users of RF 5's could post their experience with RF 5s, amps, setups those kinds of things. It would be greatly appreciated I think for all of us that own RF 5s.

Maybe this was a stupid thread but thought maybe could get some response from other 5 owners that lurk in these parts.

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I really like my RF-5s.

But I can't tell you too much about them because I picked them up the week after I got a pair of RF-7s to use as the mains in my RF HT.

The RF-5s are pulling surround sound duty and although they do a good of it, it's hardly a tough job.

Still, I retired my last active set of RF-3s to bring the RF-5s on line.

The RF-3s are for sale, the RF-5s are not going anywhere.


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I bought my RF-5's new a few years ago and have had them in some different set-ups. I am currently gathering up some components to build a home theater system around them. I recently purchased a KV-4 from Hudsonvalleynoah for a center channel, and it matches perfectly with the RF-5's both sonically and physically. I used to run my RF-5's with a Pioneer Elite receiver rated at 85 watts, which sounded very good. One day I hooked up my McIntosh 125 watt amp to see how it would sound, and it was amazing! The Reference series speakers really benefit from a little extra power!

I think they image very well, and are a great choice for a normal sized living room, since I've never had a problem filling the room with great sound from these speakers. A very good bargain for the price! -kevin

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... I wanted to start a thread that would potentialy be a little more specific to users with RF 5s as I believe they are quite close in sound quality than the RF 7s and in no way do I believe the RF 7s are worth 3x what RF 5s are now. Anyways back to it......

I agree that the RF-7s may not be worth 3x cost of the RF-5s, but when I was auditioning speakers I did not think that the RF-5s were quite as close in Sound Quality as yourself. My 2 cents. :-)

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When I purchased my RF5's I also listened to the RF-7's, as much as I would have liked to have gone with the latter I didn't feel the extra expense was justified (at the time). Being in Canada these speakers were significantly more expensive than our neighbours to the south can get them. In the end we decided that the rf-5 was also a more aesthetically pleasing speaker, being a little shorter and slimmer. Now that these are reinforced by a Paradigm servo 15 sub I am very happy with my choice. Having said all that...now that I have more room if anyone would like to trade cherry RF-7's for cherry RF-5's drop me a line. [;)]

PS the RB-5's are pretty good too.

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To me the RF-5's (in my room) were close to the RF-7's in detail. The 7's sounded slightly "fuller" however. I now have my RF-5's in my bedroom hooked up to a Carver 100 wpc amp along with a Carver preamp. That combination absolutely pounds the bass and is non fatiguing with good clear highs. I really like them. They're a great speaker.

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  • 10 months later...

Just found this thread and I too own a pair of RF-5's.

Have them connected to a Digital Amplifier Company 4800a 350 wpc amp and an Odyssey Tempest Preamp, running with two Klipsch RSW-10d sub's in stereo and a Sony XA777ES cd player.

"TO ME" the sound was an Epiphany!!

I could go on and on about it, "TO ME" the sound was/is life Altering.

The only other Klipsch speakers I've owned are KG 3.5's, which also amazed me at the time, (they are still great) which lead me to looking for even better Klipsch speakers.

Have owned a fair share of equipment over 30 years, some very good some better.

The funny or amazing thing is that I arrived at this system in recent years mostly by reading about it NOT by auditioning, It's amazing because it's EXACTLY what I always wanted to hear from my system.

Have also heard many different systems and the RF'5s running with this system HANDS DOWN sounds like Heaven compared to the rest

Speakers I have owned and very much liked, BUT still left me looking for something else are:

Bose 901's IV

ESS Amt 1b's

SpeakerLab Super Seven's

Bose 401's

Advent ???

Paradigm Titans with a pair of pdr-10 subs

Klipsch KG 3.5's

Of course, had several different amps, receivers and preamps in the combo:

MacIntosh MC2105 amp with MacIntosh C26 preamp

MacIntosh MA6200 integrated amp

"Newer" Harmon Kardon 45 wpc integrated amp

Stax Class A, 100 wpc amp w/ dj mixer

"Older" Harmon Kardon 35 wpc receiver

Sanyo Plus 100 wpc amp w/ preamp

"Early days" - Pioneer 80 wpc integrated amp

All in All, my jaw is still on the floor with the RF-5's.

Best Regards[:)]

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I'll sneak in here with a pair of RF 35's, I got a great deal on them but already owned RF 7's and a few more sets of towers so to be honest, I haven't given them the proper listen and they've been part of a HT set up. You have inspired me to start a thread on the RP line which I own the 3's and 5's and for stand alone towers they do an incredible job.


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