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    Well, the flip-side to that is the limited market for these speakers makes having them on display not cost effective and there is the rub...As Larry mentioned earlier, the only people wanting to audition these great speakers are the ones that have followed the Klipsch story and would more-than-likely buy used after they started doing cost comparisons. Fwiw, I still think there are a number of people on other forums commenting on Klipsch Heritage speakers, who chances are never heard them. I may be wrong but...
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    I am going on Vacation and need some spending money, I have been trying to sell this for a while, $500 until friday, local pick up in MA only, Ed
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    this has to be the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time!!! the Klipsch booth from CES Klipsch for life!
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    Hey all, I am in the process of building a 7.1 system in my basement. I've been doing some research online and I made a list of what I want. Was just wondering if any speaker gurus would give me some advise to see if this combo is good or not. If I should go a different route with the receiver or speakers. It's mainly for movies, xbox one and ps4 and FOOTBALL!!! Denon x2000 (4)Klipsch RS-62 II Surround (1) Klipsch RC-62 II center (2) Klipsch RF-62 II front floor (1) Klipsch SW-112 sub ($500 off if I get 5 selected klipsch speakers) I also added to my cart, monster XP speaker wire and monster 400sw sub wire. Not sure what you guys use!
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    There's a difference between average listening levels and peak transients. While one or two watts may be all you need most of the time, the transients like drumbeats need much more power, sometimes as much as hundreds of watts, to accelerate the speaker cone or diaphragm fast enough to sound exactly like the real musical instrument, or at least as close as technology permits. Voice coil overheating is not a factor in these instances, because they last for only fractions of a second. However, if your amp or amps cannot put out the needed power when it's called for, it's not possible to have truly realistic dynamics. In my opinion, it's best to have an amplifier that has both high peak power available when needed, and very little noise or distortion in the under-10 watt region where it will usually be operating. It's difficult to find an inexpensive amp with both of those characteristics.
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    Yes I have. And while I think both sound great. I would rather have the 7.1 that is suggested by thx. And also a pair of RB-61's will set you back about 400. Rs-52 will set you back 650 and rs-62 will set you back 850. See where I'm going with this. Save your money, get the suggested setup (direct radiating speaker in the back) and put that extra money towards subwoofer(s)
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    That would work...Amy? I would design it for free...
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    Love it. I like the one that says 'pissing off the neighbors since 1946' too.
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    Any Pics? Finish? - Walnut Condition? Location in Mass. Can do a local Pickup. I am interested! Please send me your phone # to confirm info. I am going to be out of pocket until about 3:30 ET this afternoon but can call you after that. This would be my Center Channel between two Klipschorns. james.mcclung@va.gov
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    Warranty repair on Denon; good experience sending 2 differ unit to NJ repair facility.
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    we need t shirts... NOW!
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    That is a good one...lol
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    Fed-Ex is only closed wednesday for Jan 1st so I am not sure why they said they would be closed Monday. Second who called you, the driver or dispatch? Also did this require a Direct signature or indirect. If direct no one but the recipient at the residence would be acceptable to sign, which in either case was obviously not you and that should be easy enough to prove. Good luck hope you get a quick resolution.
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    perfectly put. 42-52 small upgrade 52-62 huge upgrade 62-82 small upgrade. 62 is the best bang for your buck in my opinion.
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    Of course the 82's may dictate upgrading surrounds/center...? Which will demand upgrading the Front... so, go ahead & buy the RF-7II, LoL!
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    After doing an in ceiling apeaker install doing inwall isnt as simple as it sounds. Doing in wall may result in removal of drywall to run wires through beams and headers and fire breaks which you probably have because of wall heights and exterior walls. I would include him on what you are doing bbecase this is a large chunk of change. In your size space the rf7 set will be your target or heritage speakers. You have an enormous volume to fill up. I have a space probably half your volume and my rf7s do great and can more than fill your space properly. Subs are another matter and I would explore brands other than klipsch to meet your needs.
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    With that large of a room, the Gallery series would be very underwhelming imho. Plus with the budget she posted, there are way better options. Maybe look into the THX in wall line up. These would meet all the parameters you listed... http://www.klipsch.com/architectural-thx-speakers
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    I agree...What I find incredible is that so many people do their research online and then purchase the same way without ever hearing the speaker...My guess is that most people are ordering their speakers online and in fact for a few years that seemed to be the only way to order the Heritage. Of course there were stores that said the could order them, but it would still be without auditioning. .
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