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  1. Snow Patrol "Eyes Open" Rock LP (or CD). For those who remember their #1 single "Run" a year or so ago, this album closely mirrors that style, dropping their harder pop-rock style in favor of power rock ballads. This album is phenomenal. Poignant lyrics, tight melodies and awe-inspiring musicianship (both in instrumental layers and the physical playing of them) have already propelled this album to the top of the billboard charts. Surely it'll top their double-platinum album "Final Straw."
  2. Interesting! Usually we agree on films, but this one we seem diametrically opposed. All the better, makes for more interesting discussion. One thing I do agree on is your remark on Tautou... You'd love her in "Amelie" if you haven't already seen it. A HILARIOUS French film (won the oscar for best sound design) where she plays the quirkiest, most lovable character ever put on screen!
  3. Great review, Jeff, and I 110% concur with you on every point. There's nothing more I can say that will add to the comments you've already pointed towards this horribly disappointing film. The few times it actually DID have me going (explanations of Mary Magdalene's true story etc.), they just as quickly quelled it with overly-verbose monologues and such. I didn't read the novel either, but if this film was anything like it, I find it earth-shakingly hard to believe that the book would've sould the way it did.
  4. Blue October "Foiled." A hugely ecclectic rock CD that would disappoint anyone looking for an album solely consisting of tunes like their current radiohit "Hate Me." Their style ranges from typical angst-rock to almost power-pop, twangy folk to indie singer-songwriter melodies. It truly is a musical journey that, if taken, proves to be luciously rewarding. She Wants Revenge "She Wants Revenge." Modern/Progressive Rock CD with a foot towards electronica and a nod towards goth. Influences most apparent are from Depeche Mode and early Brit punkrock. Some even cite that She Wants Revenge "out-Interpols Interpol."
  5. It IS too bad I won't be able to make it, as I'll be in pre-production on my film... I would've directed a killer video of the gathering and dinner, complete with drunken breakups, confessionals, even some political scandal thrown into the mix...
  6. nicholtl

    V for Vendetta

    Wonderful movie that is artistic, new, fresh, and unique on several levels. First off, that the hero is not your "typical" mysterious or vague protagonist, as seen in his thunderous yet bizarre "speech" after he rescues the girl in the opening sequence. Also symbolized by his ear-to-ear-grinning mask, imparting a deeply vengeful man hidden beneath a jovial countenance. Much like a clown. Secondly, of course, that V is a man with incredible knive-fighting/throwing skills indicative of Eastern martial arts, as opposed to your standard cookie-cutter heroes that possess some sort of superpower. Also, for those who look beyond the stunning explosions and incredible action-sequences, they will find many political statements about our current society today. And I must also note that the "prison sequence" was imaginative and powerful, despite the entire ordeal being...well...mean. You'll see what I mean when you watch this wonderfully entertaining and smart film. PS - the reasoning for why V dons himself as such - "V" - is pleasantly unexpected...
  7. Easily one of the most powerful and disturbing films I've ever seen. I've never been so gripped with terror and anxiety from start to finish as I have this film. What makes United 93 particularly powerful is that while the movie is good enough to put you at the edge-of-your-[seat and queasy-to-your-gut if it were fictitious, the knowledge that this ACTUALLY HAPPENED makes the entire event all the more horrifying.
  8. Hey, nice to see another Lacuna Coil fan!
  9. nicholtl


    I too would say this ranks among one of my Top 10 worst films ever made. The only part I liked in this flick was when the evil ice queen gave the kid turkish delight snacks. I wanted some.
  10. Somebody's been reading Isaac Asimov books... (or just watching "I, Robot.')
  11. Hey there Seismic, I'll take it off your hands! Is it in good working order, or is it broken? Do you know? It would be cool to check out some pics, though. I sent you a PM as well.
  12. Careful...if I were in your dorm, I'd grab a couple buddies, scope out your daily routine, and JACK THEM RF83's when you were flirting with the girl 3 doors down. All I'm saying is make sure you always lock up when you're not around. People got all sorts of things stolen out of their dorm rooms when I was at USC.
  13. This is perhaps the best explanation of how 420 came about, and its significance in American culture... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/420_%28cannabis_culture%29
  14. Marty, has anyone ever told you that your playful skill with words make you good enough to be a novelist? I would recommend some Steely Dan. Gaucho is my favorite album of theirs. Silky smooth...
  15. I know you loved Titanic, don't lie!
  16. I'm sure it happens in Bangkok too.
  17. The moment it hit 4:20 today, a friend and I went into our local "pharmacy" to celebrate with the rest of the legal patients. Discounts off all house J's! Never heard of 7:14 though? How did that come about?
  18. I think it's interesting you liked this movie. You usually have good, spot-on taste in film. =P As I said before, different strokes for different folks. What's funny is that I attended the red carpet premier of this film in LA, and almost everyone I talked to said while they told the actors the film was great to their faces, in private, they thought it was mediocre. I thought Cloris Leachman was the highlight of this film. To me, she stole many of the scenes...
  19. As with all films, some will like it, some won't. Different strokes for different folks.
  20. I'm with you, Dale. Scotch is the only thing I drink, listening to Klipsch or not.
  21. That's tallent. Carpet munching and typing on the PC at the same time. [] I knew someone would get it!
  22. Me too, first thing I thought about was the Red Dragon. But mine is better!!!
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