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  1. I'm trying to purchase a RSW-12 subwoofer locally. The seller has no means available to demo the sub at his location. He say it worked fine the last time he used it. My question is... Can I connect an iPod to the line in and listen to it without damaging either iPod or the sub and should I be able to determine just by the LFE that the sub is performing correctly? At this time I only have my HT receiver available for equipment to bring. I really don't want to have to disconnect and remove it from my system only to have to re-install and connect when I get it back to my home. Any suggestions? Scott
  2. The unknowing consumer has heard his/her friends rave about how great their Bose speakers are, that "full, rich sound". They have been bombarded with all that Bose marketing for years on end. It's in magazines, Good Housekeeping, SI, Vanity Fair, Playboy etc... They see Pro football team coaches outfitted with those Bose headsets. TV ads, radio ads, in their Doctor/Dentist waiting room built into the ceiling, in someone's car, on their neighbors kitchen counter, you name it they have heard or seen it everywhere. With all this they are convinced even before they buy. OHH YES, I'm dropping a bunch of $$ and it's the best, I can't wait to tell my friends I bought the best!! It's the hype, Bose spends a ton of money on advertising, their mall store fronts, the NFL etc... That's why they cost so much for cheaply manufactured products. All that R&D they talk about? It's in marketing to the brilliant people who know what they want... They want the BEST! During 1978 I worked for Bose. In their 901 driver fab and on the 601 assembly line during my eight month stay. I bought two pair of 601's before I left. I hand picked the cabs and then watched them roll down the line, I was so proud, I owned the best! Scott
  3. Snaffoo

    To All The Veterans

    USN 1980-84 GMT2 Gunners Mate I served on two Destroyers during my time. USS Barry DD-933 out of Newport RI and USS Luce DDG-38 out of Mayport FL. I made two deployments to the Persian Gulf and plenty of local operations in the Atlantic and Caribbean. I wouldn't trade my four years in the Navy for anything, but I had to make a living. The government should pay our armed forces way more than what they're getting for what they do. Here's some pics of my first and second wife, the weapons system I worked on (MK16 Asroc launching system) and a gratuitous pic of myself playing drums in the ship's rock band during one of our underway "Steel Beach Picnics". Thanks to all you Klipsch Forum Veterans for your service, especially the members that made it a career, my hat is off to all of you! Scott USS Barry DD-933.bmp
  4. Snaffoo

    KSW 15

    Welcome to Klipsch Community forum. KSW-15 was available as a single purchase. Here's a link with product specs and description. Scott http://www.klipsch.com/ksw-15-subwoofer/details
  5. Sorry about your loss tromrof. No doubt, Pioneer knows something about the problem you're having and (hopefully) has a reasonable way to deal with it. I just went through a failure with an 8 month old Sony BluRay player. Tried all methods to remedy myself and went through all the motions with Sony's online help/chat, just another waste of time for me. I'm now inclined to smash the thing to bits and mail a few pieces of my player to Sony with note saying... I'll never buy another SONY product ever again and then add their name to the same list as Bose. Seems to me if I become a brand name terrorist and tell most anybody who will listen I'll feel better in the end and maybe, just maybe, the offending company may get wind of the noise being made and address problems in a better manner. Scott
  6. It's funny that the subject of cassettes should come up. A couple days ago I was looking through unlabeled boxes in my basement and I found one with a bunch of my favorite cassettes inside (these were seperate from the hundreds I collected during my US Navy days in the early 80's). In the box I found a copy of Pousette Dart Band "Never Enough". I've been looking for an affordable CD version of this album for years, you can't touch it for less than $100.00 on Ebay. So I had to give this fav a test ride in my car (yes my pos car has a cassete deck in it), it had a few minor drop outs but still played pretty well, but honestly sonically it was still cassette quality which aside from their portability and size is their downfall. My Teac V-909RX plays cassettes a lot better than my car but it's still... hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Scott
  7. Since the time when people started playing competitive sports there have always been creative (cheating) ways to get around rules. Rules are continually changed or added to keep the playing field level. Even though these events are called cheating I believe it won't ever end, especially since very large sums of money are involved. Brady definitely was using balls that were not pressurized properly and according to other NFL quarterbacks that's the way it is throughout the league. The NFL has to have a standard for the calibration of instruments used to measure pressure, the balls should always be controlled by the NFL not the teams. The Colts were destined to lose anyway if you take into account the scoring margin in the second half. So this coming season Brady should take the lumps and not get caught again because there will be more of this behavior league wide. MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS inclusive... Just ask Lance Armstrong about it! Scott
  8. You most likely did the guy a favor, after a few weeks the realization of unemployment will set in and the lesson of contempt in the workplace will occur. The best lessons in life are learned the hard way... Scott
  9. Snaffoo

    What I Got Today!

    I think I got a nice craigslist hit, $300.00 for... a set of RF3ii, RC3ii, RSW-10, and a Sony STR-DA1ES avr (no HDMI but very servicable). The only issue was the grill for the sub was total wreck. The guy I bought them from was in the process of relocating for his job and wasn't willing to move a lot of his personal belongings. He was glad to know that I was going to enjoy it in my modest home office (man cave). How did I do? Scott
  10. My experience is the girl was aked to sit her fat bottom down more than once by many that were behind her. A nickel sized coin was hurled with accuracy. She then sat down and rubbed her noggin for a while. The message from the irate concert goers had finally occurred to her. I have to give her props though, she was drunk, it was a Mellencamp show and... "She was a real fine dancer". As far as the iPad guys that I see at a lot of shows... The nickel thing hasn't happened yet, but If you're looking for solutions for this aggravating behavior I'll bet it'll be a problem solver. I believe the ipad would be a really easy target and most likely crack like a windshield. Just don't get caught!
  11. I don't know who's more aggravating, the girl who's stand/dancing in front of you while everyone else is seated or the guy making a full length movie with his iPad. Some of my observations.... Nickels work pretty well as a deterrent, they're pretty acurate, they only leave a small mark and they can break gorilla glass. Scott
  12. Foo Fighters on July 19th (Fenway Park, Boston) if Dave Grohl feels well enough not to cancel. Ya gotta give him credit for finishing the show in Sweden after falling off the stage and breaking a leg.
  13. Snaffoo

    No Bullshit

    Thanks Oldtimer, I am a lifelong drummer (2 bands right now) and having served in the US Navy (Gunner's Mate) I'll always be compelled to be a Patriot to our country, I also graduated HS in 1976, so the bicentennial quarter speaks for me. I do wish there was a feature on it that showed my love of AV though, then it would be the perfect icon.
  14. Snaffoo

    Ask Sancho

    Dear Mr. Sancho, ohh giver of wisdom, Why do some of my neighbors think they should call me when they have a cable tv issue? (ie) I have no picture, I have no sound, I want to add a tv or component, show me again about clicker operation, My DVR won't record. etc... etc... etc... How do I get out of this mess? Scott P.S. I know a means to the end would be to purposely fry a component, but my love for all things AV will not let me perform euthanasia.
  15. Snaffoo

    No Bullshit

    You'll need to get busy then. Is it proper forum etiquette to tell someone they've spelled their user name incorrectly? It's not quite the correct way to use the acronym but there's too many Snafu screenames in the world for me, Snafu12714 Snafu9834 etc... I'd wanted to be a little more original than that, although I'm finding more SnaffooXXXX these days too. I do find myself more inclined to post than in the past 12 years so I'll get there soon. I think the No Bullshit room is a great idea, it certainly should promote an even higher level of camaraderie among it's members. +2 pad Scott
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