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  1. Any photos? Are these for pick-up only or will you consider shipping? Thanks in advance. Rich
  2. Thanks a bunch for the offer Tom. I think I will bide my time until "my pair" become available. I had thought of doing some repairs myself, but to spend that kind of money for a furniture quality type speaker is kind of a turn off. If I could have loaded them up for my first offer of $1300 then yes, lets get busy. Besides, the guy was a clown that jerked me around for a week. I guess I will just have to "suffer and endure" with my lowly Cornwalls for the time being, yea right! They sound awful damn good right now!!!
  3. Found Belles in the local paper last weekend which in itself is very unusual, and told they were perfect, waited several days to then be told they are no longer for sale, then getting a call two days later to say come look at them, it has been a frustrating week on the Belle watch. Guys a flake. Looked at them tonight. Mid 80's vintage in walnut, black grills, AB crosssover. Asking $1800 and would go no lower than $1700. One cabinet had been in water, all veneer on lower riser was loose or peeling and stained. Several nicks, some deep, loose veneer that you could see had tried to be repaired, certainly not "perfect", maybe 6/10. No where near as nice as my 8/10-9/10 '76 Cornwalls. I was hoping for so much better, I just can't spend that kind of coin for something I just have a bad feeling about, even if they are a pair of local Belles. I had to walk away with my pocket full of hundreds. Damn I'm frustrated -- and pissed.
  4. Have a chance at a pair of pristine Belles locally, a plus already. I owned LaScalas so long ago that I have forgotten the sound of the horn loaded bass. The depth of the cabinets on the Corns and Belles would lead me to believe the mids should be very similar with the horns being roughly the same length. My new SS amp has given new, exciting life to my Cornwalls, a huge soundstage, very deep and clean bass, the sound being smooth and neutral overall. Damn, they are sounding good! Of course KHorns would be my choice but room configuration rules that out. Other than the Belles being so nice to look at and with their investment value do I gain much with Belles over the Cornwalls? Or are any gains in performance cancelled by other losses? Dazed and confused.
  5. ---------------- On 2/7/2005 11:06:15 PM Colin wrote: interesting...what's the model and price? RGi60 - $1650 US ----------------
  6. It has been 4 days comparing the Australian made, 60WPC, MOSFET integrated against my trusty Cayin tube integrated, all with Cornwalls. The Cayin is now in the box ready for shipment. Any way I listened, the Redgum beat the Cayin unmercifly. Soundstage is huge, channel separation the best I have ever heard, insruments were easily placed, drums and cymbals spot on to live sound, deep,deep, yet tight bass. And I now understand what pace means, this Redgum just drives with precision, you cannot help but tap your feet. The Cayin is thin, slow, meager bass in comparison. Veiled sounstage. It is hard to imagine big old Cornwalls imaging like this. I also had on hand a TAD 150 tube pre-amp connected to the Cayin to sample. Still no copmparison. Every nuance of the music is there, crisp yet smooth, no fatigue. Very low volume is just as satisfactory as cranking it up. Big Denon separates, Jolida hybrid, Jolida tube, Unison Research hybrid and now the Cayin, all fall hard to the Redgum. Solid state ain't so bad with Cornwalls. The look isn't bad either, finished smooth as glass Redgum wood front panel, dual volume controls and passive pre-amp selector control. Very simple with ulta-short signal paths, silver solder and wire. I think I am set --- for a while.
  7. For all you HK Twin Power fans, AudioGon currently has a Model 930 listed for $149. Thought someone might be interested.
  8. For the next several days I have the opportunity to listen to the Australian made Redgum RGi60, 60WPC MOSFET integrated. So far, an hour and half and counting and man, what a difference going from a Cayin TA-30. Channel separation is incredible, great sounstage, excellent, deep and well paced bass. Very articulate. From a couple rooms away this thing sound huge. All together more authoritive than the Cayin. Very simple design, passive pre-amp, exceptionally short signal paths, dual, conductive plastc volume pots. And what look, polished and lacquered Redgum wood front panel and you fire it up with a key! Keep you posted as I switch back and forth.
  9. Nice Quicksilver Mity-mite monos and line stage pre-amp on Agon for very reasonable $. What do I gain over modded Cayin integrated? I am really stumped as to whether or not to make a change as the Cayin sounds so nice. I could use some help!
  10. Just found a pair of KLF 20s, black satin, for $550. Local sale, about a 15 minute drive. I suspect a bunch differant from my Cornwalls? How will they be with tubes?
  11. That's them. What do ya think? Anxious for opinions.
  12. Have been nothing but pleased with my Cayin TA-30 and the mods done by Paul at Bizzybee - 2baudio.com. He has just introduced an all tube pre-amp and monoblocks, 100wpc. I am taking a serious look at these and wonder what some of you local tube guru's think of the design features vs. cost - pre-amp for $699 and monoblocks for $2699/pair. Maybe take a look at the site and give some feedback. Other price comparison options?
  13. I have seen that several forum members run a variety of Klipsch models at 4 Ohm. On my Cayin tube amp both 4 and 8 Ohm is available. Will it do any harm or, what is the advantage by switching from 8 to 4 Ohms to run my Cornwalls? Always looking for that little edge.
  14. Is an all tube set-up superior to a combination of tube pre-amp and high quality SS power amp with Cornwalls. Is there a loss of harmonics and richness when SS is introduced in the system. Currently using a fully modded Cayin tube integrated.
  15. Considering moving from a fully modded Cayin tube integrated to a tube pre-amp and direct coupled MOSFET SS power amp. Pre will be a TAD-150 from Paul at Bizzybee teamed with a Parasound power amp of 125 or 200 WPC. What do I lose/gain? Are the lush harmonics of tubes a feature of the pre-amp section or power amp. Also considering an SS integrated from Electrcompaniet using a dual mono Class A balanced design by Dr. Matti Otala. Or do I throw in the towel and stay with what is currently sounding so nice with Cornwalls, tubes.
  16. Well Gilbert, what did you think of the La Scalas? I must assume they sound as nice as they look? From your posts it appears you are a fan of the Cornwall and have a pair myself. Other than the cloth grills I had a late 70's pair of LaS in the late 70's. I think I need more. If you have not bought them I may consider bidding. Worth it? I can pick-up as KC is not that far from Broken Arrow. Thanks Rich
  17. Are these the beautiful LaScalas in Broken Arrow? If so the photo on e-bay seems to show type AL. Since you are seeing them first-hand, am I wasting my time bidding? They sure look nice. Rich
  18. Questioning the attributes of one fine Klipsch design versus another is quite common, but I am not sure I have seen this one before - Cornwall vs. CF-4 Epic. I would imagine the difference to be great - two way vs. three way, horn mid and tweeter vs. one Tractrix for both, crossover points, motor structures, etc. I have read that PWKs head designer favored this design over all others for his own listening. My Corns sound so nice and are in such good condition, what am I thinking! The Epic design has just caught my eye. Will be driven with fully modified Cayin tubes. Any thoughts or experience with the Epics is appreciated. Rich
  19. I own a fully modified Cayin TA-30 from Paul at BizzyBee, a wonderful piece no matter where it is manufactured or the cost. It is indeed a Cayin with differant controls. Easy on the Chinese bashing, I believe if you look at the internals of the newer Klipsch lines, you may well find speaker baskets made in China. Anyone going to return your RF-7's? I also own a car made in the US, one made in the US but of Japanese origin, a motorcycle made in Germany, one in Japan, one in Italy, love 'em all. I cannot control the politics in other countries. Even the whole of our country cannot control the politics of other nations, no matter how hard we may try.
  20. I have a very nice pair of oiled walnut Forte 1's for sale. Asking $625. Cabinets are in great shape with only two nicks on the back edge of one, the other is nearly perfect. Grills are perfect as are the cones and dust covers of both woofers and passives. Shipping from KC so rates will about the same to either coast or in-between. I have heavy duty moving boxes lined with 2 inches of styrofoam all around. Second owner, always tube driven. Pictures on request. Prefer not to e-bay. Thanks Rich
  21. How can I tell if my 1976 Cornwalls, SN 9P953/52, have Alnico equipped drivers. The K-77 high frequency has a round back, not square like some I have seen. Crossovers are Type B. Thanks
  22. I recently paid $950 for a very nice pair of 1976 WO Cornwalls. Saved both the shipping hassle and probably a couple hundred bucks by driving five hours to pick them up. For their condition, I thought I paid a fair amount. My 76s' came with risers. Had Heresys a couple years back, never played sid-by-side with the Cornwalls, but as memory serves, no comparison in soundstage and that complete, all-encompassing sound I get with Cornwalls. Bass ain't bad either.
  23. Thanks to all of you who responded with sensible and consructive comments on my thread regarding EICO vs. modern tube amps. Out of 56 replies abount half were topic related, the rest were back and forth insults to one another. Very entertaining I must say, but as Pirahna asked, " how did this thread get so far off topic. Sad." I agree. Give me a break kids. Do we really need the "mine is better than yours" crap? I am sure most members have or had quality gear and like eveything in life, someone ALWAYS has something bigger and better. Anyway, thanks for the constructive answers and for some of the rest, grow-up. Rich
  24. I am presently using the Cayin and it does have the focus control. Volume is not an issue. I listen to jazz, preferabley piano/bass/vocals, smooth jazz, some country and blues. I find the Cayin a very nice peice. It completely blew away my Unison Research hybrid, really no comparison. I should be satisfied, and actually am, quite, but you know how it is - The audio upgrade drug - Will someone please help me!!
  25. In laymans terms can someone explain what differencs can be had with Cornwalls and a Cayin TA-30, EL 34 based integrated vs. an EICO HF-81. Can I possibly appreciate the differences? And why? Will the EICO demand constant tinkering to see its maximum potential. I am not much the tinkering type, plug and play is more my style. Thanks Rich
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