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  1. ^ I agree... at least 20-30 hours as much as 50-60 as a general rule for carts, no experience with shure though. again...alignment and set up are key
  2. I have owned both... I would be happy with either if I could only have one or the other. if I had a choice, it would be the CW's. there just seems to be a liveliness to them that the KLF lacked... not lack of definition or resolution, just some warmth or ease of listening on my ears... smoothness.
  3. see now... that's a thinking man!!! I like it
  4. you feel comfortable making 90% bends with your cables?
  5. I've got a wall situation like this... I want the cables to run along the walls where the TV is mounted from the amp to all four CW's... you can see the right angle bends that are involved.I probably could get away with a single right angle as the other portions are hidden. and excuse me... 90 degrees, my bad
  6. since you are considering both, we assume you are able to afford both comfortably... so, let me help you pick... CORNWALLS!
  7. is there any way to make cables that do 45 degree bends? or multiple bends?
  8. I just got a p5 also(has not yet arrived) and i expect big things.as stated above, at about $999 + whatever cart you want it's a good deal. and those are new prices. clearaudio is going to set up back at least 1500. no cart. I looked seriously very seriously at CA's but did not interview one unfortunately. instead I went for a secondary market Rega with a whole host of upgrades already installed(1400otd) 1. Groove Tracer Reference subplatter with Zirconia ball bearing 2. Groove Tracer Reference acylic platter 3. Groove Tracer Reference tone arm counterweight. 4. Rega TTPSU. I know you didn't ask for that opinion, but... seeing as someone else was talking P5's, I had to join in.
  9. I think you and I have the same Granite Counter tops!!! lol
  10. is there standardized pricing?
  11. Booya.... that's about all I can say about that!
  12. well we'll see, I just ordered a P5 with a PSU, hopefully it does the job fine for me... I have no reason to believe it won't
  13. very interesting... thanks. that's part of my issue with looking for a monoblock setup, I like silence.
  14. would you guys pick the monoblock over the 2 channel emotiva?
  15. Yeah... I read something somewhere at sometime about this. let me see if I can find it. it had something to do with some electromagnetic field or something like such, the further in the arm gets, the great the interference. I found something... having to do with an unshielded cart. I do believe the elys is unshielded. take a look at this thread having to do with VPI's http://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?f=80&t=33522 I bet it is your same issue, unshielded coils.
  16. I would use a denon 103 myself... I am sure one fo the grado wod bodies would owrk well also. I have seen the P5 for as low as 995$ OBO new.
  17. I concure, the P5 is a superb purchase... they are under 1K from many places because a replacement is coming out(or so I gather) sometime soon.between the P3-24 a P5 you have two good choices that span a wide price range.
  18. the interface is the thing i always have issues with... I don't really want my monitor on ever time I want t listen to music... that the issue with the PS3. this has lead me to a stand alone sacd player... but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. does anyone have experience with a mini monitor for this feature? say 6-7" max.
  19. David lynch has many albums... I have been a fan of his music for years! some of whcih are very hard to come by.
  20. League of crafty guitarists will tranz your arse into another relm!
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