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  1. Rip John. Loved his insight and commentary.
  2. You're better off planning something yourself as far as a get together goes.
  3. Was the driver disconnected when you checked it?
  4. Merry Christmas to all my friends here!
  5. If you only had one source you could Y the rcas. One side to the amp and the other to the sub.
  6. CECAA850

    Check in

    Way to go Fini!
  7. Like the song goes, "you don't have to go home but you can't stay here ".
  8. Edwardseletronics on ebay swaps them out as well. No affiliation.
  9. The RSW 10 drivers measure 3 ohms with a meter. You have the driver out so itll be easy to check. These amps are much better than their current offerings which seem to crap out fairly often. They will not however last forever. Eventually they fail. Not due to a bad design though. Just age.
  10. The hard drive will probably be $350 by new years.
  11. Its amazing what a dollar will buy now days.
  12. Guess you've never heard of the Grinch.
  13. 8 ga wire baby. Thats where its at.
  14. Where's Mallette when you need him? Rip buddy.
  15. Got another VanWinkle just like it here in my bourbon closet. May open one on Christmas.
  16. Nice! Used to see them fairly often. Now not so much.
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