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  1. I'm kind of thinking the whole filled w/ sand method is to kill any vibrations. As long as your stand is solid and isn't unstable you should be fine.
  2. Sometime if you are looking for a movie that does not have much language give Wall-E a try. Last weekend we watched Ratatouille a second time and it was still good.
  3. No more guns to protect him from now on...
  4. How can you be more specific than Mars or was that Pluto?
  5. That electronic stuff is way over the head of tha average guy. Keep us posted and your ears ready for some great times. Tube Preamps rule!
  6. It's about time I get to see a cartoon based on audio!
  7. My neighbor was just showing me his Samsun flip style phone w/ a camera. He was raving about how his 2 meg phone camera gives him pictures similar to his Nikon. I am using the most very basic Nokia phone offered without a camera and I like it.
  8. Now throw in a Twinkie and we may have a deal...[]
  9. The 2nd meeting the following day at the bank I asked about the conversations I overheard in their office the previous day. She said that particular branch recieves on the average of 6 to 8 complaints a day about un-authorized charges. [:#] Can you say C-h-a-s-e? They are covering everything $$ and we have been reimbursed but the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.
  10. Interesting. ^Have another meeting w/ the bank this evening. They have taken care of a couple charges already and they are deleted as they post. My question to them tonight is how long does it take to cancel the card? The bad guys could do some damage until this is straightened out. Odd thing about our meeting yesterday was there were at least 2 other customers complaining about unauthorized tranactions to their account at the same time. Makes one wonder about the bank itself unless this is considered regular bank business.
  11. Either an upfront confrontation w/ the theif or the police, your choice. Simple but sad. Bummer.[:#]
  12. Reasonable? Hmm... said by the man that went from Bose cubes to all Heritage 23.5 in less than 15 days and she's going to think you're reasonable? [8][]
  13. Hi Tom- Dontcha just love the language they invent? I got it this way once: "We're having an involuntary separation from employment and you and Joe have been selected." RIF ? .........that is exactly what came to mind as I read his post. Brrrrrr, cold.
  14. If you don't get any responses here, try going online and look at all the fancy shmancy store bought stands to get an idea. When making cabinets in the past I find it helpful to look at a picture then just go build it the way it suits me best.
  15. Good luck with that. If someone promised me Klipsch and was given something else, I would start asking questions too.
  16. So then, you get royalties. $$$[]
  17. C. & E. The following is my partial scale...[] A......A bunch. B......A whole bunch. C......A really, really big bunch. D......Didn't notice. E......Would not go back original.
  18. I'm guessing am(uh)zon, (misspelled intentionally) because that is the only place both of us have used each of our cards. I don't know how else it could have been done. Glad we caught this early on before things got too far out of hand.
  19. I had to cancel my card last week due to an unauthorized charge on mine. Today someone sent flowers and paid for a phone with my wifes #. Is this a crazy world sometimes or what?[:#] Hopefully the persons other half breaks up with them and the celphone gets reposessed or stops working.[Y]
  20. Thebes, I changed my information and it is now public info. (I think anyway)
  21. Well that depends who is asked this question.........my wife or me.[]
  22. Now that you mention it old boy, send me your addy, I have a disc I've been wanting to share w/ someone because it does not work on my universal player. Don't know why...it's brand new.
  23. I just pulled the fan out of my QSC completely and it's been at least a year without any problems at all. Certainly a good budget amp that sounds fine. JB's at it again.
  24. My wife has a 2001 Cl-S. Great smooth running car but those contoured leather seats are not good on my poor back.
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