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  1. I thought someone would get this in nothing flat. Here go some more lyrics in sequence from the last: I held this job as a traveling salesman which kept me moving from state to state Well I'm standing on the corner of Lafayette State of Louisiana Wonderin where a city boy could go To get a little conversation Drink a little red wine Catch a little bit of those Cajun girls Dancing to Zydeco
  2. Wish you were here is one of my favorites too, but for now I'm gonna crank Black Mountain Side, and oh yeah, you have to keep it going when Communication Breakdown starts up!
  3. I always saved my audio boxes (except for the turntable somehow) for moving, but I haven't moved in 17 years. I also have lp boxes (no more than 25 per box for the lp's sake). Unfortunately I have not been able to find more and my collection has grown. Hopefully the resurgence of vinyl will help. I still have the original boxes for my forte II's, and used them to transport the second pair I bought. To me, functional boxes like this are not a bad idea. However, if you want to know if you are one of the million Americans (if you are American) suffering from this troubling psychological disorder, then...... Signs of compulsive hoarding: --An excessive amount of clutter that limits living space. --Difficulty categorizing and organizing items. --Holding onto possessions that seem of little or no value. --Severe anxiety when trying to throw out an object. --Trouble making decisions about possessions. --Feeling anxious, embarrassed or depressed because of clutter. --Fears about needing items that could be thrown away.
  4. This is the man responsible, it's all part of his very complicated and sophisticated plan!
  5. Put me in coach, I'm ready to play........Centerfield--Fogerty. A long time ago yeah before you was born dude when I was still single, and life was great.
  6. you could check out the site for the manufacturer and see what they offered, or does the listing say it is custom (aftermarket)? I agree it looks a little funky for maple, but maybe maple gets funky every now and then.
  7. So, if I may present the next one, unless I am way off in which case someone else take over: Don't harrass me can't you tell I'm going home I'm tired as hell I'm not the cat I used to be I got a kid I'm thirty-three baby!
  8. Jeff you are going from olorin's hint instead of the challenge. I say it is Mob Rules? The hint refers to the genre.
  9. jeff, it was Olorin's challenge, and I think it is Sabbath.....
  10. BBQ is a year round treat! I make a point of firing it up on the coldest day of the year, and the hottest too. For those not in the know, brisket is the ultimate challenge. Getting the smoke flavor in (the ring) is easy compared to keeping it tender. Most will tell you that around 18 hours is what it takes, but that is 18 hours of perfect temperature and constant attention. Done right you just can't stop eating it until you have to. I wish I could make a great brisket consistently with my primitive equipment, but the process is as much fun as the result, it takes a lot of beers you know.....
  11. You must be one tall dude or you are sitting high. Sitting on my couch the tweeters are maybe just a tad below the ears, and not enough to worry about. If you insist, you might want to construct a sand filled riser.
  12. To quote from Dire Straits: "Oh yeah, the boy can play!" Nice rig too.
  13. JB you got the "Z" part right for the artist even if it was by accident. Maybe Jeff is onto something about you.
  14. Through sixty-six and seven they fought the Congo war With their fingers on their triggers, knee-deep in gore For days and nights they battled the Bantu to their knees They killed to earn their living and to help out the Congolese
  15. Some Girls--Rolling Stones I especially like the lines "French girls want Cartier, Italian girls want cars, and American girls want everything in the world you could possibly imagine!"
  16. There's genius in there. You just have to read several times and think hard for about 10 minutes. The kid set his step dad/cameraman up (reverse psychology of our normal reaction) , ala MTV punked scenario (don't know about this MTV punked thing) , an carbon units, are all experiencing transference, in more ways than one (all the world's a stage, and we are merely players, performers and portrayers []), you've been punked too (the stage includes us), motive kid wants interaction ,an not to be a cog of dads baby boomer toys (kid wants dad to spend some time with him doing kid's things),older carbon units are given newer carbon units, to purify older polluted carbon units (dad's have kids to de-tox themselves from the trappings of adulthood), chaos causing older carbon unit order (the episode all brings together the natural order of things) Brilliant! [] Without debating the brilliance of the writer, communication is best accomplished with the use of a language that can be readily understood by others without redundant efforts at deciphering.
  17. Well.....maybe that's silly to you, but there's nothing that pisses me off more than when I get to work and folks aren't pulled all the way in or too far in or they're parked off-center or catty-whompass in the space. And the hell of it is that it always happens when I'm having a good morning. But nooooooo......someone has to park all crazy like and such. I mean, how hard is it to get something like that right?? It's a space that has lines. Those lines aren't trapezoidal they're at right angles to each other - RIGHT ANGLES FER CHRISSAKES!!! [:@] And what puts the icing on the cake is that I know FOR A FACT that they do it just to irritate me. In fact, I can just see them peering out their windows watching for me so they can have their sick fun (psssssst......I'll let you in on a little secret - there's lots of these folks all around us every day. They may look like you & I, but they aren't. I'm willing to bet their skin glows under a black light. Probably part of some scouting party from another planet sent here to scope us out. Uhhhhh....where was I? Oh yeah....). I'm a VERY good parker BTW. If I'm 38 minutes late for work because I was trying to get my truck perfectly aligned in the parking space SO WHAT??? It's better than being late 'cause you pooped your pants on the way to work. In fact I told my boss that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, will ever accuse me of bad parking and that if he had a problem with my tardiness, then he just didn't see the big picture. And don't EVEN get me started on those folks that leave their wheels turned one way or the other instead of straightening them up once parked. I'm sorry, but things just aren't like they use to be. And the kids....the kids these days. Listen....I'd like to continue this but my wife just pulled into the driveway and I need to grab my flashlights to guide her into the proper parking position in the garage. Uh - huh...she knows better than to make daddy mad. Tom Beautiful work Tom. Just one question. Who is chris? (fer Chrissakes).
  18. Note to those with glass tops on furniture. If you take it off and clean both sides periodically, leave it off for a while to make damn sure that the bottom side is completely 100% dry, or the finish will be ruined.
  19. Not much of a comparison these days. You know what I mean if you have looked at Sunday comics lately. For the record I like the sound of LaScalas.
  20. I'm proud to be against both parties, but my dad sent me this. the text reads, "this is why men vote republican."
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