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  1. You got that right Mark! Isn't one of those shelves sagging in the middle, or is it the camera....
  2. This has been mentioned before, but in light of this thread check this out from the very same originator of this thread: http://dallas.craigslist.org/ele/138805530.html Yeah, that's right, depending on model and condition, $1000 for Khorns.
  3. The only pair of speakers I owned before the Forte II's were a pair of the old Mission 700's (the ones with the 8" woofer). They were really nice for their size and price ($400 in 1980). After the Forte purchase I used them as a second system in the bedroom, then they eventually got boxed up and put in the closet for some years. When I pulled them out the woofer surrounds had disintegrated. I refoamed them and gave them to my father in law as a gift a couple of years ago. While testing them after the refoaming, I realized why I bought them in the first place: they were accurate sounding speakers, very different in timbre from the Forte II's. I remember commenting at the time, "now I remember why I bought these in the first place, " and following that up as I A/B'ed them, "and I also know why I bought these to replace them." Both sets were and have great sound for the money. Personally I have never heard anything that compares to heritage Klipsch for the money. I know there are fantastic speakers out there, but at what cost? Not to mention how much power it takes to drive them. A guy on Audiogon sold his Forte II's and had to spend close to 3 grand on used Sonus Faber Grand Pianos to beat them according to his ears. As Homer Simpson once said: "No matter how good you are at something there is always someone else that is better."
  4. I think it was more along the lines of a big heresy, but the specs make it also more like a mini Khorn (ducking from flying objects now).
  5. Colin, the termites are Formosan in Hawaii, in other words they spread by air not just through the ground. Tenting is a common procedure there. As an additional scary thought, these have invaded through the gulf ports of at least New Orleans, and will coming to any warm climate area soon enough on the mainland.
  6. At first I thought it was weird lighting with the camera, but now that you mention it.....
  7. Wheels sound like a great idea. Makes it easy to get to the back for connection purposes. A local blacksmith type guy could custom make one for far less than the premade guys. At least around here anyway, we had a custom wheeled stand for a heavy bronze sculpture made locally for next to nothing relatively speaking.
  8. Ok, so now you have to give us the review or tell us you did not go......
  9. I have a great friend in South Thomaston, would give them in trade if he wanted them.
  10. Those can be arranged dtel, those can be arranged.....(getting ready for more Soprano's)
  11. I knew this would happen. By the ticker, I can tell no one is playing. For those who have seen Team America, just put the words to this acronym: JTFC!
  12. Please give me advance notice of the next unmitigated disaster, because I am very good at those! No problem flying in as long as I can sleep next to the bonfire.....
  13. Bumping for instigations sake! Shame on you Jeff.LOL. Ultimately this will come down to a definition of high end vs. moderate high end vs. low high end vs. middle end (wait, isn't that where the Hobbit's live? no that's Bag's End in Middle Earth, which by the time of the Klipsch Forum days became known as middle end) (wait, isn't that where this started?).
  14. In one of his latest posts he said he would be away for a while, no reason given, none asked.
  15. Pull the triger eh? I can't answer most of your questions except that the least expensive center would probably be a heresy of some kind, depending on your exact Khorn model. Others here will have more specific advice. In the meantime, enjoy the great north!
  16. You said that the Forte II's were the smoothest, but the KLF-10's had the bass you liked for action movies. Interesting enough. Both speakers dig deep but there is a qualitative difference in how they dig to your ears in your set up in that room etc. Do you listen to music more, or watch movies (action) more? Do you have a center speaker and surrounds or are you speaking strictly in terms of stereo? I wish I had the experience of A/Bing with the klf-10's but I don't. I do have a Forte II mains and surround with an academy center and have always thought of a sub as a nice addition as long as it goes REAL DEEP, because there seems to be plenty of bass for the money so far. Don't get rid of your forte's, you will regret it, unless of course you sell them to me at a favorable price! Your location is listed as LA, which in this part of the woods could mean Louisiana or it may mean Los Angeles. If it is the former I could drive there no problem and get those pesky Forte II's off your hands.....
  17. Ask the exterminators what they recommend. I doubt there would be too much problem, but you could wrap your stuff in plastic or maybe heavy cloth just to be sure. The exterminators do this all the time so they would know by now if there were complaints regarding this. Our place has not been tented by the landlord to my knowledge, someday I guess the whole place will collapse.
  18. Anyone? anyone? The first hint was for the lp, this one is for the artist: No Garfunkel. Edit: Is anybody playing? The answer is somewhere else on the forum if you can't figure it out any other way.
  19. I've posted this before, but the short version is that in 1989 I auditioned Fortes and since they weren't in stock, ordered them. Forte II's came instead from Hope. Still use them as my mains and bought another pair for surrounds last summer.
  20. I hear ya. Just thought I'd post it up if anyone was looking for any of this. The 2000 quote seemed suspicious to me too.
  21. The ad says the remote is inop. How much for a working remote? http://dallas.craigslist.org/ele/138570051.html
  22. I am going to try to see him in Boston in April. Tell her to win those tickets! I have seen Corea live before and would say it is worth it.
  23. I thought someone would get this in nothing flat. Here go some more lyrics in sequence from the last: I held this job as a traveling salesman which kept me moving from state to state Well I'm standing on the corner of Lafayette State of Louisiana Wonderin where a city boy could go To get a little conversation Drink a little red wine Catch a little bit of those Cajun girls Dancing to Zydeco
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