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  1. The very wealthy will buy real authentic WE300B tubes not some half baked replicas.
  2. You mean the modern rebranded correct? Major difference beteen vintage and modern. I wish they couldn't even use vintage brand labels on modern tubes. It feels like a lie to me..
  3. The new Jubilee is state of the art in horn design. You can not go wrong. I predict once the first impressions start coming out it will be cemented in history as one of the greatest horn loaded loudspeakers. The Jubilee that was first available from the commercial line and it bested the Khorn. Now they are releasing the Jubilee in the consumer line and it has bested the first version of the Jubilee. Neither of these are small acheivments. I am going to enjoy watching this unfold this year.
  4. I think more of the you can make something from a recipe but technique does not translate as well. I keep in mind the old GZ34 rectifiers. They make modern versions but they pale in comparison to originals. I don't even bother anymore I just use up my stock of amperex gz34s. Emission Labs and Elrog are examples of how costly new production tubes can be but they also do new tube designs. I have a pair of EML mesh 45s and they are wonderful. I'd like to try some of the Elrogs. Even if it is illogical on some levels I'm glad there are people out there passionate enough to build modern tubes. Maybe after enough work they will get the techniques down.
  5. Just go to ebay and bid on a few tubes. You can't go wrong with any vintage gz34s. Something like these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-x-Mullard-GZ34-5AR4-Rectifier-Tubes-Very-Strong-Balanced/373483825952?hash=item56f55eeb20:g:6mcAAOSwnBdgQF9W
  6. I just don't buy it. You just can't crank up some machinery original or not and claim they can match quality of original 300B. Too much knowledge not passed down. It's like you can make a recipe but you can't teach technique. I'd rather save for an OG 300B. The monoblocks and preamp are made by Canary Audio for them.
  7. Stacey and I enjoyed hanging out with Kirby and his wife at the last two pilgrimages. Very fine people will be thinking of his family.
  8. I can think of half a dozen players in NY that would have jumped on it.
  9. I couldn't even imagine restoring all that gear... Does it come with a manual...
  10. The last live stream was amazing. I can't wait to see this one!!!!
  11. Honestly I don't even look anymore to see if it is MQA I'm just happy they play when available. I like the interface and the features. Cool stuff.
  12. I definately hear a difference on MQA tracks on tidal when they are available. I've tried a dozen music platforms and tidal has been best quality wise so far. I use an EAD DAC.
  13. The selling of so many vintage brands is frusterating. I don't believe gold lion was originally Russian.. Not bashing Russian tubes at all very good stuff.
  14. Preach it brother!!! I wish I had a picture of me hiding the 1502 from Stacey. I just put a blanket over it lol... It took three days for her to notice...
  15. Pineapple means it ain't pizza its just a pie. "In Italy, the concept of putting pineapple on a pizza is unheard of. Try ordering a Hawaiian pizza and you'll be greeted with a look of sheer horror by a flabbergasted waiter. Take care when ordering a pepperoni pizza too. You may end up with capsicum peppers (peperoni) instead of salami."
  16. Considering how hard these are to get I am surprised there aren't more takers. I hope a few are available when I start my shed.
  17. Yeah I'd stick to JJ or EH or a few of the others for now. I've heard original 300b tubes which are great but not sure they are quite 1500 but if you want history you pay... I'm not a fan of name buying. It feels dishonest. If I were going to spend 1500 on tubes though it would be Emission Labs or ELROG.. They do their own designs and their own name. Much better IMO.
  18. I can't resist of course. Funy story... The big audio show in europe can't remember the name but the owner of the western electric name wen to the event. Siblatone who has possibly the largest Western Electric collection on the planet ships working vintage WE systems to these audio shows which is really expensive. They want to show what it is all about. The new WE owner in name goes to the Siblatone room demanding they take down the Western Electric banner and turn off the Western Electric systems. Not sure what jurisdiction he thinks he has in Europe or anywhere when it comes to vintage Western Electric. Names of most companies have sold many times lately. I've seen weird gold lion and telefunken tubes pop up lately. The only thing the tubes have in common legacy is in name and logo only. If you have the machinery but not the people that ran the machinery the odds of replicating tubes is not very good. Will they have the same quality control of the original WE. They tossed out zillions of tubes and only kept the ones that met spec. Just call me very skeptical... A good example is the GZ34 rectifier most replicas can't get close to the stability and longevity. I've had terrible luck with moderns. Why??? I'll quit ranting just a pet peev...
  19. For Heresy's I like a little Push Pull EL84 or EL34.
  20. WTF is this thread about again??? Perhaps too much LDS???
  21. Thanks.. Any rec for an antenae? I have an 80R as well as a weird early integrated mono that uses el37... crazy thing...
  22. I just started restoring a Fisher 101R. Needs abit more cleaning. I also need a good antenae.
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