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  1. That is really cool. I need a few of those!! I have some HP Power Supplies awaiting restoration but I don't think they are as flexible. I've also had my eye on some Lambda Supplies.
  2. Yeah he is a clone builder 1000% and a bloody good one. Not really gonna argue.
  3. I've actually heard two of Min's amps on horns. They were free from hum and sounded fantastic. The look is advanced DIY. I've heard his SET amps not push pull a 45 and 300b. If you look at the shear number of amps he has built and his feedback that says a lot. The list on his website is not all he as done. He has been building for many years. I would trust him over much of the stuff out there. He is a good and honest builder. A direct coupled SET amplifier is not rocket science. If I can do it as a first amp build someone with 100's of builds under their belt will not find it problematic. If I had to list all the cottage industry audio companies not run by audio engineers you would be shocked... Well likely you would not be but a few of them are actually good.
  4. Those whacky engineers. If they can do something do they ask themselves if they should do something.
  5. Why? The 6SN7 is one of the greatest and most linear tubes. I don't see the alure to this...
  6. Min of Tube Audio Labs does great work and does custom orders. He builds budget or elaborate. I like his style. https://www.tubeaudiolab.com/portfolio
  7. That is pretty good. I can not english what sounds good. For me music listening is a feeling. Which I can't express very well. This is likely why I can't stand reviews. I had a ruby klipsch cart but I dropped it and then I cried lol..... I don't know of anyone that has even seen a diamond.
  8. They are rebranded Zennn carts also labeled Levinson. Good stuff. I have boron and aluminum cantilever and for some reason prefer aluminum.... Maybe something wrong with my borons.
  9. That is funny even if you managed it good luck with the real magic......
  10. I have a couple I have been using. Good carts. There is a Klipsch Step Up out there MCT-200..
  11. I'm working on a piece for the museum. For a 12x17 large front panel with lots of features $125. Then another 14x17 with a ton of holes and engraving with infill around $145. The size you have would be much less and once you have a parts list it is easier.
  12. I hear ya.. My wife threatened me with my life if she got one more piece of metal in her foot 8-)
  13. I've become a fan of Front Panel Express. The software is great.
  14. I lack the emoticon for a proper response.
  15. That is cool... A friend gave me what was left of their record collection. In the mix were these laserdisc. I'd like to get them to someone into Laserdiscs. Not sure of ther condition.
  16. Anyone here actually into Laserdiscs??? The big LP sized shiny video CD......
  17. I always heard that the A7 was PWK's goal performance wise in a small form factor. Mission accomplished. I've spent time with the A7 and some of the bigger ones and they are fun I like them. Personally I'd take the cash 8-)
  18. Wow you have a pair of Lowther TP1's????? Amazing...
  19. Hmm I know EMIA does custom work. They do amazing direct coupled amps. I love my DC 45/2a3 amp. It isn't monoblock though.
  20. I think you can use whatever you want from a 45 SET to some crazy push pull tube amp. I've used tons of tube amps. It is hard to go wrong...
  21. seti

    SC Estate Sale

    At the time I didn't know he was a dealer. I measured the physical deminsions of the k403 for him. This didn't include the transition in the horn mouth. I think he bought Michael Klementovich's pair of goldens and built others. I got the K403 pair indirectly from Michael. It is my prized Klipsch horns. I wouldn't part with them so I believe he was going to stick with the Martinelli horns? The networks from Michael were not the ones from the Golden Jubilee's. He claims PWK gave him the secret sauce for instance moving the crossover point to to 750hz, using silver wire, and bunch of BS. I found it very difficuly to communicate with Klementovich. I am thankful to him because if he hadn't parted with the k403 I wouldn't have them. Buyer beware on the Goldens. Does anyone know how much they are? Would be cool to reunite them with the k403.
  22. Now to grab some up at a good price lol...
  23. A friend loaned me his George Wright Preamp and I haven't given it back yet it is really good. I'm also building a 112A DHT Preamp..
  24. It is suprising how little power we really need. I've built down to a 1watt. Thinking about a 1/2 watt maybe a 71a something ancient and fun.....
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