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  1. The ad states that the owner "use to restore vintage equipment". A very interesting choice of words ..... "restore". It brings to mind the episode where the Three Stooges were the plumbers.
  2. I guess I find the term "fanboy mentality" to be insulting. I assume it was a miscommunication, since I can't imagine that you joined a forum so that you could insult people. Why don't we leave it at that. Good luck, -Tom
  3. I am afraid the OP has stepped into a mess. 1) B&K Sound is a respected outfit on this forum (with a long and honorable history), 2) by posting the photo (with logo) you are trashing them and in all fairness we do not know the context (Grandma used to say "there are two sides to every story"), 3) I am skeptical you would actually be able to hear any difference (but I might be wrong), 4) Finally, and importantly, rather than than trashing them, why not simply make the phone and speak to them in person (if you have not already done so). You might be surprised how easy it can be to clear up or clean up what ever the problem might be. Good luck, -Tom
  4. GLWS, those are very nice drivers. One of my favorites.
  5. You are correct. The above post was not correct. Klipsch sold these with K69, followed by K69A, and later the K691. They all had similar (but not exactly the same) specs. There were some odd ball cases where the 2-way Jubilee (home use and not theater use) had the K-402 with a K1133 (IIRC). At one time there was a special arrangement where a number of Jubilee owners were part of a "group buy" for the TAD 4002 driver. Although this was not an actual factory option, Roy was kind enough to provide EQ settings for these also.
  6. I just saw that. I have no idea on how to "read the tea leaves". With all due respect to Travis, it sounds like he is guessing. Does your dealer have a better idea? (I assume these are not purchased directly from the Klipsch Factory). Either way good luck and who knows but you might get an early Christmas surprise. -Tom
  7. MMurg, I imagine you are anxious about this and I also understand that you can't predict the future. However, today is Labor Day, is your reasonable expectation that they will show up by Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years (my mental map of a calendar)? Surely it must be getting close. Good luck and I hope there will be a ton of photos to share, -Tom
  8. Claude, you seem to think this was directed at you for some reason. Believe me you are not the only person who has changed the taps on an autoformer (for whatever reason)
  9. Geez Louise, "set up by Tom ...." Buddy, this is nonsense. Do you want folks to be helpful, or do you want folks to blindly agree with you. I am quite serous. There are many, many speaker manufacturers out there. Klipsch may not be the answer for you. Why not find find some manufacturer that does not require you to attenuate the mid-range by -6dB. It is not a case of right or wrong .... It is a question on what is right for you. However, as I said before in in answer to your question about "who exactly am I ....." well, I am am just some idiot on the internet". Enough said .....
  10. Racer X - you are correct. I am just some idiot on the internet (aren't we all). Back to the point .... if you are having to change the output on the midrange by 6 dB then something is wrong. Perhaps this may not be the speaker for you. That's okay there are plenty of other choices out there. Good luck, -Tom
  11. Yes, they are frequently modified. Yes, those that modify them do claim that they sound better. When I see some of the stuff that folks are doing, for instance changing the output of the mids by -3 or -6 dB (via changing taps on the autoformer) then I become suspicious. A change of -6 dB is huge. Do you really think the engineers screwed it up that much to warrant a 6 dB drop on the mid horn? The safe bet is that this is not an issue of making it sound better. Rather it is an issue of making it sound "different". Maybe the "Klipsch sound" is not for them. That's okay but wouldn't it be easier to buy a different brand. You should not have to make such large changes to a speaker. My 2 cents, -Tom
  12. Marvel, Thank you for reminding me of my age ..... Yes, I did correct it
  13. Is this MAC, Windows or LINUX? If Windows is it the 32 or 64 bit version (with or without its own JAVA files). MicroMara may very well be correct I am using UMIK on a Windows 10 with a 32 bit version and it works fine. ( I am slowly migrating away from HOLM as my measurement program) Good luck, -Tom
  14. Piano black could be very attractive, but there are a huge number of steps involved plus a very clean workshop is required. What is the rest of the decor in the room look like? Find something compatible. Is veneer a possibility (not that it is easy, but it is more likely to be easier than the piano black). As far as value, in all honesty these are 40 y/o cabinets with the entry level HBR finish on them. I doubt the value will be decreased if you do a neat job on them Good luck, -Tom
  15. In general and painting with a broad brush ...... If you are trying to reduce cabinet vibration, adding braces is usually more effective then adding mass.
  16. Chad: If this more helpful, The website gives me this error: "Error code 2S119/1" iMac running OS X El Capitan ver 10.11.6 Safari ver 11.1.2 (11605.3.8.1) Again, I understand that you probably already have a full plate with the upgrade etc. Thanks, -Tom Update: Today I found a work around. Ditch the Safari and use Chrome. Website now works fine.
  17. "Liquidate" is such am ugly word. Think about it, it might be more affordable than you think. PM if you re serious. Either way, good luck,
  18. Hello Tommy. If there is a chance you may want to take an even bigger leap to Jubilees, then PM me. I am up in Connecticut near the casinos.
  19. My Mac OS is too old for Firefox. Cleaned up cache and no effect It was all working fine last week
  20. Chad, I appreciate that you might still be fine-tuning the forum upgrade. In my case I am now able to login on a windows computer (using Google Chrome). However on my Macbook (Safari 11.1.2, which is the newest my IOS supports), I get the "oops" error when I try to log in. Your thoughts?, Thanks, -Tom
  21. I am not involved in this. I'm sure the "new" Jubilees will sound fantastic. I have had the "original" Jubilees for close to 15 years. I like the way they sound and will stick with them until I need to downsize (such an ugly word ....). In fact I think they are the best sounding speaker that I have ever heard I can say that as a fact. As far as opinions .... we all have opinions.
  22. I guess I am going to sound like an old guy. Forgive me. Artto has been a respected member of the forum for a number of years. He is a bright guy and has actually done and put forth some fairly heroic efforts at taming room acoustic issues. Far more than most of the rest of us. I have always found his comments to be worthy of consideration. Given that track record, you might want to listen to what Artto has to say. I did not say that you need to agree with it, but it is worthwhile to at least consider it. When we "buy things" all of us consider the the functionality as well as the appearance. This is true for cars and couches and everything else. When the item is pricey, then we are very careful in our consideration. Ultimately, there is no "correct answer". The functionality varies based on an individual's application. The issue of appearance is likewise, although we can get very, very personal in our likes and dislikes. I have no idea why this thread has become so contentious. Would we condemn our neighbor for preferring strawberry ice cream or chocolate? That is the level this has sunk to.
  23. I am a bit curious. You were there and I wasn't, but certainly PWK must have heard all this stuff before about "too big", etc. Was it simply dismissed as complaints by folks who lacked the passion or whatever? IOW, they were not part of the market he was interested in?
  24. It's funny that as Jubilee owners we have all had the experience of introducing good sound to the younger generation. It's fun to see the expression on their faces and hear the exclamations that it sounds like "you are there". I know that my nieces and nephews "get it", but I doubt they are actually going to take out their checkbooks. For instance my niece's husband thought the Heresy was too large. I had to remind him that in my world the Heresy was bookshelf speaker. Big speakers, now matter how good they sound, may be going the way of dinosaurs. I hope I am wrong, but I might be right ....
  25. In agreement with some of the above posts, At this point we are only guessing at stuff we have not yet seen.
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