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  1. I see it differently. EvCo built a pair of speakers (a proven model that I am sure will sound great). He spent about half of what you are suggesting. From that he will have years of enjoyment and the pride that comes from accomplishing the project himself. EvCo is to be congratulated and I hope his build will inspire others. -Tom
  2. FFBman: That is good news on finding a quiet amp for the Jubilees. It is not always an easy thing to do. I went in circles trying to find a low-noise amplifier for my Klipschorns many years ago. Do you find the minDSP to have any hiss, buzzing or noise? They certainly have a number of attractive features. Good luck, -Tom
  3. Perhaps we should step back for a minute. Originally, I posted this review so folks could enjoy and consider what was said about one of the new Klipsch offerings. Then what happened ....... folks have taken this thread as an opportunity to bicker and argue. Is this what the internet has done to us .... simply given us another mechanism where we can argue and be negative toward on another? What are you guys truly interested in? It's rhetorical question so please don't bother to respond. -Tom
  4. Cornwall IV review from "Enjoy the Music" This is fairly recent and I don't believe it has been posted before on the Klipsch Forum. The review is positive, however there is some conjecture (on "why" it sounds the way it does) that seems faulty (IMHO). -Tom http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/1221/Klipsch_Cornwall_IV_Floorstanding_Loudspeaker_Review.htm
  5. Travis, This rollout has been going on forever. They need to be in living rooms across America.
  6. It is a New Year ...... Have any of the new Jubilees actually arrived? I mean ...... delivered, in your house, set up, and playing music. Many of us would love to see photos on how you shoe-horned them into your living space. The more photos, the better. If they have not yet arrived, then wait before responding since none of us want to hear about delays, promises, excuses, and supply chain problems. Looking forward to the photos (Jubilees and smiling faces). -Tom
  7. I have no doubt that the cabinets are in great condition. However, I am old-fashioned and "NIB" means New in Box. It is hard to imagine that cabinets that are about 44 years old can be called "NIB". It is just not realistic. In either case, enjoy them.
  8. Forty years old and never used ...... why, that really is remarkable. Maybe he could also sell me the Brooklyn Bridge.
  9. When you set up the network connection, was it quick and simple or a series of headaches?
  10. This DSP crossover is a good one. 2 in and 6 out (input is either digital or analog). This is what I have been using for several years. The prices for new units are outrageous and the used ones do not come up very often. So this is a catch ! https://www.ebay.com/itm/324953288579?hash=item4ba8b9af83:g:lQ0AAOSw69ZhweXX
  11. It is curious ... the cabinet is only about 3 feet tall.
  12. BTW, The issue of whether to go for DSP (and bi-amping, room correction etc) is a worthy topic but substantially different than the current discussion on modifying some of the standard analog Klipsch crossovers. Perhaps a new thread is in order or reviving some of the previous threads that were more on-topic. There is already a ton of good information that has been posted. Chris was a frequent contributor and did a good job in laying out the major issues.
  13. There is no doubt that the Xilica XP is a good unit (although it does not have digital inputs, which some of us prefer). What is not being mentioned is the "cost to play". The Xilica unit does not come on the used market very often and the new ones cost close to a thousand. There are options and much of it depends on your signal chain (is the attenuation before or after the DSP box, are you using vinyl, and will you be feeding the box a digital signal ....). Good luck, -Tom
  14. It easy to spend thousands. It is perplexing since it is an investment and some individuals don't like the outcome. My suggestion is to buy something inexpensive and try it out. If it is a failure, then you can sell the box and recoup some of your money. For instance you can buy a Behringer DCX 2496 (new about $350 and used about $250). If you were in the US, I could sell you a NIB unit for a decent price. The DCX is not the last word in quality, but it is quite affordable and certainly more than enough to get your feet wet. There are other alternatives including the MiniDSP (although they do not have digital inputs). Good luck, -Tom
  15. As stated above: First, listening for 6 months is a good idea
  16. I will continue to be candid ..... Plugging the ports will certainly change the deep bass. I can't imagine that it would improve the deep bass. Continuing to be candid ...... I think of much of what you are seeking has little to do with electronics. Unless you are comparing across units that include some real dogs. I believe what you are seeking (with these speakers) is mostly governed by room geometry and room placement. The good news is that after some false starts, you have now stumbled upon a better strategy. Good luck, -Tom
  17. Am I understanding you correctly that you blocked the port(s)? I will be candid, if this was given to you as advice ..... then that advice is very suspect.
  18. This is a garage sale thread. Maybe we should not knock the product.
  19. Hey Guys, Why not focus this thread on congratulating Roy and the folks at Klipsch on the well-deserved recognition they are getting.
  20. Henry, we are on the same page (you may have missed my follow up post). The thing that is interesting, given the efficiency of the driver and horn loading, is just how loud that must have been to blow tweeters using a Type A or a Type AA crossover. There must be many deaf users out there ....
  21. You are not understanding things. The low pass on the woofer is first order (as you have identified). This was true for both the Type A and the Type AA. The difference was in the high pass on the tweeter. The Type A was 1st order and the Type AA was 3rd order. This was done (along with the front-to-back diodes) in order to protect the tweeter (limit the voltage). I think we are on the same page, but I did not want others to be confused.
  22. You do realize that AA crossovers are NOT 1st order (the Type A were however). Maybe this was a typo. The tweeter filter is 3rd order. I hope no one gets confused about this. However, I do agree that the filter on the tweeter may not be that critical since there is so little energy (from program material) up that high anyway.
  23. Congratulations to Roy and the folks at Klipsch ! The newest version of the Forte was listed as a finalist for both Stereophile's Speaker of the year and also as Editor's Choice for Component of the Year. In looking at the reviews and the competitors' prices, It might make sense for Klipsch to raise their prices to something astronomical. Congratulations to all .... -Tom https://www.stereophile.com/content/stereophiles-products-2021-component-year
  24. This is progress, a tentative congratulations. I will say, these must have been beat up during the move or storage.
  25. The same hunches are bing re-hashed. Important: this happened to both speakers not just one. Let's not get carried away by an improbable "coincidence" Important: The OP said the bass was lost to an extent "that they sounded like headphones". "Sounding like headphones" is a major (not minor) deficit. And with other speakers in the room "those sounded normal" Obviously two things would be helpful. ) First - an inspection of the wiring and a volt meter to check for a open circuit (crossover or blown woofer and by some weird coincidence it happened to both). Second - run some pure tones through the speaker (at least an octave or two below the crossover point). Those would be interesting results (and some have already mentioned these diagnostics).
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