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  1. All I know is Starkey takes in some massive profit every year. They have a huge bash where hundreds of people are invited and they always have at least a few high profile celebrities at it.
  2. Technically the harder the better when it comes to a port or passive reflection. Are you planning on using a subwoofer?
  3. A window is a hard surface so a speaker with a rear port or rear passive radiator will work fine if it’s behind it. I love my Heresys but my room is quite a bit narrower and shallower than yours. I’d suggest fortes.
  4. wuzzzer


    Much better. The RP series bookshelf speakers can be had for $200-300/pair. They’d work perfectly in all three places.
  5. “This section of the forums is strictly for technical questions related to these forums or other Klipsch websites. Please see one of the many other sections of the forums to post any other kind of topic. For specific Klipsch product assistance, visit: https://support.klipsch.com.” In other words, it’s for people having issues with the forum or Klipsch’s website. There’s other sections farther down where you’ll get better exposure and answers. 👍
  6. How would you even connect it? I guess I’m ignorant on the topic. 🤷
  7. Welcome? Did you happen to see the description of what this forum section is for?
  8. wuzzzer


    And that’s why I asked a budget amount. “Not cost a fortune” only means something to you and what you consider a fortune to be. We need specifics! 🙂
  9. You can try and spray some kind of lubricant into the threads but I’d be more worried about staining or damaging the finish of the speaker doing that.
  10. Unless you were playing them extremely loud for a long period of time I would think that would be very unusual.
  11. MDF with a thin veneer. If you sand them, do it very lightly so you don’t burn through the veneer.
  12. No problem. At the top of this forum section you’ll see a thread titled “Want to know when your Klipsch speakers were made? Click here!” and others that will give you all the technical data that you might want regarding your Belles.
  13. There’s stickied threads at the top of this section that’ll give you that info. 👍
  14. It’s really suited for home use. You’d be a lot better off getting a subwoofer designed for automotive use.
  15. Did you see the ones on FB in Minneapolis?
  16. I had, at the exact same time, a pair of original Heresy, IIs and IIIs. Did lots of listening to all three pairs. Even my wife commented that the IIIs didn’t sound anywhere as good as the original or IIs. Thus, I have a 5 original Heresy surround setup. BTW, this section is for Bluetooth speakers and the like.
  17. For the first one, value would be extremely difficult to pinpoint due to the rarity and provenance. Many have donated speakers like that to the Klipsch Museum for a tax deduction. The second pair were made in ‘88 (first 2 numbers of the serial #).
  18. You’ll have to take things apart to figure out the issue no matter what it ends up being.
  19. The receiver probably isn't suited to drive all those speakers to loud volumes, but in my opinion it's a very good deal, especially if the sub is working.
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