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  1. Have you listened to them? They'd be hard to part with if they were mine.
  2. They look to be what's referred to as the 'top hat' of a Klipsch LaScala pro model. They would need the lower bass bin to be a complete speaker. If you get everything you could easily part out the top hats.
  3. BTW, if anyone buys one from them I'd be curious to see what cosmetic issues they may or may not have.
  4. For the best sound and performance you'll want to use an AVR that has pre-amp outputs for the main speakers.
  5. He's an authorized dealer, Google Paducah Home Theater.
  6. I would ask the seller if by chance they are textured black B-stock. If they are, those speakers could be purchased through authorized dealers for $995 shipped per pair when they were available. If so, that'll give you a lot of negotiating power.
  7. For UPS or FedEx Ground I've found that $1 per pound is pretty typical. Now with COVID it might be even more, but it certainly won't be less. Each speaker weighs 44 pounds. Figure maybe 10 pounds per speaker of packing stuff and you'll probably be looking at $55-75 per speaker to ship.
  8. Just remember, manufacturers warranty does not transfer.
  9. Did you try what the manual suggests to turn off the automatic standby mode? It couldn't hurt.
  10. In old Dolby Pro-Logic days that would have been correct placement. Assuming the person is using modern surround formats, that is incorrect placement.
  11. If I were closer I'd buy them to use one as a center. Those look great!
  12. Ok. Pass on SW since I already have those on Blu-ray. Please send me a PM with your PayPal address and how much I owe. 👍
  13. I'll take the $5 LOTR 3-film collection. If the Star Wars discs are 4k I'll take those as well.
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/143792070580 No affiliation.
  15. They are Decorators, not Industrial.
  16. Welcome to the forum. Please repost in one of the appropriate sections farther down and you'll get more responses.
  17. wuzzzer

    LCR help

    You'll really love them after you get everything installed.
  18. How has no one hit the buy it now button yet??
  19. Yes, although bare wire connections are always best unless you're frequently changing your speaker configuration.
  20. wuzzzer

    LCR help

    Best choice you could have made.
  21. Repost in the Technical/Modifications section. 👍
  22. Actually pickerel is another name for northern pike.
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