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  1. I can access the Klipsch SG website just fine. klipschaudio.sg/collections/speakers
  2. Wow, those look absolutely pristine! I love all the original brochures and paperwork as well.
  3. You have the least expensive bookshelf speaker Klipsch makes. Anything else will be an improvement.
  4. You have the least expensive bookshelf speaker Klipsch makes. Anything else will be an improvement.
  5. I know your excellent reputation within the audio community and it’s never easy to see a fellow audiophile go through such difficult circumstances. Without getting religious I’m absolutely a believer in a higher power and will ask that He comfort you and your wife during this time.
  6. It would be a lot easier and sound a lot better to just get a better pair of speakers.
  7. It’s best to go with identical speakers, but an all in ceiling setup will never sound very good.
  8. I wouldn’t under any circumstance recommend any upfiring Atmos speakers. In ceiling or height speakers are really the only way to go.
  9. Why do you want your surrounds up so high? Can you put them on stands behind you?
  10. Repost down on the Garage Sale section. 👍
  11. Yep, just navigate down to the Garage Sale section.
  12. Velcro does work the best. I've never had to replace or add any to my speakers so I can't specifically recommend anything, though.
  13. Anywhere from $500-5000 depending on finish and condition.
  14. On my oiled oak forte IIs I used Tung Oil with great results.
  15. I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to use a matching tower.
  16. You have what is sometimes referred to as a 1.5. It shares components with the I and II. Officially it was an original Heresy, or Heresy I.
  17. Can you put surrounds beside you? That’s where they’re supposed to be in a 5.1 setup.
  18. If you’re using a PC as a source you don’t need a pre-amp. As far as an amp, pretty much anything will make them sound good.
  19. Sender is “Jimmie Worthman”. Obviously a scam but I don’t know how they got my email.
  20. That one will work, although do you really need that many adjustment bands? What are you trying to accomplish with an EQ?
  21. That’s an equalizer for a car. There should be free EQ programs you can download for your computer.
  22. I’m guessing you didn’t notice that you’re replying to a post from 2004? 🤷
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