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  1. If your TV has an optical digital audio out I’d try that. ARC can be really buggy.
  2. Realistically you’ll only use 10-20 watts even at high volumes but a good 100 watt/channel amp would be what I’d look for.
  3. With the type of caps used in KG-4s, I'm guessing you won't hear much if any difference after installing the new ones.
  4. Except that things such as comb filtering will take place when you run more than one speaker from a single channel. In that case, more isn't always better.
  5. In all reality if you’re wiring up two pairs of Heresys to two amplified channels you’ll be much better off selling them and getting a single pair of Cornwalls, forte, Chorus, etc.
  6. That usually helps. 😄 Glad you figured it out.
  7. This is Lady, a Cavalier King Charles. On the right is shortly after we got her. On the left is a pic from a few days ago. She’s about 5 months old now. She loves to play, run and play tug of war.
  8. What source(s) are you listening to? Are your main speakers set to Small or Large?
  9. Just connect the cable to either output on the receiver and the LFE input on the sub.
  10. Congrats on the awesome deal! I’ve had a couple pairs of RB-5s and they are really, really nice. A sub pre-out will only send low frequencies so unfortunately that won’t work.
  11. First I’d switch the crossovers between the two speakers and then see if it follows to the other speaker.
  12. wuzzzer

    What I Got Today!

    Here’s the stock wheels for reference:
  13. wuzzzer

    What I Got Today!

    Got the wheels! I really like the bronze color. Unfortunately the tire shop didn’t have black lugs like they said they would so they’re ordering me a set. They’ll look a lot better than the aluminum.
  14. wuzzzer

    What I Got Today!

    Had been thinking of getting different wheels for my Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk for a while. Ordered a set of bronze Vision wheels last week for a Black Friday deal. Had them installed this evening. Unfortunately it was too dark out to get good pictures when they were done so I’ll get some tomorrow after I go to the car wash.
  15. Things like that are going to depend on your seating position, room, etc. For the best imaging, generally having the speakers aimed directly at your head on both a vertical and horizontal plane is best. So, that could involve both tilting the speakers back or forward depending on the height of your speaker, height of what you're sitting on is and your physical height. I've experimented a lot with my speakers over the years and found the results to be like yours. I have my L/R Heresys on stands that are a little over 30" tall I believe and that puts the drivers pretty much centered with my ears while I'm seated. I have them aggressively toed in and have an equilateral triangle between me and each speaker. With them set up that way, the soundstage is absolutely huge, with sounds extending far beyond the outer edges of the speakers.
  16. Sometimes I take my Klipsch speakers for granted. A good example is when I go on vacation or away from home for an extended period of time. I get used to watching TV, listening to music, etc on whatever TV is available. Then when I return home I appreciate what I have even more.
  17. I wish. I’m already sick of the cold here in Minnesota.
  18. Any reason why you’re choosing in-ceiling for surrounds? It’s the worst possible location for them.
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