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  1. Are they connected by a metal jumper? As long as they are, it doesn't really matter which ones you connect them to. Some people remove the jumpers and separately amplify the high frequency and low frequency sections. Or some people run two sets of positive and negative cables from the amp/receiver and split them between the HF and LF sections. Most people have good results just leaving the jumpers in place and hooking up the wires to either the HF or LF sections.
  2. To see if any interference clears up, try moving your cables and separating power cables from coaxial, interconnects and speaker cables. How many outlets do you have available? Are you able to split your components over 2 different wall outlets?
  3. I put up several 12"x12"x2" wedge panels in my room as well as 24"x3"x3" corner blocks. It definitely made my room much less echoey. I put up 4 squares on the side walls to absord the first reflections, and in the upper rear corners of my room and in the front upper corners. I think the foam cost me about $65 shipped through foambymail.com and I still have several squares and a couple of corner blocks left over. I could tell a nice difference in sound, smoother overall. I'm used to it right now but I guarantee that if someone came over and tore all of it down and then brought me in the room blindfolded I'd be able to tell.
  4. ??? I'm not sure why they keep getting flagged for removal. If anyone on here is doing it, KNOCK IT OFF. [] They're not mine, I'm just putting the word out on a great deal for Forte IIs! http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/332694862.html
  5. wuzzzer

    Deja Vu

    My wife was disappointed in how Val looked. I really liked the movie.
  6. They've been relisted. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/331968443.html
  7. Alright, if someone wants to use this as a forum sticky or FYI on how to upload a pic for a post, here goes: When you're responding to a post or when you're starting a new thread, you'll notice that there's 4 tabs above the area you're typing that are labeled Compose, Options, Related and Preview. In order to post a picture that's on your hard drive, click on the Options button. You'll then see the words File Attachment with a little button below that that says Add/Update. Click on the Add/Update button. A window will open that says 'Select the file you want to upload using the form below.' There will also be a button labeled Browse. Click on the Browse button and a window will open allowing you to locate the picture on your hard drive that you'd like to post. Once you have located the picture, either double click on it or click on it once and click on the button that says 'Open' in the lower right of the window. Once that has been done, click on the button that says 'Save.' Then click on the button that says 'Post.' You're done!
  8. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/331456208.html I have to admit, I almost bought them to resell them on eBay but I wanted to give my fellow forum friends a chance at them.
  9. Watched the animated movie Open Season a couple nights ago and even though the movie sucked it looked unbelievable on the Oppo DV-981 that I have. I've been very pleased with the player and actually am using it as my CD player as well.
  10. Congrats on the great deal!!! Now I have another competitor in the MPLS/ST Paul area for Klipsch goods. [] Been waiting for Wuzzzer to run out of money so some of the deals fall through the cracks. [] Also, welcome to the Forum!!!!!! JJ [] Don't worry, I'm buying a new car within the next couple of months that will tie up all my speaker money for a loooooong time.
  11. Tony, It may be the angle of the pic but your RB-61s look like they're toed in a little too far. I have my KLF30/Forte II (whichever I'm in the mood for) toed so they're pointing directly at me or even just a degree or two behind me. They sound great set up like that. Its always fun to experiment with placement and see what sounds best. Its even more fun when your speakers don't weigh over 100 pounds each! []
  12. I saw those too. They were asking $250 for them in excellent condition! If I didn't already have my Forte IIs I would have been all over them.
  13. You do know that SVS are bought directly from the manufacturer online, right?
  14. Don't spend a lot of money on an HDMI cable. Go to monoprice.com and buy your cable there. You probably will end up spending about $10 including shipping depending on the length you buy.
  15. It involves running 2 positive and 2 negative cables from a receiver/amp for each speaker. One gets hooked to the HF (High frequency) and one gets hooked to the LF (Low frequency) of the speaker. It pretty much acts the same as running larger gauge speaker wire. You'll find many people that say its worth it to do it, and many others that say don't waste your time. Best thing is to try it if you're curious. If you like it, great. If it sounds the same, so be it.
  16. Forte IIs have 12" active and 15" passive woofers.
  17. I've offered a few things for sale on here and either I didn't get any realistic offers or I didn't get any offers at all. Anyone is more than welcome to contact me and shoot me an offer.
  18. Well, the 82 would have larger woofers than the 62 so it should have both deeper and more pronounced bass. I belive its sensitivity rating is higher as well. Many folks have paired Klipsch with Adcom with good results.
  19. Well, technically you can use any speakers as a center channel. You want it to blend with the other speakers, though. Are your other speakers R-3800s?
  20. The feet are removeable. The speakers don't fit in the factory packing foam with the feet on so they were probably in a bag in the box.
  21. Well, if you liked the sound of the 5.2 speakers you'll want to probably look for another 2-way system, either ported or with a passive woofer like your 5.2s have. Do you want something brand new? Do you mind getting something used? For brand new, the Reference Series RF-52 is a 2-way system with a rear bass port for MSRP $598/pair. It has the same 96dB sensitivity rating as your 5.2s had. If you don't mind buying used speakers, I've seen the KG series of speakers show up on eBay and AudioGon pretty often. Who knows, you might even be able to find another pair of 5.2s!
  22. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=018&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=280109890371&rd=1&rd=1 [8-|]
  23. I can't comment on the Trends amp but I can comment on its cousin the Sonic Impact T-amp. Considering that it sounds incredibly better than any amp I've ever owned (which, honestly, haven't been anything high-end: 70's Harman/Kardon 730 twin powered, mid 90's Sony Dolby Pro-Logic receiver, new H/K 3480 2 channel), to me it would make sense that I would have paid at least $500 for it. If someone were to have taken all the guts out of the t-amp and put it in a full-size audio chassis complete with quality RCA inputs, nice volume knob, nice speaker wire connectors, etc, etc, I'd see there being no problem for someone to plunk down $500 for it.
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