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  1. Me? My main system is in the basement, and my garage is so small that all I can fit in there is my car. My wife has an old Aiwa boombox in our main floor living room with my old Bose 401s. I guess I could use the Sony for those, but she's not a fan of having a big receiver in that room. I don't know where I could hide it in there, either.
  2. [] Yep, 80x3 plus 30x2 in surround mode. I guess I could have listed it was 470 watts at its 4 ohm 2 channel rating too.
  3. Thanks Buck. I know you sold the same receiver a while back. I just don't need it anymore. I really hope I get as close to $100 as I can. Looks like ones that sold previously on eBay went for $80+. It really does put out some awesome power, especially in 2 channel mode. Its rated at 235 watts x 2 at 4 ohms!
  4. Not that I remember. Audio King in town used to carry them years ago and I'm sure that I listened to them when I was there. That was when I was in my mid to late teens though and at that time I was more focused with car audio, as was my best friend who got me into audio in the first place. I'm glad he did!! Currently listening to the first Animusic DVD right now. Oh my...it sounds incredibly rich. Don't get me wrong guys, I really like the RF-7s too. In fact I just realized that my amp's remote allows me to switch between the A/B speaker outputs so I can do an on the fly switch at my seating position. Like I said before, there's a definite difference in sensitivity. I'm afraid that I just don't have the time nor the $$ to make the RF-7s sound as good as they can. The Fortes sound wonderful. [8] {edit} I think you made a decent deal, Mike. Of course the $275 I paid for my Forte IIs was pretty decent too. [Y]
  5. I'll give it some thought Michael, but I have a feeling that there will be a pair of RF-7s going up for sale very soon...
  6. Doing more listening today. I have a live CD from a local central MN band that's extremely well recorded that I've used as a reference disc. Sounds incredible. Last night my best friend made the comment when listening to a live concert DVD that the Fortes sound more like a live band playing right in the room and the RF-7s sound like speakers playing recorded music. If these are from '89 as someone said they are in incredible shape for being almost 20 years old!
  7. Well, I currently have a 2 channel setup and I don't foresee changing that anytime soon. The way my basement is designed, rear speakers are almost impossible to set up so I ditched my old Dolby Pro-Logic setup in favor of a 2 channel system that blows away everything I previously had. One other question, does anyone know what the minimum impedence of the Forte IIs are? I'm just wondering if they're easier to drive than RF-7s. I'm going to give myself about a week to decide which ones go. I may have already made up my mind, however.
  8. Does the sub have a switch to choose between "Auto" and "On" as far as power goes? If so, switch it to "On." The auto-sensing circuitry on Klipsch and other subs doesn't work really well it seems.
  9. Well folks, thanks to Klipsch I find myself in a dilemma. Actually, its more thanks to craigslist (again). Here's what the ad said: "Klipsch Forte II speakers. Perfect condition, medium oak finish, $400." Hmm, not a bad deal considering that on eBay most of the Forte speakers have sold in the $500-700 range. So, I considering emailing the seller and then forget about them. About a week later I do a search on craigslist for speakers and...what's this?...the same ad but this time they're listed for $275!! I immediately emailed the seller and asked about them. He said they were still available. I asked when I could pick them up. Saturday at 12:30pm. Ok, sounds good. So my best friend and I drove to the guy's house which was about an hour and a half from where I live. He had them sitting outside on his wood porch. They were a little bigger than I thought they'd be. They weren't exactly what I'd call perfect, but I would call them excellent. They looked really, really nice. The gentleman said that he used to own Klipschorns also and has only listened to classical music through tube amps on all his Klipsch speakers. I asked him why he got rid of the Khorns and he said he's joining the priesthood. As I left he had a very sad look on his face as he said "Take care of them, ok?" Unfortunately I wasn't able to listen to them at his place but I could tell that considering how nice the cabinets looked, they would probably sound perfect. So, I hooked them up and placed them in between my RF-7s and my TV. I just wanted to make 100% sure they worked. BIG MISTAKE. The Fortes sounded good. Really good. REALLY good. REALLY REALLY GOOD. It was impossible to do a good A/B test as you'll see in the attached pic. The Fortes were way too close to each other to get a good idea of imaging and stereo separation. I had my friend switch back and forth between the two. The RF-7s definitely played louder, the 3dB difference in sensitivity was easy to hear. There was just something about the midrange on the Fortes though. On some drums it had just a certain 'smack' that the RF-7s don't have. I put in about 15 different CDs, 5 music concert DVDs and also Star Wars III which we ended up watching in its entirety (mainly to show off the SVS to my friend). Am I crazy to actually consider getting rid of the RF-7s and keeping the Forte IIs?? I can't keep both pairs, one of them has to go. I was really worried that this might be the outcome. Oh, BTW, the serial #s on the backs of the speakers are 098292147 and 098292150. Any idea when they were made? 98?
  10. Our house is finally wallpaper-free. The previous owners had it up in the kitchen and one of the bedrooms. The bedroom had 3 layers of wallpaper! Even with DIF it took is a solid week to get all the crap scraped off. It really was terrible.
  11. If you go with an SVS I'd suggest the 20-39. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my 16-46, but it was designed with not quite as much total SPL output as the 20-39. The way SVS explains it is the 16-46 is mainly for movies and music with tons of LFE, the 20-39 is mainly for music that has more 30-50Hz bass.
  12. I posted this for sale in here a couple weeks ago at a 'buy it before it goes on eBay' price. Didn't have any takers. So, here it is up for bids. Its a great receiver for a 2 channel setup, garage or second audio room. Read the description for all the bells & whistles...its got plenty! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=018&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=280044962172&rd=1&rd=1
  13. With the Sub-12 it will allow you to upgrade your front main speakers and have a very good sub that will keep up with them. Since the 12 isn't much more than the 10, do the 12!
  14. It will work, but your sub will only be getting the bass that the front left channel speaker is supposed to play. It won't be getting a complete signal.
  15. Does your receiver give you the option to choose between a subwoofer being 'on' or 'off'? Also, some receivers won't output a subwoofer signal if the main speakers are set to 'large' instead of 'small'. On my SVS I simply leave it on all the time. If I'm going to be away for a bit I do turn it off, but most of the time its on.
  16. wuzzzer

    Got my RB-75

    The RB-75s are 97dB sensitive, RF-7s are 102dB sensitive. Why would you think that the RB-75s would be more sensitive?
  17. If you're willing to spend up to $1000 on a sub it will probably overpower your RB-10 speakers. Obviously the sub has a level control that will let you adjust its output in relation to your main speakers, but I think spending that much money on a sub might be overdoing it. If you want to spend half the amount, get a Sub-12 Klipsch Synergy sub from Best Buy and you'll be listing your RW-8 on ebay in no time!
  18. Manufacturer's rated wattage has to be taken with a grain of salt. You hit the nail on the head when you noticed the difference in weight. The 2 channel receiver probably has a much higher output before it starts clipping, might be able to drive low impedences much easier and have much more headroom for dynamics. Welcome to the wonderful world that is audio. []
  19. I used to have a Rockford Fosgate Punch Power sub (one of the first ones they made) with an Alpine 1000 watt bridged amp. I wish I would have tested the SPL level that set put out. I remember one time listening to a techno bass CD that had tons of content in the 15Hz to 25Hz range and my eardrum started distorting. It sounded just like when a sub distorts bad but it was inside my ear and it hurt like crap!
  20. Whoops, maybe I stumbled across something I shouldn't have! [:$] Well, when I ordered FedEx Ground came up as "$0.00" and all the other ones were anywhere from $7.50 or so on up. {edit} I tried again and it still says "0.00" for shipping!?
  21. I just ordered 3 from the Klipsch Gear section of this site. They normally were $3.00 each but they're being cleared out at $1.50. Shipping was free via FedEx ground too! http://www.klipsch.com/products/details/bumper-sticker.aspx Thanks Klipsch!!
  22. I agree with you 100% WolfsBane. On Sunday night my wife helped me (reluctantly) adjust the phase, gain and crossover settings on the subwoofer. We watched The Incredibles and I was amazed at how much LFE information is on that DVD! I watched it at a friend's house a while back who has a HTIB setup with a boomy 'sub' that's adjusted way too loud compared to the rest of the speakers, rear speakers mounted way up by the ceiling, etc. I never heard or FELT any of the LFE information with their system, but the SVS played it loud, deep and clear. I understand what you're saying about blending as well. There's definitely more low end punch when you're listening to music but where the SVS really shines is on DVDs.
  23. What price can you get the RW12 for? That will help us know what advice to give.
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