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  1. Here are a couple pictures of my basement stereo: {EDIT} See later post for pics I was thinking about buying a set of acoustic foam, either 1" or 2" thickness. On the right speaker I was considering putting foam from the wall outlet to the column that sticks out (exactly 48" in width). Height would be flush with the ledge that's about right in the middle of the total height of the wall (about 40" tall). The loveseat next to the wall by the left speaker isn't normally there. Usually nothing but a long bare wall up to the door at the far left of the pic. If I were to install acoustic foam on this wall, would I be better off matching the 48" width of the foam on the right wall or installing it all the way up to the door on the far left of the pic? Any advice or suggestions is always appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Wow, longest subject title I've ever typed I think! The wife and I went and saw the movie "Just Friends" tonight which as a side note was hilariously funny. We got there plenty early and I was checking out the theater. Unfortunately it was at the local dollar theater and there wasn't even any surround speakers! I got to thinking about the curtain-type material that was on the walls. Gathered fabric was what my wife called it. Is there anywhere a person can buy something like this for home use? My basement and walls are plain white and I wouldn't mind putting something like this in to create more of a theater type look. My wife actually suggested something similar she saw on a home decorating show one time. Anyone else using something similar? Thanks!
  3. Wow, think I could get double that for my 730?
  4. If I were to buy a budget EQ, what should I look for in one? What is the minimum number of bands that one should have? Anyone know what frequency that the treble & bass knobs on an HK 730 boost/cut and by what amount? If I buy one, should I hook up my system like Pre-out, EQ, Subwoofer, Pre-in or Pre-out, Subwoofer, EQ, Pre-in? Would it make a difference either way?
  5. Yes, they are insured. Sounds like the damage is limited to one of the speakers. He said he'd email me a picture of the box and the back of the speaker tomorrow. I hope they consider the factory packaging sufficient. Somethings telling me they won't.
  6. So I shipped my MINT MINT MINT RF-25s on Wednesday that I sold on eBay. All original packaging, etc. Here's the email I received today from the buyer: "Hi there the speakers arrived today.... The back of one speaker has a dent/gash in it same speaker one of the terminals is cracked, this wasn't mentioned in the listing?" Man I just want to scream! I know I've heard stories about speakers getting damaged during shipping. When I bought them originally they came to me FedEx Ground and arrived in perfect shape. A hard lesson learned...DO NOT SHIP SPEAKERS UPS GROUND OR UPS ANYTHING!!
  7. My wife and I rented it yesterday and we both liked it very much.
  8. All you have to do is run an RCA cable from the LFE into either left or right RCA input on the subwoofer. Or if you want to get a Y-splitter to run from the LFE output so that both left and right channels on the sub are 'plugged in' that would work fine, too.
  9. You should see the look on people's faces when I tell them my speakers weigh 90 pounds each. Kind of unheard of in this day of 6 ounce cubes.
  10. Since when is 102db more than 102db?? RF-7 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Specifications FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 32Hz-20kHz ±3dB POWER HANDLING: 250 w max continuous (1000 w peak) SENSITIVITY: 102dB @ 2.83 volts/1 meter [:^)] [:^)]
  11. I'd love an XL t-shirt, white with copper Klipsch logo on front and back!
  12. Sorry, I was stressing the fact that the auction was ending shortly!
  13. Most of my home audio gear was purchased on eBay. Is it worth it? Heck yes! Do you have to be wary? Unfortunately, yes. I've bought ties, CDs, a digital camera, car bulbs, watches, electronics, speakers, just about everything. I've only had some very minor problems with a couple things. Typically as long as you deal with someone with a decent feedback rating (100+) you're ok. The camera I got was $100 including shipping, it was $150 plus tax in stores. I've bought several ties that retail for $125-150 for $10-20. Its a great place to buy if you have a very specific item you're looking for and don't mind waiting a little bit to get it.
  14. The stabilizing feet on the RF-83s look more like rocket boosters.
  15. Whew! Thanks Amy! All in fun, of course!! [6]
  16. Where have my beloved RF-7s gone?? They aren't in the current Reference line on the Klipsch site, and they aren't in the discontinued section either. Is Klipsch that ashamed of the speaker?!?! []
  17. Onkyo is generally a very good brand. Some of the HTIB items might be a little lower end, though. Harman/Kardon and Denon are generally good matches to Klipsch.
  18. Great deal, Chris. Some people prefer the speaker connectors of the 630 vs the 730.
  19. The fact that they have a relatively low wattage rating takes advantage of the high sensitivity of Klipsch speakers. And they are clean watts, real watts. My 730 drives my RF-7s with ease, I've never had it above 1/2 volume. And its LOUD and CLEAN! They really are a very inexpensive way to set up a decent 2 channel system without breaking the bank. Then if a person decides to go with newer higher end gear they probably won't lose any money if they sell the 730.
  20. Personally I'd ****** up a pair of RF-7s if you can find them and then later you can upgrade your receiver.
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