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  1. SVS' customer service is awesome. You can call them up, explain your setup and they'll guide you exactly how to get the sub properly set up and how to use the DSP and any other functions it has.
  2. Welcome back Cal! Good to see you around again.
  3. Ad says leaning toward local pickup so they might be open to shipping. Never hurts to ask, especially since they have the original boxes!
  4. Really good price IMO considering the condition, wood color and original boxes!
  5. Eh, and why exactly are you responding to a thread that’s old enough to legally drink??
  6. Some people dampen horns to reduce “ringing” on older metal horns.
  7. I have no idea, that’s why I said that I’m not an expert subwoofer design.
  8. Walleye is walleye. Pickerel is northern pike. At least where I’m from.
  9. I’m up in Alexandria. I have a pair of Bill Fitzmaurice Tuba Home Theater subs that I’ve had for almost a year. They are absolutely amazing for music and movies. I’m no expert in subwoofer design but I believe the upcoming subs that Klipsch is going to be releasing are similar in design to mine so they’ll go with any Heritage speaker perfectly.
  10. I’m not familiar with that setup but looking at pictures online, the box thar sends the signal to the sub has RCA inputs so you’d connect the RCA subwoofer output of your receiver to that. The signal receiver for the sub looks like it has a multi-pin connector similar to an old school S-VHS connector. You’d connect that to the WA-2 input on the sub.
  11. wuzzzer


    I think he got booted from the forum.
  12. It was 12 below zero here today and YOU’RE wondering when winter will end?? 😄
  13. Passive radiators are like a port. Do you hear sound coming from a speaker port? Well, kind of, but they’re not an active driver so you’re essentially hearing “echoes” or sounds from other active drivers transferring through them. If you’re saying that when you’re playing music and you stick your head next to the passive radiator and don’t hear anything, that’s normal. If you put your hand gently on the passive and can feel it vibrating slightly while music is being played, then it’s doing its job and working correctly.
  14. wuzzzer


    Horn subs are something else. I’m so used to the effortless bass with virtually zero distortion of mine that any direct radiating design doesn’t come close to matching.
  15. I don’t. Audio King is where I dipped my toes into the Klipsch water.
  16. I’d love to hear any of the current Heritage series. It’s too bad all the audio stores near me either closed down or don’t carry them.
  17. I don’t know about the two subwoofer thing but Audyssey generally sets the bass output lower than most people like. If you lower the dB level to each speaker to -5dB on your receiver but leave the subwoofer dB the same, then what happens?
  18. I wouldn’t bother. Marantz and Klipsch go really well together and since you have everything covered in the bass department now I’d just keep it as-is.
  19. Are those results from you setting them or did you run your receiver’s auto setup? Is anything turned on such as a power saving mode or late night mode?
  20. Assuming you mean Heresy IV? Over the years I’ve owned a couple dozen pairs of Klipsch speakers including original RF-7s. My current setup is 5 original Heresys in a home theater. I have always preferred Klipsch 3-way speakers over any Klipsch 2-way speaker that I’ve had. If you watch movies or like music with a lot of bass you’ll want a subwoofer or two with Heresys.
  21. Will that even remotely keep up with the Jubilees?
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