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  1. Now that my wife and I are out of our apartment and in a house I'm looking to do a subwoofer upgrade. Currently running dual SVS SB-2000s but have room for a couple monster subs. I'm in the west central Minnesota area and am willing to drive for the right deal. Let me know what's out there! 🤘
  2. New new or used and new to you? Check wiring first to make sure they're in phase. If they are brand new, make sure the metal jumpers are secure.
  3. That Denon looks excellent. Most of the time you can tell a lot about a receiver by how much it weighs. The Denon weighs 46 pounds, which is a good thing. Good, solid power.
  4. Which speakers were you looking at? I browsed through briefly and the ones I saw heavily discounted are discontinued models.
  5. Two subwoofers are always better than one. Can you change your surround speaker placement? In a five channel surround setup your surrounds should sit beside your listening position, facing you.
  6. Please repost in the Subwoofer section further down. This section is for reporting errors with the website and the forum.
  7. Anything from SVS in their larger subs.
  8. I'd go even older than that. The 6010 has 4k capability which you obviously don't need plus tons of other features that you won't currently need or be able to use. I would look for a 2005-2010 top of the line AVR from Sony ES, Marantz, Yamaha, Denon or Pioneer Elite. You'll have way more of the quality and value built into the amplifiers and sound quality than in things like 4k upscaling, Dolby Atmos, etc.
  9. Where are you located? There's one on the Minneapolis craigslist right now.
  10. Many have found that using regular speaker wire works better than the jumpers do.
  11. Isn't that like five cents in US currency?
  12. I would look for another Sub-12. Everyone I've read about who has had one always says they're a great sub. Check eBay, craigslist, Facebook marketplace, etc. They come up for sale pretty often. Also, there's more than just "gents" here.
  13. His profile says Houston. I'm a bit confused as to who Formula One driver Lewis Hampton is.
  14. I just thought it was a new audiophile term that I needed to add to my snake oil repertoire.
  15. Footfall. I don't think I've heard that one before. 🤔
  16. wuzzzer


    If you only connect one connect it to the one labeled Sub.
  17. Frankly, you're asking a lot from very tiny speakers if you expect them to recreate a massive movie theater experience. For Klipsch models, you'll have to go to the Heritage series or the upper end Reference Premiere for that effect at home. A Blu-ray or UHD player will definitely provide more dynamic range. Also, DVD players and receivers have tons of audio options that should be enabled or disabled depending on your speakers, room, etc. It's worth it to spend some time learning what all those options do. For example, you'll definitely want to turn off anything labeled 'dynamic compression', 'late night mode' or any variances of that because they'll only choke the sound. Also, I would simplify things and use your DVD player's optical or coaxial digital output as long as your receiver has one or both of those inputs.
  18. They don't. Post a wanted to buy in the Garage Sale section.
  19. wuzzzer


    Double check all the RCA cable connections. Try plugging it in a different outlet.
  20. wuzzzer

    Bad translations

    How did this over six year old thread get resurrected?
  21. My best friend lives in Hutch. He's the one who turned me on to Klipsch years ago!
  22. I always disable everything like that. It's a useful tool for balancing speaker levels but I like my ears to determine what sounds best.
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