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  1. I am looking to find replacements grills for four RF-7s and an RC-7.
  2. I have owned a Yamaha RX-V995, RX-V3000, RX-V3300, and an RX-V2400. I now have a Marantz AV-7701. I still have the Yamaha 2400 and use it as a pre-pro for a Yamaha MX-70, which pushes a pair of Chorus Is. My Marantz pre-pro is hooked up to Aragon 200 watt amps, which power Klipsch RF-7s. I liked all my Yamaha receivers a lot. The 2400 used to control my Aragon amps with the RF-7s. However, I feel it was clearly a step up when I switched to the Marantz. Comparing the Marantz to the RX-V2400 is not an equal comparison for technological reasons as well as price. However, I am enthralled by my Marantz and am certain that when I switch to a new pre-pro (probably many years from now), I will stay with Marantz. I agree about the benefits from Audyssey; I do not have the best version, yet cannot fathom how it could sound any better. If the Marantz receivers are as solid and advanced as their preamp/processors, I would go with Marantz. I also like the looks better than the new style Yamahas.
  3. I have an Aragon 2007 and a 2002 which push my RF-7s. I have a Yamaha M-70 for my Chorus Is. Both the Aragons and the Yamaha work excellent with my Klipsch. I did have to put in a cheater plug to get rid of a nasty hum on my Aragon/RF-7 system. I had tried just about everything else, but could not get rid of it. Now everything is perfectly quiet at idle.
  4. I got my KLF-C7 off eBay about three years ago and love it. It sounds excellent with my KLF-30s. I recently switched the front set of 30s with my Chorus Is and it even sounds decent with them. There is presently one on Ebay for 300, which is a good price.
  5. I spent two years of frustration attempting to rid my system of a ground loop. The cable guy suggested a cheater plug and it completely eliminated it. If the other things that I spent money on worked, I would not employ this method; however, every other method either did not work, or only worked to some extent.
  6. Bill, I suspected the DACs were quite close, but like you stated, the 8801 is a step up in that regard. I know I am taking the lazy way out (not listening for myself), but I really do not want to go through the effort if there is a 1% difference. I am now just about certain I would not sense any difference. I did live in Groveland when I worked for Clermont. We moved two years ago to the south St. Petersburg/Gulfport area.
  7. I didn't catch it, so I am happy for the responses. I am now completely content to leave as is.
  8. I have an Oppo BDP-103, which is hooked up to a Marantz AV-7701. I listen over a 5.1 system with RF-7s. I presently listen to SACD by way of HDMI. I have read that hooking up SACD with analog is preferable for playback. If the difference is incredibly subtle and not all can hear it, I have no reason to believe I would. Additionally, if it is that marginal, I do not think I want to buy the right length cables, then get behind my equipment and hook them up, even if I could. However, if there is clearly a noticeable difference and it makes listening to multi-channel (I do not bother with 2-channel SACDs) more pleasurable, I will endeavor. I would appreciate any input from those who have listened with both methods of connecting, or otherwise have any relevant thoughts. Thank you.
  9. That's what I got in 10 awg. I could not believe how inexpensive it was. The 10 awg was actually so big that I had to shave off a little to fit it in my RF-7s. My run is long enough to benefit from 12 over 14 awg--I just got the 10 because it did not cost any extra. It was cheaper than every other company I looked at.
  10. I do not have experience with surrounds at any other level than ear height, so I cannot respond with any type of comparison. However, I presently have one pair of RF-7s as surrounds and they sound great. Prior, I used 4 RF-7s for the front, and 4 KLF-30s for the rear/surround (at ear level) and they sounded great as well. When I moved our sectional a few feet closer to the tv, I noticed the sound greatly improved, as both speakers seem to envelope the rear area, instead of just hearing the speaker one is sitting closer to.
  11. Euchre and cribbage are great games. However, sheepshead is by far my favorite. It is heavily played in Wisconsin, due to its Germanic origin. Wikipedia has a great writeup on it.
  12. Seriously, Matt? When someone has a different opinion than you you lash out and insult the person? I, too, thought it was a brilliant response.
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