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  1. The 2000 Klipschorn is in near mint condition. The only reason I would not say mint is because of the age, but it is in beautiful condition. The 1952 is in, what I would consider good condition. If and when I can find one or the other to make a pair, I will surely let the other go. Tom
  2. I have one in excellent condition and would like to find another in very good to excellent condition. I also have a single 1952 Klipschorn that I would love to find a mate for. If I could find one or the other than I would have a single of one to sell. I originally was going to set up a mono system but have since abandoned that plan. I am in Western Washington, Seattle/Tacoma area. Tom
  3. Possibly interested in both the K33b's. Estimate on shipping to 98466? Tom
  4. I'll take it. Will pm you. Tom
  5. Oops! I think I meant Sonar, or, hell I don't know what I'm talking about.
  6. That is so yesterday. I believe bat wings are in for this season. Has something to do with radar and frequencies and all that.
  7. My RF-7'S sound great in my room, and at $400.00 a no-brainer. Tom
  8. I agree. I too would much rather adjust with tone controls or EQ. Tom
  9. The KG5.5 is a great speaker. If you can get it for a good price, jump on it. You won't be sorry. It is the best of the KG series, in my opinion. Tom
  10. That is beautiful. Looks much better than my x2000r. Nice find. Tom
  11. Is that French for dipsh*t? Tom
  12. I have pics on my Seattle craigslist ad. For some reason this darn tablet won't let me ad pics to this sight or links. I'm not too computer savvy and don't really care. Tom
  13. Still for sale, lowered to $200 + shipping.
  14. Located in University Place WA. South of Seattle. Tom
  15. I have a black Academy center channel speaker for sale. It is in very good condition. All drivers work and cabinet is in great shape. The grill is intact and unmolested. I got this in a package deal with some Forte II's. I don't do surround sound, so I have no need for a center channel. I would like to get $200.00 plus shipping. Tom
  16. I have two new old stock Eminence 15677x that are the same as the K48. Just not Klipsch labeled. If you are interested pm me. Tom
  17. When I owned my Belle's, I felt they had a more open and detailed sound compared to my Forte's, but I had the Forte's in the bedroom and the Belle's in the front room so a comparison in the same room was never done. The Belle's look much better than the Forte's, in my opinion. Tom
  18. Music is a great therapeutic tool. It has been my personal choice of therapy since I got clean and sober in 2003. There is no special time of day that the music sounds better to me, just anytime I can find the time to relax and adjust my attitude accordingly with what ever genre or artist that fits the bill. Tom
  19. Years ago I owned a pair of Ohm F-4 speakers and enjoyed them. I think you will like the new model. I can't imagine that their new technology took them backwards. Tom
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