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  1. Why fix what's not broken. Don't get in a hurry to start "updating". Not always a good thing. Just my 2 cents worth. Tom
  2. If that doesn't work for you, I have new old stock Eminence 15677(K48). Just not stamped Klipsch. Tom
  3. I have some nos Eminence15677X which are K-48s. If you want, give me a pm and we can make a deal. Tom
  4. Tweeter diaphragms are easy to replace. I drove my Quartets with a Marantz 2275, HK 930, Sansui 9090db and a Phase Linear 400. They sounded great with all. Tom
  5. I've read somewhere in this forum that Bose is a pretty big upgrade. I'm sure someone else will verify. Tom
  6. I have owned both, and I too prefer the KG4 over the 4.2. Tom
  7. I sold my excellent condition Quartets for $400.00 in WA. with a quickness. Why so cheap in Denver? The altitude? Tom
  8. WOW! I didn't realize that they are so expensive. Thank God I don't need one. Tom
  9. You can always try some different interconnects and see if you hear a difference. Easy to get caught up in the cable thing and before you know it you have hundreds if not thousands wrapped up in your interconnects. Don't ask me how I know this. Tom
  10. I listen to CD and very little to radio in my Lexus and it sounds pretty damn good. Tom
  11. Beautiful. Great job. Man, if I knew my Forte's could have looked that good I may have kept them. Well done. Tom
  12. Ahhhh! That would match my decor perfectly! Tom
  13. I can't wait to see the pics. I understand about the aesthetics. It is very pleasing to have a home/room where everything actually accents or compliments everything else in the home/room. Tom
  14. I agree that after all we spend on our audio gear $30.00 doesn't seem like a big pile of money. I just feel that charging that much for a badge is rediculous and greedy. This of course is only my personal opinion and I do respect other's thoughts, beliefs and opinions. Anyone can pay what they choose and justify it any way they want. Hell, if I had an extra one I would just give it to you. Tom
  15. I also was looking for one or two of the copper badges because the one that came with the 2000 Klipschorn I picked up was bent. After seeing what they want for a badge on eBay, I just straightened the one I have the best I could. I believe that more than $20.00 for a simple badge is crazy. Good luck. Tom
  16. I have some I bought years ago and do remember where I bought mine. I believe the store's name is Best Buy. I bought mine in 2005 when I started getting back into audio. I too no longer use them. Tom
  17. You poor man, you have the sickness like the rest of us. I have to let you know, there is no cure. Just keep feeding the need and may God help you. Tom
  18. I stand corrected Styx. Thank you for correcting that. I am always entertained by Thebes and his philosophical renderings. Keep up the good work. Tom
  19. You got too much time on your hands. Wait a minute wasn't that a song by Stix? Tom
  20. That is crazy. You know what, it will probably sound the same without a badge. Tom
  21. I seen that. I won't pay $30.00 for no stinking badges. Tom
  22. Looking for one or two rectangular copper Klipsch badge or badges. I need at least one for a 2000 Klipschorn. Two would be great, that way I would have a spare. Tom
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