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  1. Oh My God! -10 on your Denon receiver! Mine is loud at -40db and I can't imagine watching a DVD with the volume at -10 and certainly not 0 it would be louder than hell. I have had it to those levels with no one in the house or nearby and can tell you the sonic wave generated is intense. At that volume level it would be close or higher than 120db in the living room. Yikes! Of course I run powerful outboard amplifiers and this may be a factor. I would also guess that "0" is the reference level meaning nothing is added or subtracted from the input level. Essentially wide open. I would love to be able to watch at -10db it would certainly be intense!
  2. I was very fortunate, I walked into a smaller high end audio shop locally one day and spotted out of the corner of my eye a pair of Oak Clear Belle's with beautiful cane grills sitting side by side with some magazine racks on them. I asked the owner what they were doing there and he said no one wants big speakers anymore, so I in turn asked him how much he wanted for them. I ended up getting them for $1000, and he also had some Heresy II's and a KG 2.2V that he was selling on consignment so I scooped up the whole set-up while I was there. I sold off most of my high end car audio gear to purchase them. I had a pair of Forte's prior to that that I had been pleased with, but traded the Forte's towards the Belle's & Heresy II's. Next step I would like to upgrade to Khorns eventually. Moral of the story is there are deals to be had out there whether locally or online. I am interested in the new crossover and drivers in the 2003 Belle's. Please post photos!
  3. I can't find them either, they sure looked liked the Brazilian Rosewood finish. Last I saw them they were at $511, I should have put them in my watchlist. The finish looked like the Paul Klipsch signed K-Horns that sold recently. Damn I am curious to see what they sold for.
  4. Oh my God! My wife is very understanding but I certainly drive her crazy with all the changes, selling equipment, buying other equipment, etc. She says is it ever going to be finished? I guess the answer is NO! I have mistakenly said yes just after this piece, and then the next piece comes along. I am near the final stages though. I just need a house and some K-Horns and I will be just about done. Thank goodness she enjoys the HT just as much as I do. She really enjoys it when I find a duplicate component, I keep the better one and make a good profit on the one that I am selling. Funny how cash makes 'um forget stuff like that. Such is life. Such a great hobby but no one to really share it with, oh well all for me!
  5. I'm in Milton, VT near the big city of Burlington, VT certainly not to far from the Canadian border. Pretty damn close to Montreal, Quebec around 60 miles if I was to guess. I know we have some folks from Maine on this BB somewhere.
  6. How about Star Trek "The Wrath of Khan" and "First Contact" the battle scenes, sounds and effects are great. In "Khan" you feel like you are on the bridge with the hum of the starships engines running and vibrating the floor beneath you. The Matrix also was not mentioned either to my knowledge. How about "Days of Thunder" or "Top Gun" or the "The Mummy" and the "The Mummy Returns" all good performers. As previously mentioned Monsters Inc. in THX is pretty amazing. I do prefer DTS however there are not a ton of titles that aree DTS encoded. Just a few more suggestions for you.
  7. Yes it is suitable for the K-Horn, in fact I think it was installed in older versions. I think from what I remember reading that the -P denotes the manufacturer. The -E is the current model and I believe it is supplied by Eminence. But the -P should work fine provided it is in good working order.
  8. Frzninvt

    KSW 15

    I am probably guessing here but I would say you would gain another 10Hz on the low end. Try using the black neoprene grippers on the feet of them, they are available at Wal Mart. Also different amplifiers and receivers have different effects on the bass that the La Scala will reproduce. What are you using as an amplifier?
  9. Don't use a head cleaning tape! It is just a band of cleaning material that keeps revolving in the tape body. It will pick up the magnetic material and dust on the first pass and then just keep smearing back over the heads and tape travel path. No good! VCR repair shops love those tape head cleaners since they only make matters worse. The head clenaer and rubber treatment solutions can be found at Rat Shack. For best results use the cleaning method I suggested. This is what VCR shops charge you $20 to do.
  10. Frzninvt

    KSW 15

    You may want to replace the industrial K-43 woofers in the Pro's to the K-33 model to improve the low end response. The K-33's are about $100 apiece, you could sell the K-43's to finance the change to the K-33's. The bass response of the La Scala which many refer to as on the lean side is very fast and accurate tight bass with no floppy-ness at all. It will take more than just one KSW-15 to keep up with them on bass passages. While the KSW-15 will certainly help, at moderate to high levels the La Scala's will over power the sub. I would start with the different woofers, give them a listen and see what you think. Then investigate a subwoofer. Two KSW-15's would surely keep up to a point, however for the price of two of them there may be a better option. Lots of folks on this BB seem to favor the SVS subs however I have no experience with them nor have I ever heard one. I am currently using a KSW-15 with my Belle mains and La Scala center along with a passive DBX 15" subwoofer with two outboard amplifiers feeding it and together they can keep up pretty good. I can turn it up enough to see how they hold up when levels reach 120db or more. I can tell you though I have no trouble reaching 120db in the living room. Have you tried the simple things yet, like placement and toe in, adding grippers to the bottom of the cabinet to suspend it off the floor. Little things like that can make suprising improvements without modifying the speakers at all.
  11. Do not use Q-tips the VCR heads are recessed into the head drum and the Q-tip could snag the edge of the actual head and damage it. The best way that I know of to do it is to get a couple of coffee filters and some tape head cleaner. Remove the top cover of the VCR, locate the drum, apply some tape head cleaner to a coffee filter and gently rotate the drum head applying slight pressure to the filter portion that you have applied tape head cleaner too. Spin it a few times, apply cleaner to another portion of the filter or another filter and repeat the process you will see all the black magnetic material on the filter that you are removing. Do it one last time with a dry clean filter. Also you can use a Q-tip w/head cleaner to clean the capstans and tape travel path. You also may want to get some rubber cleaner/treatment to clean the rubber wheels as well. This is the way most Electronic shops clean the VCR heads. Its a relatively easy process, it is probably more difficult to remove all the connections from it and reset the clock than it is to clean it. Hope this helps.
  12. Hey John, If you do not need both of the K-55V drivers I would like to have one for my center channel La Scala that currently has the spring loaded version while my Belle's have the soldered on version. Any interest in splitting them or do you need both of them? Let me know as I was planning to bid on them, but just need one.
  13. Wow, those look awesome! Geez but for $13,500 I think I would buy two sets of Klipschorns. I would love to give them a listen however.
  14. You just missed it, it ended yesterday and sold for $350 which is about right. I sold mine for $305 plus shipping.
  15. Are any of these Genesis companies the ones that made the speakers with woofers that had green foam surrounds and an inverted dome tweeter in the late seventies, early eighties. My friend had a pair with 8" drivers on top a large square plate with the inverted dome tweeter on it in the center and a 10" passive radiator on the bottom? Just curious I do remember them sounding fairly decent.
  16. Hello HornEd, I had planned on moving out to Carson City, NV to take a job with a new company purchased by Fluke Instruments. I however decided to stay in this area, I don't know call me crazy. I have an SPL meter that is far superior to he Rat Shack one built right into my DBX 14/10 equalizer that measures from 47-119db in real time as well as measuring the 14 frequency output levels. My problem is not the output from the rear channels, I wanted to run all Klipsch but my current living arrangements do not allow me the opportunity to have more Heritage speakers in the rear. When I move to a home I plan to get Khorns and move my Belle's to the rear and use the Heresy II's as surrounds. You and QMan are my heroes, I am a firm believer in having all full size speakers in all locations. I could use my LWE-IA's they are the equivalent of a Cornwall in the significantly smaller enclosure with an efficiency of around 96db or higher, but I would not be able to space them independently I would have to stack them, so I don't think I would gain a whole lot. The a/d/s L300C are a nice speaker but they are small 9X6X9 but are a high quality mini speaker and can take on frequencies below 80hz without any trouble. One pair is powered by the Denon AVR-4800 and the other is running off DBX mono blocks rated at 150W @ 8 Ohms. However, their efficiency it about 90db compared to the 96db of the Heresy II's. I do have the Denon output levels higher for them although it may not be high enough. I have not tried a Home Theater set up disc perhaps it is high time I do so. Alot can be solved with getting levels adjusted correctly. I think I just preferred having a center channel speaker in the back Y'd off the receiver's center output even though it was not the correct way to do it. The output and vocals were obviously more pronounced since the rear effects speakers only play when there is content in the DVD present for them to reproduce. For music and TV I do run the receiver in 7 channel mode since I have more than enough speakers to do so. I just hear about people running rear centers and was wondering what method they were using to do so. Thanks for the info and advice.
  17. My Denon AVR 4800 actually has provisions for three sets of rear speakers (A) Surrounds, ( Surrounds, and Side/Effects Surrounds and recommends this arrangement. I have currently set it up in this configuration. So the (A) Surrounds are Heresy II's, the ( Surrounds are a/d/s L300C's and the Side/Effects Surrounds are also a/d/s L300C's. I was previously using a rear center channel speaker Y'd out from the Denon AVR-4800's center preouts each feeding an outboard amplifier. The vocal content seemed better in this configuration than my current one. So would it be safe to assume that there is no true real center channel output, it is only called that? And what you really have is a rear effects speaker or speakers? I can configure things in various ways since the DBX amplifiers can be run in 2,3, or 4 channel modes. Thoughts?
  18. It sounds to me like you are running the amplifier(s) into clipping and causing the bass drivers to bottom out, not the midranges. I would bet that the music being played at high volumes was heavy in bass content as well, causing the woofers to bottom or snap when the amplifier is run into clipping. I cannot see all four speakers having the same problem. The problem lies with either your equipment, volume level, tone controls being set other than flat, perhaps the loudness contour "on", and the amp being driven into clipping. It is highly unlikely that all the Klipsch speakers are suffering from the same problem.
  19. Look into the a/d/s L210's or L310's, awesome sound out of a tiny enclosure. The 310 is 9" X 6" X 9" and sounds much much larger, the sound is crisp and clear and the bass response it tight. a/d/s has been making these high quality mini speakers since the 70's and they are certainly worth considering. The 310's actually retail above $500 but can be had for about $300 or so.
  20. There is a KV-4 up for auction right now on eBay in mint condition. Snag it, they don't come along very often. I just sold mine in favor of using a La Scala for my center. Good luck.
  21. I'm with ya Dale todays high "0" it's pretty cold here in Vermont as well. We are expecting a heat wave on Friday, highs will be in the teens. Thank god for my Klipsch HT. My handle says it all!
  22. Why not just get another pair of KG2's? Or how about a pair of KG4's for the fronts, move the KG2's to the rear get a KV 2.2V or 2.5V center channel and get some KG1's 1.2's or so for effects speakers and a subwoofer and you would be all set. You would obviously have to purchase all these speakers used, but it would be worth it. But if you have lots of money to spend you could start all over with newer Klipsch speakers, however I don't think it is necessary. A HT could easily be molded around the KG2's.
  23. I think the superior intellect of Mr. Thump needs to take some spelling lessons. D-E-N-I-A-L is the correct spelling Mr. Genius.
  24. Anyone want a pair of 1980 Belle Klipsch in Oak Clear w/Cane Grills and the K-55V's with soldered type terminals if I win the K-Horns (doubtful) as they about 3000 miles from me as well. They will be under my watchful eye!
  25. The tinsel leads are the leads that run from the connection terminals on the back of the speaker to the speakers voice coil. They are thin flexible wires and should be plainly visible from the back side of the woofer.
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